Joanie Stahl Shares Her Prophecy That Trump Would Win The Election And What Is Coming Next For America

prophetic-words-joanie-stahltony-koretz-jpgTony Koretz

Episode 079 is possibly the most important AMTM show we have ever done. Please spread this far and wide. We tell you the truth about the election, why Donald Trump was elected, and what is likely to happen now.

Joanie Stahl spoke out in January 2016 on how she had been told by an insider that Trump had been chosen to be the next President two years ago and why it was. We published that interview 11 months ago. It was before Trump was even the Republican candidate!.

Then in early May Joanie revealed that she was certain that Donald Trump will be the next and last President of the USA.

What she tells us in this AMTM in-house show is the exact opposite to what the Firefighter is telling people that is coming. We believe his prophecy is false.

Brook and Joanie explain why that is in this show. Everyone needs to hear this information. It is extremely important that people hear this whole episode.



Joanie Stahl Prophetic Word (May 2016)

Shalom Joanie StahlRe-Published

I received the word from the Lord on May 4, 2016. I was on vacation, yet as usual I always get up before sunrise to muse upon the Lord, to sit and breathe Him in and wait upon Him. On the morning of May 3rd, the day before I received this word, I arose as I said as usual. Yet as soon as I woke up I felt the unmistakable presence of the Lord. Now let me say this.

The presence of the Lord has many different aspects. As we know, when we worship, He inhabits the praises of His people. We all can feel His wonderful presence as “His train fills [our] temples with His glory.” Then their are other times we can feel and sense His presence in a warning. Our spirits respond with a check only the Holy Spirit can give. Once again, unmistakable. Yet again, when we are suffering, we feel Him draw near to us and He comforts us in the ways “that surpasses all understanding.” We know His presence in the class room of the Holy Spirit as He illuminates passages as the Great Teacher “and in His light we see light.” There are many more ways I can describe His presence, but I believe you understand and get the point.

But this next one is the one I am getting at. That morning, when I arose, His presence was the same that I have felt and known throughout most of my life in this one singular way. And that is the absolute knowing that He had something He wanted to say to me. I knew it. But that day, we had many plans and I knew there was no way I could spend that necessary time with Him. He knew it too. However, all day long, that particular presence of His never departed from me. As if He was letting me know that it was okay. And to solidify the knowledge of His intentions and that He was waiting for me. This brought me great peace and comfort. Remember He says, “I am understanding.”

So that morning when I woke up. His presence was there strong and clear. I awoke without any effort, and the energy and life of the Holy Spirit quickened me to the end that I felt nothing of needing to wake up first before I sat down to listen. No, it was instant and I knew it. So I got up and went into the living room with paper and pen in hand. And so long before the sun arose, and until it did, I remained before Him.

 And before you begin to read it the message I received. I want to say to you. As Amos said to Amaziah the priest of Beth-el,

“Also Amaziah said unto Amos, O thou seer, go, flee, thee away into the land of Judah, and there eat bread, and prophesy there:

But prophesy not again anymore at Beth-el: for it is the kings chapel, and it is the king’s court.

Then answered Amos, and said to Amaziah, I was no prophet, neither was I prophet’s son; but I was a herdmen, and a gatherer of sycamore fruit. And the Lord took me as I followed the flock, and the Lord said unto me, Go, prophesy unto my people Israel. Now therefore , hear the word of the Lord.” Amos 7:12-16.

Now also, know the reason I espoused to use this passage. It is to apply it’s principle and thought. And I too never claim to be a prophet. Neither do I put myself in the class of Amos or any or the prophets of old. I am just a simple servant of our God and King. Whenever I receive a vision, dream or word from the Lord. There is always a kind of quaking that comes over me, A fear of the Lord that spirit, soul and body feels. And I go my way. I do not even try to think about it for many days. But after a time, I begin to pray and think about it. And as time goes by as the Lord prompts me I will obey. There is always a trepidation involved. Because when a word goes out many people come out of the woodwork to attack. But on the other hand through years of obeying the Lord, it has gotten better.

So here it is. I prayed quite a bit about it and today is the day. Do what you want with it. Take it to the Lord in prayer. I said to the Lord before I typed this out, “Lord, once I hit send. It is out of my hands and into yours.

The Word that I received…..

Do not worry about your life, what you will eat, or drink or the clothes you put on. There’s not a lot of time left. While everyone is still saying, “We are living in the last days,” they should be saying, “We are living in the last hours.” The fields are ripe for harvest. But there are very few people than ever I can use.

The result of these ” Last hours,” is callousness of heart. The love of many have waxed cold. The darkness that is upon all nations is vastly permeating every threshold. And it is intensifying. The sense of safety even in the safest places will vanish. It will vanish away.

Also,Trump will be the next and last president. Once he is inaugurated the door will shut. He will accomplish My purpose, but only for a short time, a brief time while in office. Because his time will be cut short. Not because he does not want to. His hands will be stopped. He won’t be able to go very far for reasons other than his own. His purposes will be disappointed. His success will be brief, short lived, interrupted. He will be like a once raging fire snuffed out. He will be stopped short.

But My purposes will stand. I will demonstrate My will for this nation. Even he will know Me and fear Me from the rising of the sun unto the going down thereof. This will be a time of great calamity and there will no longer be any rest.

Those that are at rest in this world will be the final ones who will feel it, through they fight it by trying to get themselves to higher ground. But even the highest ground during Noah’s day was as unsafe as the lowest valleys.

For it will be just like the days of the Flood during Noah’s days. The floods of hell will creep in through every threshold. They will enter into everyone’s doors. The judgments like Egypt will take down this nation. For this is as Egypt to Me.

Then will people begin to look to Me. They will turn their eyes toward the heavens out of grinding fear. And I will hear them. Your time on earth is coming to a close.

The rafters of the ceilings are falling upon you, the foundations have sunken. Nothing anyone will try to hold up or build will stand.

This is the time of threshing, of beating out My wheat. And who can or will abide? I know My sheep. I know who are mine. Make no mistake about it. There are many of you who think you stand. You go about as Mine. But your hearts have never been farther from Mine than now. Your hearts belong to other lovers. And your lovers are the things I hate and what I hate.

I once said that I will not always strive with man. And I will not strive with you except to put you away as a divorced woman who played the harlot. Remember, if did this to Israel what withholds me to do the same with you? What I meant then I mean now.

But remember this, if you turn to Me, I will turn to you. I will deliver you. See it as a ship pulling away from the docks. Many will come in at the end. And right before I come, those who will come will have to leap from the dock.


The things I heard from the Lord are only confirmations of many of those that are hearing His voice regarding His closing plans to greater or lesser degrees. And the word that I received about Trump caused me to pause many times before I wrote them down. Until I understood that I had a choice either to do so or not. God was not going to force me. But I realized that in the past, there were times I didn’t, and in those times I knew that I stood as an opponent to God and rose up as His judge and rival.

Then the times that I did by the sweat of my brow and beating heart, after I obeyed, the internal wind and the waves within my soul became “a great calm.” What the Lord told me about Trump many will lash out and have many things to say. However, I believe with all my heart that this is from the Lord for one great reason. That we begin to pray for Trump. For His safety and for the righteousness of God and His plan to go forth. This I know. And to make ready our hearts for the coming of the Lord. For the Lord is near. And what He will do, He will do suddenly.

“Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all.”