Millions Of Jews Come To Know Their Messiah -A Prophetic Dream Given To Joanie Stahl


 Joanie-StahlJoanie Stahl

(September 2016)

Three mornings ago, on August 20, 2016, I had what I fully believe was a very significant dream. It is comprised of a warning to the Church and an event that is soon to take place.  I have not received a full interpretation from the Lord. In the meantime, I am submitting it to you to read because it is of great importance concerning the present state of the “Gentile” Church Body, what it once was, and the state of the past unbelieving Jews & their increasing rise into accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!


I immediately saw myself walking into a church.  As in most dreams given to me from the Lord, a man is with me and he is always at my right hand.  We walked in together into an enormous foyer.  The type you would see in a megachurch.  It was filled with multitudes of people walking, talking, laughing, and kids running around.

I knew in my dream that service had just ended, and what I was seeing was the typical scenery of people after they walk out of the sanctuary.  I also noticed that though I was among all these people, they did not notice I was there.  There was no hospitality.  I really did not care at all. In fact, it seemed strange being taken into a church at the end of the service.  Why was I there? What was the point and purpose? All these questions I stood there asking myself.

I moved to the back wall where a table was set up.  The kind you would see where they sell or give things away.  I leaned on it with my elbow as I stood watching all the activity.  I noticed that no one was talking about the Lord or the message that was just given. It was all just empty, noisy, meaningless chatter.

(On a side note, in dreams the Holy Spirit will exaggerate something to the point it seems overdone.  He does this on purpose because He is trying to get our attention and to point something out that is the meaning behind the entire dream, or at least part of it.)

The exaggeration the Lord wanted to stress here was the complete and total absence of the Holy Spirit among the church people.  The people only talked about things that amounted to nothing. There was no evidence of the life of God in these people.  It was full of people, but completely empty and void of the presence of the Holy Spirit and love of God.

I stood with my back facing the wall and for some reason something caught my eye. I looked over my shoulder and all of a sudden, the entire very long running wall disappeared.  I turned around swiftly because it startled me.  I was in awe of what was before me.

I looked out and saw an expansive, enormous, vast stadium.  It was set in a semi-circle and not a full oval as an arena.  I can equate it with the feeling when you go to a sports stadium and head to find the level that your seats are located. As you walk through the small tunnel and exit onto your level, you then stand and look out over the stadium.  The view is breathtaking because of the enormity and expanse of it.

That is how this stadium looked in its grandeur.  It is hard to explain but I will try my best.  When the entire wall of the church building disappeared to reveal this massive stadium, it was obvious that the stadium I was seeing was directly attached to the church.  It was a direct part of it.  The wall disappearing revealed that to me. Even in the dream, I was aware of this.

I marveled at it and then thought to myself, “Am I the only one seeing this”?  I turned around to see if anyone was seeing what I was seeing.  I looked to and fro and not one single person noticed it.  The people were still engaged in meaningless conversation and laughter, having absolutely no sense of what was happening right in front of them.

I turned back around to look at the stadium because I wanted to see what was happening.  I saw many people already seated.  I saw great numbers of many more people coming in and rushing to their seats.  They were excited. The energy they eluding showed how thrilled they were to be there and could not wait to get to their seats. Through all of this, I noticed that the people already seated, and those who were arriving and filling the stadium were all of Jewish descent.

I could feel the energy and excitement of something wonderful. Something so awesome was coming and I wanted to be a part of it.  My heart pounded within my chest as I stared out into the view and longed to be with them.  I turned back around again to look at the people in the church.  There was dead air in the foyer; an empty, hollow void that made me hate it.  I wanted to get out of there and go to the place before me.

Next, I wondered what they were waiting for.  Why the exuberant anticipation? For what or for whom was this anticipation felt in the air? I noticed a massive stage.  The stage was vast and white.  I saw what resembled enormous, tall beams that looked like trees forming a structure.  There were three beams all made of the same material; one on the left, one on the right, and the third one placed horizontal on top.  For visualization purposes, just picture a doorframe. It looked approximately three stories tall. I saw two men standing and walking about the base of it.  The men looked tiny in comparison; one man stood to the right and the other man to the left of the beams.

I stood there marveling at what was before me.  I asked the man that was with me, “What is this?  What is happening?  What is that down there?”  He answered in Hebrew so I could not understand him.  Knowing this, he then spoke to me in my language saying, “This is the biggest synagogue in the world.  What you are seeing is the biggest Sukkah in the whole world!”

The energy, thrill, and joy was mounting intensely.  I said to the man, “Oh, I want to go there!  But, I know if I do, I will begin to praise the Lord. I will not be able to help myself and the Jewish people will not put up with me. They will kick me out!” (As I am sure you are aware, one does NOT mention the name, or begin to praise the name of Jesus in front of the unbelieving Jew).

At that moment, I took off walking further down the massive foyer and I came to a room.  I stopped to look inside.  A group of men, about twenty or so, all stood in a big circle as they prayed.  I could not see their faces because their heads were bowed as they prayed with joined hands. They prayed in the Hebrew language.

The man standing at the forefront of where the circle joined looked completely different from the rest in the group.  From the background, I stood facing Him and noticed how He stood out from among the others.  I looked at Him and there was light all about Him.  It is hard to describe, but it was not an earthly light.  He was light. However, He looked like a different man.  He looked as if He stepped out of antiquity.  He had a beard and His hair was a medium brown color and draped to the nape of His neck.  He wore very simple white clothing.  I could not completely see what He was wearing because the other men blocked my view. I strained to see over the group.

His face was turned upwards toward the heavens. With His eyes closed tightly, He was crying out in the Hebrew language in prayer, as the other men’s heads remained bowed.  I noticed something odd that stood out about this man.  He had on his shoulder a huge beam of wood.  It resembled the ones on the stage, but not as big.  To me it looked approximately six feet in length.  It was massive in circumference.  It took His entire arm to wrap around and hold it upon his shoulder.

I know how heavy those solid logs can be because I have tried to lift one about that size. It was incredibly heavy and impossible to lift. I watched Him pray so strongly as He held the enormous tree log on one shoulder. In this moment, I wondered HOW this was possible. What kind of supernatural strength He must possess in order to achieve this. Aware of my complete awe as to what I was seeing right before me, the man standing next to me said, “He always has it with Him. He carries it wherever He goes.” This statement blew me away! There was immeasurable power in that room.  I wanted so badly to go in there and pray with them.  I felt the same powerful desperation to join this group as I did peering into the stadium.

I somehow knew that this little room was connected to the stadium. Just as those in the stadium, I noticed that all the men in the group, as well as their prayer leader, were all Jewish.  I said to myself, “Oh I want to go into that room with those men and pray with them. However, I cannot do that because then I will have no choice but to mention the name of the Lord Jesus. If I do, they will get angry with me and kick me out.  I cannot help but mention His name!”  I felt sad and left out.

I took off again and came to another little room.  I saw chairs set up in small rows all facing a little podium.  Only a few people were sitting in them as a greater number of people stood gathered into a group.  The group comprised of men, women, and children of all ages. All heads were bowed as they were praying. As before, every person in the room was strictly Jewish. It struck me with a sense that this was much like what people do before church service starts.  Most churches have an intercessory team who arrive early in order to pray for the service. I somehow knew this was the purpose for this room.

All of a sudden, my mother appeared next to me.  My mother is Jewish.  She is now a Christian, but still very Jewish.  She stood with me as we both watched from outside the room.  It was a beautiful, precious sight.  I turned to look at mother, and her eyes beamed with powerful joy as she watched her/our people.  It is a look that you would only see in a person who has been separated from their beloved homeland, family, and friends, for a lengthy period. To behold it before her eyes was a dream coming true.  Her eyes were filled with tears, and an intense longing to join them was emanating from her entire being; this longing radiating from her eyes.

I said, “Mom, we can go in there, but we must remain very quiet.  You know how it is. They do not care if we join them.  Jews as you know are very kind and welcoming that way.” Then I thought to myself, “Oh, I wish I could pray with them! But again, if I do, I will then mention the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and they will get angry with me and kick me out.  I do not want to be kicked out! I want to sit and be with them and listen.”

I then looked to the back of the room and saw a tiny bench that could only fit two people. While everyone was in prayer, my mother and I quietly made our way and took a seat.  I thought we were so quiet that no one would have seen or heard us come in and sit.

There was a man that was leading the prayer. Once again, he was also praying in Hebrew.  He was dressed in the classic orthodox black hat and coat.  He turned to look over his shoulder and our eyes became big because we saw that we interrupted their prayer.  However, he was very kind and peaceful.  We said to him in an above whisper, “Shalom”.  He replied, “Shalom to you in the name of Yeshua Ha Moschiach”.  I was shocked!  I could not believe it!  Then I knew that the stadium filling up with Jews, the little room of praying Jewish men, and now this room of Jewish people of all both genders and ages were all born again Jews!!!  In a moment, I was with them and was so elated!  I then woke up.


Upon entering the church, the service was over. This represents to me that the Church Age is at its end.  The megachurch environment, filled up with people, represents the Church at large; it represents the entire Church Body!

The empty, meaningless conversations, along with the amplified laughter and running around were all exaggerated for a reason – as well as knowing there was no presence of the Holy Spirit whatsoever.  This resolutely showed me that Jesus Christ is no longer within the buildings or lives of the mainstream Christian.  That going to church was only a thing to do. It was a culturally relevant thing to do.

It outlined the form of what I saw was only a standing relic of the Church in ages past. Now only but a galvanized form of what once was – a hollow form of the Church in its former glory.  The inhospitable element revealed “the love of many has waxed cold”.  This is one of the major signs Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24:12 (KJV).

When the long-running wall of the enormous foyer vanished, it looked like a completely diverse scene. It was like watching a split-screen TV of two unique different places and locations joined together.  As the dream progressed, though each scenery was diverse from the other, they were indeed both a part of each other, like two parts of a whole.

I spoke of the increasing energy, thrill, and joy of what was coming; of what was about to begin. This was in startling contrast of the dead, empty, lifeless church service that had ended.  This reveals that the Church Age has ended, and something new is coming; something that has been anticipated for so long.  The size and enormity of the stadium symbolizes that it is not just for a few select people, but also for tens of thousands.  Many who were already seated and looked like they arrived early, represents many who have been long awaiting this coming event, and watching for it with eagerness.

Those coming in and scurrying to their seats with great energy, joy, and thrill, represent the huge harvest that is coming into God’s Kingdom. These are joining at the end, right before the commencement of what is about to happen.

The stage completely white in color represents cleanliness and purity.  Recall the man with me first answered my question about the three beams in the Hebrew language. This puts it in its proper perspective, “To the Jew first and then to the Gentile.”  I say this because he answered me first in the Hebrew tongue, and then in my own language.

He told me that what I was seeing was the biggest synagogue on earth, and the structure was the biggest Sukkah in the whole earth. A Sukkah (booth) is a little structure made of rather flimsy, raw, organic, temporary materials, and is attached onto a home for the space of seven days for the Sukkot, or Feast of Tabernacles.  Jews are under Mosaic command are to observe this forever throughout all generations.  It commemorates their journey through the desert, and being strangers and aliens in a foreign land.

During these seven days, the Jews invite their Gentile neighbors to dwell with them in the little booths. They celebrate with good food and merriment.  This is because Jews relied on Gentiles from nations they lived among, to help them in terms of food and other necessities.  This is a memorial of that time.

Though a Sukkah is small, it was an enormous structure within the dream. In appearance, it resembled more of a door entrance. This was fascinating to me.  It reminds me of what Jesus said of Himself; I am the door, by Me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.” (John 10:9, KJV) 

I thought, “What could this mean?”  The size being approximately three stories, along with the size of the stadium, affirms that right before the coming of the Lord, many will enter in at the very end. This may also be why the structure looked so much like a doorway. This door represents all those who will come into His Kingdom. I think of this being the last and final great harvest of the Lord.

Notice again the contrast of the dead church.  No one cared about anything. Their “cares” consisted of dead, empty, vain, meaningless conversations. There were no expectations in comparison with what was attached to them… right next to them. “Having their understanding darkened”.  (Ephesians 4:18, KJV)

My wanting to join in with them (the Jews), with such desperation affirms the deadness of the end of the Church Age.  My voracious hunger and drive was tantamount.  Yet, my thinking that I could not join in because they were unsaved Jews, and that they would not put up with me if I said the name of the Lord, has significant meaning throughout this dream;  three times and three scenarios, each time thinking this same thing.  How I desperately wanted to be with and pray with them was so powerful, but my thinking held me back.  A cautious, old perception held me back.

By peeling back the spiritual veil, the Holy Spirit was trying to show me that a great number of Jews are coming to Christ, right now, all at once. They are being saved, yet are still very Jewish in practice. This is what the majority of new believing Jews do.  There is but one difference – the veil is lifted from their eyes and by revelation of the Spirit, see that Jesus Christ is indeed the Messiah… their Messiah!  (See 2 Corinthians 3:15)

The first room of Jewish praying men exhibits the way Jews do things.  Men only pray together in the synagogue.  The man I saw that looked like a shining man from antiquity was Jesus with His people.  His ability to hold the huge beam on His shoulder continuously as He prayed really got my attention. (Luke 9:23, KJV). He was very strong to be able to support that giant log as He prayed.  I do believe this was a picture of sorts, of Him when the soldiers forced Him to carry His own heavy, rugged cross. Jesus does not literally walk around in eternity carrying the cross. What the man meant was that the cross is and will forever be connected to Him.

The third little room with Jewish men, women, and children praying, represents that Jewish families are turning to Christ as their Messiah even now.  The man leading prayer and wearing the classic orthodox clothing symbolizes the stoutest of orthodoxy, which once stood for countless ages in ruthless rejection and scorn against Jesus while He was here on earth.

This man was the opposite of that time.  His loving, soft, kind demeanor and reception revealed the new nature after receiving the Messiah. His response of “Shalom to you in the name of Yeshua Ha Moshiach” revealed that in all three sequences beginning with the stadium, then the Jewish men praying with their Messiah while He held the beam of His cross, to entire Jewish families joined together, showed the Jewish nation in its completeness.

My Jewish mother recently received Jesus Christ as her Messiah. Her tearful longing to join them, clearly displays the beautiful relationship of the Jewish heart towards God and their relationship with Him within their culture. The sad thing to me was that the Church Body in its present form could not see that. They were completely oblivious to it.

Paul the Apostle says,There in neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:28, KJV).  This perfect description fits this dream in a triple sequence.

In closing, I strongly sense that this IS the end of the Church Age as we know it. Something enormous is soon to come and it is right around the corner. I emphatically believe that now is the greatest harvest the earth has ever seen.

Brook ArdoinExcerpt from Brook Ardoin

After speaking with Joanie this evening, it is with great privilege she has asked me to summarize the overall meaning and importance of this dream after sharing my thoughts with her. As an editor, because I have to review the material of the team repeatedly, many times the Lord will take me deeper into their work and show me things that the reader may overlook by reading it just once.

I have stressed many times that I feel this is one of the most important messages of any article published to date. Overall, this is grim reminder of what the Gentile Church ONCE was, but is no more. For it was the Gentiles who took up the torch, ran the race, and fearlessly took the message of Jesus as Messiah out to all nations and tongues. Above His very own people, Jesus could count on us to declare Him as Lord and Messiah to all the earth. The Gentiles rose to the occasion, keeping alive the truths spoken by the first disciples from generation to generation.

This is a message to the present Gentile Church that it has become unmindful, complacent, and oblivious to the hour at hand. In essence, we have dropped the torch, which once burned so bright within the Gentile Believer. We have stopped short of the finish line, and focus on SELF, and the meaningless affairs of this world have muted out our once loud cry of “Jesus is Lord.”

This is a sobering depiction of what the Gentiles have become in comparison to what we once were. Where we have fallen short, the Jews are right NOW rising to the occasion. They have essentially picked up the torch where we have failed, and are taking their rightful positions in declaring Jesus as Messiah and King. Where our branches were once green and ripe with fruit, we are now withered away and all but dead. He is once again grafting His chosen people into the Vine. Jesus said this would HAPPEN! Hallelujah! This tells me we are closer than ever to His return.

The symbolism in this dream should be a huge wake up call. God help us. May we get back into the race and take our positions as adopted heirs to the Throne. Praise be to God for the rising of the Jews! However, we should be right along with them at the finish line, marching through with robes of righteousness. Let us make the decision to be part of this great harvest. None will want to be left behind.

Brook Ardoin