Listen To Daniel Holdings And Michael Snyder Talk About The Re-Gathering Of The 10 Lost Tribes

Radio Program With Michael Snyder

Daniel Holdings From Prepare The Way discusses a two part radio interview with Michael Snyder about his recent historical work on a DVD “The Re-Gathering Of The Ten Lost Tribes” that provides critical insight into where the people of Israel were historically scattered to in the nations.

Part 1 Discussions:

  • How much of an affect did the Hebrew people have on the ancient world and what is their connection to modern societies? 
  • When the Word talks about a “Second Exodus” that will be greater than the first, where is the Father calling His people out from? 
  • Does the Hebrew dispersion even matter if you don’t have the DNA of Israel and are a Gentile? 
  • Most importantly, what will be the catalyst that will drive Yahweh’s people back to the Land? 
  • Is that what the coming economic and social trouble is all about? 
  • And how long do we have before everything comes crashing down? 

Part 2 Discussions:

  • With analytical expertise, the blogger delves into what we can expect in the markets and the world’s economies this coming fall – and why.
  • His is not simple speculation, but his evaluation is based upon undeniable facts on the ground.
  • Will the coming collapse bring with it WWIII?
  • What should the Believer do to prepare for those things that are coming?
  • Can the future be averted?

Listen to the 50 minute interview PART 1 HERE

Listen to the 50 Minute Interview PART 2 HERE

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