Massive Amounts Of Oil In Israel—At Least Twice That Of Saudi Arabia – A Prophetic Dream Given To Stan Johnson


stan-johnsonStan Johnson

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Earthquake Brings Oil

Dream given to Stan Johnson, 3:30 am, 5‐13‐2012

My friend and I were looking at an abandoned drilling site.  The site had old rusty remnants of an old drilling operation sitting near a small river.  Many years ago the dirt all around it had been soaked in crude oil which made me think at one time oil was found here.

All of a sudden, I got a revelation.I have given over 5,000 personal prophecies and when a person is under the anointing giving personal prophecies they say things as if they know them, but in the natural it is impossible for them to know such details without having met the person and known many intricate details of their lives, yet under the anointing there is a “knowing.”  You “know that you know” that what you are saying to this stranger is true, but you know in the natural that you can’t know, but you would stake your life on “knowing” that what you are saying is correct.

As in 1CO 14:25  And thus are the secrets of his heart made manifest; and so falling down on his face he will worship God, and report that God is in you of a truth.In an instant I had a revelation.  Without turning to say anything to my friend behind me I ran and jumped up on a large round block of concrete about 2’ high and about 4’ across that had been part of the drilling ruins and pointed toward the crude soaked land between the drilling ruins and the river and yelled at the land and to my friend behind me, “There is about to be oil come out of there!”I was so confident!  There was no doubt!  It was like when Ezekiel was told to prophesy to the valley of dry bones and upon his words the bones began to come together, flesh came upon the bones and life came into “the whole house of Israel!” I was prophesying to those dry wells!  I was speaking what was not into existence!  Wow!  That is the way I would explain it.  I was prophesying oil to come!

Less than two seconds later I felt a rumble below.  It was a deep rumble and shaking down really really deep in the ground, then from six to eight spouts of crude oil squirted oil briefly about 18’ to 25’ into the air!  It reminded me of the water fountains I have seen at parks or court houses. I saw one with a flat concrete floor with about fifty water outlets all flush with the concrete.  The water would shoot up from various holes and the children would run and play.  Some would try to guess which hole would squirt water next.  About every fifteen minutes all the spouts would turn off for a moment, then on again at the same time. The water would squirt into the air to its maximum height just for a second then fall back to the concrete.These six or eight wells all briefly squirted black crude oil into the air simultaneously for a brief moment then fell back  silent, but the oil from the nearest one took a right angle and splashed all over the front of my white T‐shirt.  It was totally black just covering all over the front of my shirt.  It was like it was tied to my shirt with a rubber band!  Zap! And I was hit with it!  No other splashes like it, only this one splashed directly on the front of my shirt!

I was surprised and overjoyed because I knew that this meant this oil was for me and my friend!  I was not disappointed because my shirt was soiled but overjoyed knowing it was a gift to me and my friend.  I looked back and saw in the spirit what appeared to be a gusher of oil coming from the area of the one that splashed on me.  It looked like a telephone pole.  Crude oil about as wide as a telephone pole and so high I could not see the top in my peripheral vision.  A gusher of oil coming from what was an area of several abandoned wells which now supernaturally re‐supplied by the hand of God via an earthquake!

I turned to my friend behind me who was faceless and said, “Quick!  We have to get this land leased before anyone else finds out that oil has flowed into this formation!  Instantly, the papers to get signed appeared in my hands and I was off to get them signed and the dream ended.

In most incidents Jesus avoided directly saying He was the son of God.  In this way only those to whom the Holy Spirit gave revelation would “know” that Jesus was the Messiah to come.

This dream carries really good news but I am going to leave the interpretation to the Holy Spirit.  Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give you the interpretation.

oil-in-israel-stan-johnsonProphetic Oil Incorporated


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October 2015 Discovery of Oil in ISRAEL Ten Times Larger than World Average

Vast oil reserves have been discovered in Israel that could transform the country into world energy power and change the face of the Middle East for years to come.

Afek Oil and Gas, an Israeli subsidiary of the U.S. company Genie Energy, said the breakthrough came in the Golan Heights, near the border with Syria.

Yuval Bartov, the firm’s chief geologist, said there was ‘enormous excitement’ about the immense wealth it could bring to the Jewish state, which has long yearned for its own resource of ‘black gold’.



magazine-stan-johnsonStan Johnson, CEO of Prophetic Oil Inc., talks with the Opportunist’s Managing Editor Leslie Stone about his quest to explore for oil in Israel and why he believes it is his divine calling.


Opportunist: Why did you join the vision to find oil in Israel?

Johnson:  In 1998, I invited Hayseed Stephens, a pastor out of Willow Park, Texas, to speak on our 10-city tour. He had found 17 Bible verses (Deuteronomy 33:24) indicating massive amounts of oil would be discovered in Israel in the last days. That speaking tour blew life and finances into his vision to find oil in Israel.

Looking back, God had been preparing me for my journey in oil because my wife, Leslie Johnson, was given a dream on Oct. 26, 2001, in which she was shown on the map where the river of oil flows underneath Israel. At the time we didn’t know why this was revealed to us and not Hayseed; he was the man in the oil business, not us.

Then we were given motivation when, on Dec. 16, 2002, as I was praying and drifting off to sleep, I heard the audible voice of God say: ‘I’m giving you part of the harvest of the seeds sown by [the Rev.] Billy Graham.’ In my dream, a two-edged sword appeared in my hands, representing The Word of God, and a 2-foot by 2-foot piece of paper appeared. I swung and cut off about one-third of the paper, while thinking, “God is going to give me about one-third the number of souls he gave Billy Graham.” This confirmed a prophecy I received on Dec. 7, 1987, that said: ‘You are a soul-winner, a fisher of men and you will save thousands upon thousands.’ I started praying and asking God how He was going to give me money to win so many souls. On May 6, 2003, I got my answer.

Opportunist: What was it?

Johnson: Just as in Job 33:15: ‘In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; and verse 16:‘Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction,’ I was given a dream wherein I was standing on a 55-gallon oil drum with a one-gallon paint bucket with a gas nozzle coming out the top of it—like those you see at gas stations—and speaking to a group of people on Bible prophecy. I kept kicking the paint bucket around as I spoke because it was in my way. Finally, I stopped and asked if anybody could help drill a hole into the drum so I could attach the spigot and get the oil out and continue speaking. When I awoke I realized God had answered my question. The financial foundation I will stand on, which allows me to take Bible prophecy to the world and to tell America she is the Mystery Babylon is oil!  Oil will finance the gospel reaching the world. God had already told my wife, Leslie, that one day The Prophecy Club will be the No. 1 prophecy ministry in the world; now we knew the foundation to make it happen would be oil. I was excited and took my dream to mean that Hayseed would find oil and give us the money to spread the gospel, so I called his wife and made an appointment to see him upon his return from Israel. He was doing well gathering funding, but I never had the chance to see him because he dropped dead on May 15, 2003. His son took over and, unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned.

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Episode 64 – Stan Johnson: 30 Prophecies

Stan gives 30 specific Bible prophecies saying massive amounts of oil will be found in Israel—at least twice that of Saudi Arabia. Stan tells his miraculous story of why he believes he has been called to drill for oil in Israel. Stan has found 10 specific locations where the Bible says oil is located. Stan believes is the “Milk and Honey” prophecy given to Moses is actually yellow crude oil. Stan Johnson is founder of The Prophecy Club he has hosted over 135 guest speakers. He is considered to be one of the most informed speakers on Bible prophecy and future events. He is President.CEO of Prophetic Oil, Inc. whose goal it is to find the prophesied oil in Israel.