” If America wishes to divide Jerusalem in half, then America shall be divided in half ” Timothy Snodgrass ‘s Vision In 2001


Visitation Of Three Angels
Timothy Snodgrass
Dec 11, 2001

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By: Timothy Snodgrass

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Prophetic-evangelistic ministry, based in the Philippines, relocating to South Africa in 2002.

Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001

After waiting in the Manila International Airport for 5 days, every attempt to depart for Los Angeles has been blocked by bizarre circumstances, including my e-ticket reservations literally disappearing from the airlines computer system. I have re-scheduled my return for the next available flight, which is on January 18, 2002.


On 12/3/01, I was awakened in the airport by 3 angels, who appeared just prior to my airline reservations disappearing. In a half sleep state, I opened my eyes and saw the figures of 3 large beings, the same angels who appeared to me on 10/16/01, the date a 7.4 earthquake shook Joshua Tree, California.


The significance that these same 3 angels would appear again, during the first week of December, indicates that the West Coast of America is more than likely about to be shaken by a major seismic event. The intensity of the wake up calls America is receiving is about to increase dramatically.


“Two years ago, our ministry had announced several months in advance that I would be arriving in Los Angeles (from Manila) on the evening of 10/15/99, to intercede for mercy upon the West Coast of America, and that a major seismic event was about to take place. Shortly after I arrived that evening, I fell asleep, and was awakened by 3 angels at exactly 3:00 am on 10/16/99. Being very tired, I closed my eyes and began to drift off again into sleep, but was awakened seconds later by a 7.4 earthquake, which felt like waves of the sea going through our apartment.”


Several thousand years ago, the Lord sent 3 angels to a little coastal resort area, called Sodom and Gomorrah. It was the angel’s job to bring out God’s people, and their families, before fire and brimstone fell from heaven and destroyed the cities. For those of you who live near modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, PEACE to you, for God has not forgotten you!

These same 3 angels that visited me in the Philippines, will soon visit you! Not only will you make it out of Sodom and Gomorrah, but your families also! (Acts 16:31)


Can judgment be delayed? YES. Never limit the endless love and grace of God, which stretches beyond all time and space into eternity, and can turn an entire world upside down, just that ONE soul might be saved. YES. Judgment can be delayed. YES. Cities and nations can be saved. YES. War can be held back, and the clock of judgment once again stopped. PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM. The key to God’s time clock is Israel.


Feedback On 3 Angels Timothy Snodgrass Dec 10, 2001

QUESTION: On October 16, 1999, you reported that after you were awakened by the 3 angels, seconds later a 7.4 earthquake shook Southern California. My question is, on December 3rd when these same angels appeared to you, did an earthquake or any significant event take place on the same day?

ANSWER: In order to answer your question, I had to do some research. Interestingly, several significant events occurred on December 3rd. Not only did a 6.1 earthquake take place south of us in Fiji, but an IMPACT EVENT took place in the south Antarctic, when a Japanese satellite fell from orbit and made a fiery plunge into earth at 9:28 pm (Japanese time). Also, within a matter of hours on the following day (12/4/01), a 5.4 earthquake took place directly under my feet here in Luzon (I could not feel it because of planes constantly taking off in the Manila Int’l Airport.)

QUESTION: You mentioned that shortly after the 3 angels appeared on 12/3/01, the reservations for your e-ticket to LAX literally disappeared from the airline’s computer system, which contributed to you delaying your trip to America till January, 2002. What do you think the specific reason was for your flight being angelically blocked?

ANSWER: The appearance of these angels have always coincided with earthquakes. On 11/20/01, I was given a vision of an enormous seismic event, which was so large that it caused mountains to explode across the entire continent of North America. Many of these mountains had no known history of volcanic activity. I was told in the vision that “If America wishes to divide Jerusalem in half, then America shall be divided in half.” Unless the United States discontinues pressuring Israel to give up land allocated to her by God, the day is soon coming that America will be literally ripped in half like a garment, and the land masses of America drastically reduced.

For some other questions and answers concerning this vision, go to: http://www.injesus.com/ViewMessage.cfm?MessageId=8B0066BF&GroupID=IB0064YS

Timothy and Juliet Snodgrass will be relocating their ministry base to South Africa in 2002. Their apartment in the Philippines was damaged last month by a typhoon, and condemned by the city after it lost running water. If you would like to send a Christmas gift this December to help towards a temporary place to live while they await their transfer to South Africa, you can give electronically by clicking on their ‘donate’ link at injesus.com

Two Polynesian Quakes
Timothy Snodgrass
Aug 19, 2002

AUGUST 19, 2002


Two Polynesian quakes have just occurred in the Fiji Islands Region, the first measuring 7.4 and the second measuring 7.7 on the Richter Scale. The second Polynesian quake occurred at 4:08am, August 19 (Pacific Daylight Time). (Magnitudes may be revised by the USGS when more information becomes available.) These two quakes have vital prophetic significance. We will be issuing a statement within the next 24 – 48 hours, along with a prophetic word to the President of the United States. See upcoming report for more details, to be posted on our web site at:


Timothy Snodgrass – PO Box 463, Kimberly OR 97848 USA

Countdown To GREAT Quake Of 2002
Timothy Snodgrass
Apr 16, 2002


By Timothy Snodgrass – April 13, 2002

NOVEMBER 20, 2001: Received vision of great New Madrid quake in Central U.S., which divided America in half from east to west.

JANUARY 2, 2002: Received vision of great West Coast quake, which created major structural damage inland, triggering tsunami alerts and the collapse of elevation in many areas, forming new lakes. The Holy Spirit spoke to me in the vision that this quake would occur “after the second Polynesian earthquake”. Later that day, while checking with the USGS, I discovered that a 7.3 earthquake had just occurred in the Vanuatu Islands, Polynesian region. This was the “first Polynesian quake”. We are now watching for the “second Polynesian quake (of equal or greater magnitude), which will signal that a GREAT earthquake is imminent.

FEBRUARY 1, 2002: A new comet is discovered by two Japanese and Chinese astronomers. Comet Ikeya-Zhang will make its nearest pass by the earth on April 28-30, and then head back out into deep space during one of the most spectacular planetary alignments of the century, when the planets dance into alignment during

May 3-10. APRIL 4, 2002: The United States reconfirms and solidifies its stance on supporting the establishment of a Palestinian State. Within less than 24 hours, a 5.7 earthquake shakes Polynesia.

APRIL 10, 2002: Over 900 public schools across America participate in a “Day of Silence” for homosexuals. More than 80 of the schools which participated in this pro-homosexual event were from the state of California. On the same day, a strong earthquake shook the Vanuatu Islands, Polynesian region, measuring 5.9. Within less than 24 hours, another quake shook the Vanuatu Islands measuring 6.2. It is only a matter of time before a quake 7.3 or greater shakes the region.

April through July of 2002 should be set aside as a period of cleansing, preparation, and intimate time with the Holy Spirit. Depending upon which area of the world you live on, for many this time of preparation could mean the difference between life and death. The 1  ½ year period between July, 2002, and December, 2003, will be a time of significant earth changes, seismic upheavals, and volcanic eruptions throughout many parts of the globe. Before 2002 ends, an earthquake 9.0 or greater will shake the earth for the first time in almost 40 years. The aftermath of many of these coming seismic events will birth repentance, revival, and reformation.


Dear President Bush:

As a prophetic minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I need to warn you of a trap which was laid before you long before you took office in the White House. The war against terrorism you have recently initiated is a just war, and I believe that you are setting an example for many other nations which will follow in your footsteps. Your administration has acted appropriately in labeling and dealing with the Axis of Evil. In the Middle East, you have fulfilled all commitments and agreements signed by previous U.S. administrations. But within these agreements lies a serious miscalculation which places America in great peril. The trap is a city: Jerusalem.

Putting my personal opinions and theological beliefs aside, I must share with you a vision I received on November 20, 2001, and the word which was spoken to me. Judge the word for yourself, and carefully test it.

VISION OF 11/20/01: I was taken by the Spirit into the bowels of the earth in the central portion of the United States, and allowed to see and feel the natural tectonic pressures which had been building for millennia in the region. I knew by the mind of Christ that this area could not withstand another great quake without major earth changes occurring. I was then taken in the Spirit into the heavens, and found myself looking down upon the United States. A voice from heaven spoke to me: If America wishes to divide Jerusalem in half, America shall be divided in half.

 As God lifted his protective have from the soil of America, I saw the ground begin to shake. From east to west, America was ripped in half like a veil, and the flood waters began to cover many cities as a new gulf was formed, which stretched from the Great Lakes in the north to the Gulf of Mexico in the south.

Mr. President, it is not by coincidence that your father is well known for the Gulf War, for you are now fighting in the same war: An invisible battle to prevent a new gulf.

I speak to you by the word of the Lord: God is jealous over the city Jerusalem, and over the covenant land he gave to Abraham as an eternal inheritance. This land is not ours to place on the negotiating table. Behind the scenes Mr. President, I would recommend that you begin making contingency plans for a new focus on the Middle East, which will save face for the administration, preserve U.S. integrity, but focus on the war on terrorism, not the establishment of a Palestinian State.

Do not become involved in this dangerous Middle East quagmire.

Respectively Mr. President, step back from the issue and let the Israelis deal with it, less God’s hammer of judgment falls upon America. Very soon, an earthquake measuring 7.3 or greater will shake the Polynesian region of the South Pacific. This will signal that an earthquake 9.0 or greater is about to occur somewhere in the world. Short of angelic intervention, this particular quake is scheduled to occur on the West Coast of America. But God has shielded us many times in the past, and can do it again.

Mr. President, I believe that God wants to bless your administration, and give the United States an extended period of peace, prosperity, and prominent world influence to help shape the course of history. The public in general need not be aware what is going on behind the scenes concerning the U.S. and Israel, nor do they need to be briefed on the administration’s sudden change of stance.

The bottom line is: You cannot allow the peace accord to be finalized under the present terms and land concessions. This is an extremely delicate issue, and you are being watched by both the Christian and Islamic world. For the sake of stability in the Middle East, it is best that you do not publicly disclose a shift in policy, but simply change your focus to the War on Terrorism, and set the issue of a Palestinian State aside for a while. By monitoring the epicenter of this coming quake (of 9.0 or greater), we will know which direction your administration has taken behind the scenes this year. If the quake occurs outside of U.S. borders, I will not disturb you again on this matter. But if the quake occurs on the West Coast of America, be aware that the 2nd countdown will have begun for the 2nd GREAT quake in the United States, along the New Madrid Fault line. President Bush, you are highly loved and esteemed by God. Just as your father won the Gulf War, I pray that you will also win the war you now engaged in for the destiny of America. Blessings 

Your servant in Chirst, Rev. Timothy Snodgrass