Michael Johnston On The Biblical Feast Days & The Return Of Jesus-Tony Koretz


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Michael Johnston – Biblical Feast Days & The Return Of Jesus

In Episode 078 of the A Minute To Midnite Show, Michael Johnston joins the host Tony in an interesting discussion on the seven Biblical feast days.

In the first half of the show Michael tells the listeners why he believes that the feasts are still very relevant to us today. He then expounds on how truly amazing it is that Jesus fulfilled the first four feasts to the very day.

He then explains how that following the same pattern, he believes that the Lord will fulfill the final three feasts to the very day as well.

There is some very interesting teaching presented in this show, and Michael does an excellent job of explaining what each feast symbolizes, and how four of them foreshadow what Jesus did in his earthly ministry. The final three feasts will reach culmination at the second Coming Of Jesus Christ.

Joan Arnold Listened to the program this morning. Thought the guest did a good job explaining why there’s benefit in learning about the feasts. Thanks for offering this information.
Angelyn Lynch i’m almost done listening…this was a great show Tony! All the feasts will be fulfilled! And we do need to get away from man made holidays (Easter and Christmas) and observe the Lord’s feasts. He really explained well how not to become legalistic, which has been a concern for me.
Joan Arnold I really liked the statement he made about the meaning of “commandments” in Hebrew. “Traveling directions” is wonderful. You can’t get to your destination if you won’t follow the correct route.
Rene Perry Excellent teaching about the feasts!! Thank you, Tony for this great episode!! A helpful resource to learn more about the feasts and Hebraic roots of the faith is hebrew4christians.com. There are even seders for every feast so that believers can conduct their own celebrations.