Instructions To The Remnant Of God – A Prophecy Given Back In June Of 1988

Michael and Meranda,            

Sunday morning at exactly 3:00 am I woke up and looked at the clock.

At that moment, I thought maybe I should share something with you:

On June 27, 1988 a lady at our church brought a prophecy to our college career group.  This was for anyone in the group, not specifically for us.

The thing that caught my attention from your article that I read, and the one video I saw, was the part about God raising up a Remnant!

That was one of the major points in her prophecy!!  This was a few months before my wife and I were even engaged.  We got married in 1989.

I tried to find an original copy of the prophecy, but only have the copies that I put tons of notes and marks on.

For some reason, I am sharing this with you.  Over the years, this prophecy has become more real that it was when we got it.

It’s possible that I could scan mine and email it, but as I said, it has tons of mark, high lights and note on my copy.

Thank you for all that you’re doing for the Lord!

God speed,


(Please note- this prophecy is not Mike’s prophecy, but rather belonging to someone from Missouri, Southwest Missouri or the Nixa Missouri area.)

Original KSH Prophecy 6-27-1988