Mark Moseley’s Hebrew Carved Wall Plaques

If you are looking for some beautiful plaques that you can hang on your wall, consider buying them from our very talented friend Mark Moseley.  You can email him through facebook at this address : Mark Moseley

Here is some of the excerpts from the facebook thread which they were listed in.

Mark Moseley Wow and thank you to those who expressed interest in buying these. Each sign takes roughly 15 hours to make. These are priced at $299.00 for sale, locally. Shipping charges would be extra, but you would only pay the actual costs, and not more. Feel free to send me a private message, if you would like one.

Mark Moseley The problem is that they take roughly 15 hours to make. I am working on a smaller version, to cut the time in half. If this smaller version works, they should sell for roughly $100.00

Mark Moseley The large one is 2ftx2ft. The smaller one would be around 11inx11in