New Madrid Earthquake

Dreams and Visions From Our Lord

rebecca-n-barnesThese dreams come from a facebook page called “Dreams and Visions From Our Lord”.   The lady behind this page is Rebecca N Barnes




Dreams and Visions from Our Lord July 26


June 2014 Dream Of The New Madrid/The Division Of Israel:

In the dream I had I was above the USA, I could see all the trees and mountain ranges. I seen a spear come out of the sky, it pierced southern MO and ripped it down all the way to the gulf through Louisiana.

Then I saw it rip up through to the Great Lakes.

I saw st. Louis MO sink under the ground.

It opened in width from st. Louis to hwy 127.

I heard the following exact word’s in my spirit ” if they divide my land, I will divide their nation “


Division Of Israel/ New Madrid

Dream Aug 31, 2016 5:05am
Woke this morning to a flash dream of a portrait of Abraham Lincoln..end of dream when my alarm went off at 5:05am

I believe its another confirmation of the lines of the new madrid earthquake that is coming judgement from the division of Israel that goes with the prior dream the Lord gave me in June 2014.

This is why, upon research it just so happens that Lincoln was born in Hodgenville KY (close to hwy 127…see new madrid dream June 2014) and he was buried in Oakridge cemetery, Springfield, IL. Which both places are aligned with what God showed me in prior dreams.

He was also the 16th President (2016?), not setting dates but felt I needed to put that in there. Abraham Lincoln stood for freedom for all but was assassinated.

See map and see prior dream about the new madrid…its all coming together and I feel it may happen soon. Watch this fall when the leaders meet again like they did in Paris about the 2 state solution of Israel  Obama will play a key part in this I feel. This is the map I just posted the other day..its very close on the area that Lincoln was born. So its off just a lil bit. It was hard to do without seeing hwy 127..but its close.

Another comment:  Rosanne Cutrone I’ve seen this too in my dream showed water going into the gulf from Great Lakes.

Dreams and Visions From Our Lord

“Something huge moved in between the satellite and the sun today”

Dreams and Visions from Our Lord

August 29 at 11:51am ·

Remember the vision God gave me July 27th…the vision is posted on this page…if this is the cause of what is happening to the sun..we may be in the way of more asteroids coming into our atmosphere from this…

Something huge moved in between the satellite and the sun today. It blocked the sun completely for about a hour on the charts. It started about 06:24 UTC. This was a screen shot that I personally checked it out myself. It started like some kind of eclipse and was completely covered for a hour.

Asteroid DreamDream FloridaMethane as

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Rebecca Barnes
The Lady Behind "Dreams And Visions From Our Lord" Her name is Rebecca N Barnes Here testimony is below: My testimony and calling from the Lord! Hope this encourages someone out there! I've always known pretty much what my calling was but I ran from it for years because there was so much responsibility that came with the calling. But I came very close to deaths door back in 2014 and at that same time going through some of the hardest trials of my lifetime. I finally submitted my life totally back into Gods hands in complete surrender and I was not sure if he still wanted me to be in the same calling that he gave me back in my 20s, but I prayed and told him that it didn't matter to my how he used this vessel in his kingdom, just for his will to be done....after about a couple of weeks I was still very very ill and I had traveled to my family's house for a holiday. It was a very long and hard trip physically but I was on a personal bible reading challenge during that time to study so many chapters a day in his word. I laid down in bed when I got to my family's home because it was late when I arrived, and I opened my bible app to start my studies. I was so physically drained that literally I couldn't keep my eyes focused on the words. I prayed to Jesus and told him I was sorry that I couldn't read and do my studies and told him I loved him. He knew in my heart I was very heartbroken about it. I fell fast asleep and he gave me the most beautiful dream I've ever had. In the dream it was like I was laying and resting on a cloud and all around me there was the most beautiful white light. It was the most purest white light I have ever seen, it was so bright yet so soft at the same time...nothing light you would see in here on earth in the flesh. Then I seen this old scroll open in front of my eyes. It looked like it was from a very long time ago. It opened up and it was written in a different language that I have never seen before except for one part and that was at the top. I seen one word that was written very bold like the title of the scroll and it was the word "Titus". Then he started reading it to me in the most loving and sweet voice I have ever heard in my entire life. His voice was so gentle and loving that I couldn't focus exactly what he was saying because of the soothing, peacefulness sound of it...then in the dream I had drifted off to sleep while he read to me his word.....I didn't wake up from this dream I just got complete rest for the rest of the night. It was the most awesome dream. When I woke up I. Started reading Titus in the bible and to me it confirmed what I always knew about my calling he has placed on my life.....just thought I would share the softer side of our lord and how wonderful he is to those that seek him!