Israeli Water Irrigation Systems Are Helping India And Africa Grow Food With Less Water

Picture Credit Agriculture in Israel

Apr 13, 2017,

A drive down Israel’s countryside is an eye-opener. Lush agriculture fields nestle amid the desert that covers at least 60%of the country. But, slowly, the harsh terrain is giving way to fields. This is a remarkable feat, considering that the country, tiny though, gets just 300mm average rainfall every year.

India is now taking lessons from Israel, a path breaker in water conservation methods that are being borrowed by bigger and developed nations.

Micro or drip irrigation is ushering in a green revolution in Israel. Water is always in constant demand in the country with the availability of natural or fresh water just not sufficient. So Israel abandoned the traditional flood irrigation method and launched major water conservation initiatives. Today, at least 60% of its water needs are either from desalinated or recycled waste water. But the water revolution of Israel did not stop with just quenching the thirst of its citizens.

Israel’s entrepreneurs went a step further. Over the years, they perfected their irrigation systems and made it a global business. They now sell drip irrigation technology to India and Africa and help farmers here grow quality crops with less water.