Large Amounts Of People Are Reporting Dreams Of Dark Days Ahead- Are You Having Dreams Too?

end days dreams

All News Pipeline had an interesting article which they reported the sheer volume of people around the net reporting nightmares of what they believe is ahead of us.

They have discovered, as we have, that many people are leaving comments in forums, and in the comment sections of websites with a feeling that something is imminent, “something horrible is around the corner,”

They list out an example of 20+ dreams of what they are seeing on their end.  Visit their website All News Pipeline

Here are some of the ones that spoke to me:

Lillith – My dreams really end up being about trying to hide and protect my kids… But the visions I have had within my dreams have been ongoing since age sixteen. I’m 43 now.. It’s been a while having these and the more recent ones are of a massive earthquake that levels darn near everything, a blackened sky with inbound meteors and seeing tsunamis and volcanoes on the horizon.

Laura M – I have had strange dreams about wandering in the woods, down trails, broken down roads , etc. Old rundown buildings , houses, everywhere people go in and out of looking for stuff they can use. Sometimes I’m with people I know in these dreams, and other times, total strangers and everyone seems dazed.

Here is one gathered from Steve Quayle’s “Dreams Visions Page

Dear Brother Steve, I’ve had many different visions (by the grace of God) and I keep having them. The following are summaries of five of the many visions I have had:

(1) The Lord showed me a place that looked to be on the East Coast of the United States. There was a harbor with many boats (sail boats specifically). I was seeing a house that had been owned by a wealthy person; the house was relatively large, with antiques and fine paintings everywhere. It was sunny outside and the season appeared to be either spring or summer. I then saw a man who was heavy set, with a thick Stalin-esque mustache and a cruel look in his eyes. He looked like a mafia strongman type, but I remember his accent was distinctly Russian. He was essentially commanding several different Russian troops. It was clear that these Russian troops were occupying the area, and that they had acquired the assets and belongings of wealthy people in the area (as a sort of war booty). Even more disturbing was the fact that they seemed to have seized several of the local people as assets and were holding them as prisoners. The Lord showed me this and said that this is part of the fate or America if the people do not repent.

(2) The Lord showed me several different aircraft which were flying over the United States. They were not military aircraft, but rather standard passenger or freight planes, however I could see paratroopers jumping out of the planes. I could see the faces of some of the paratroopers, which were Russian in appearance. The look of aggression and hatred on their faces was palpable, as if they were possessed by demons from hell. Then the Lord showed me where the paratroopers had dropped, which were places all over the US–strategically important locations. I then saw a sign that said “FAA.” Little did I know at that time the FAA had a nationwide outage for several hours, during which it could not properly track flights. I found out about that fact later on, and I believe the Lord was showing me the planting on various Russian intelligence assets throughout the county. The FAA outage would have provided total and complete coverage for the planting of Russian intelligence assets.

(3) In a vision the Lord showed me several different key waterways in the US. I could see the various filtering and water treatment plants associated with them. The scenes were very clear. In an instant I was shown several Chinese nationals who were in various stations with respect to water treatment plants. They were using various poisons and other toxic agents to destroy the water supplies.

(4) The Lord literally showed me several different enormous underground bunkers that were owned by various elites. They had constructed immense facilities underground, which had extremely large houses among other things. There were teams of workers building the structures, and stacks of building materials could be seen around the building site. The Lord also showed me that He had destroyed several of these facilities as an act of grace. The Lord showed me that these sick elites had intentions to destroy much of humanity in the form of some sort of World War III and bug out in their bunkers during the mayhem. The fact that the Lord destroyed some of these areas was a profound act of grace that temporarily halted their plans.

(5) I saw Walmart stores being hollowed out and used as a sort of detention/human sorting facility. The store shelves were literally removed, and people were forced into the Walmarts, which were converted into large warehouses for people. This was very vivid, and it was specifically Walmart stores that were used for this (not Target, not Costco, not any other big box store). The people in the lines were getting some sort of injection, and I got the sense that it was for euthanasia. The people did not look like criminals or anything of the sort, rather, they looked like ordinary Americans. Please note that this vision was perhaps ten years ago, well before Walmart stores were being shut down conveniently close to Jade Helm this summer.

Please note that I pray consistently to get accurate and meaningful messages. I also do not watch TV, or movies or anything else that could be giving me ideas, I aim to get information from what the Lord shows me only. In prayer the Lord told me that these things are warnings for those who have the discernment to listen and pay attention.

Your Sister in Christ,Erica