“Your betrayal of Israel will bring about destruction,” – A Word To America Given To Julie Whedbee

Julie Whedbee- Dividing The Land Of Israel Word

California Judgement Dividing Of Israel

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Speak daughter, for I wish My people to understand what must come to pass. The United States is surrounded by her enemies and will be plundered. Your betrayal of Israel will bring about destruction, as your leaders have betrayed you, the people.

California, California, California, oh how you have grieved My heart. I will destroy you and all of the abominations that have been a defilement in My eyes. New York, I will burn you and lay waste your city. You will be reduced to burning rubble and ashes. Miami, your cup of iniquity is overflowing and I will utterly consume and destroy you in your wickedness. 

The foundations under the earth are breaking apart. I am causing the earth to open her mouth and many places will be swallowed and they will be no more.

A great and terrible day is come, the Day of the Lord is a day of great suffering and darkness. Who shall withstand this great shaking that I am bringing? Who will be found worthy to escape the judgments of the wicked and the unrighteous? Who among you has heeded My warnings to walk the path of holiness and purity?

America, you have severely tried Me and continue to openly mock Me.


You have broken the covenant your forefathers made with Me and spit upon My laws. You have no honor, you are shameful, and you are a disgrace in My sight. I will cause you to choke as I make you to drink your own vomit and filth. The blood and the cries of the innocent are on your hands.

I am about to shake this earth mightily and all will know
I AM God!

Your leaders have called for the division of My Holy land, therefore, I will divide your land. 

I will now speak to those who have remained in covenant with Me. Mine who are walking in purity and truth, Mine who obey My Word and are in union with Me- ready yourselves for My great outpouring. As all is crumbling around you, you will have My supernatural peace and great will be your exploits in My name. I speak to all My men and women who know in their hearts that I have been preparing them for something greater.

I have been speaking to your spirits about repositioning; for some, relocating; for a great transition is upon you. Many of you will be required to walk away from all you have known- family, relationships, employment, fellowships- for a new season is upon My Bride, My Remnant. The work I am having you to do lies outside the parameters and the dimension you have previously operated in.

It is crucial that you come to Me now for instructions and counsel, ever ready to move and to do My bidding. Pray to be used mightily in the Spirit, and it shall be done. My Bride will transcend space and time to fulfill her purpose on this earth.

As darkness covers these lands and the mighty threshing takes place,  My remnant will only know supernatural glory, as My anointing upon you will cause powerful manifestations from My Kingdom Realm.

Remember all I have told you. As the darkness grows darker, you My lights will shine brighter. There is nothing you will not do when you abide in Me, in My name, in My presence, always…

My Bride, you have been chosen before the foundation of time to be here in this realm now, to alter this reality, to be the expression of pure Spirit as I originally created all mankind to be.

The original blueprint if you would, was for man to be made in My image and likeness in this realm, therefore bring Heaven to earth-thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. You were designed and purposed to be My reflection, hence, there is to be no distinction between Us. We are One Spirit.

The cry has gone out for My mature ones to rise. My glory is arisen in you and through you.

Do not be deceived nor be weary My loves. All commences as it has been spoken and what has been put in motion will not be stopped. Keep your feet firmly planted in Me, the Rock and the only foundation. Feel the rush of My mighty breath upon the lands. 

Boldly and with authority My children take your positions. 

Be strong and of good courage.