“My people that will be key in My harvest are not in the public eye” – Prophetic Dreams And Words To Joanie and Jon Stahl


Joanie-StahlJoanie Stahl
Word From the Lord 9/5/2016

This is what I began writing on my own as I was listening to the Lord:

I can feel something is about to take place. A major life changing event. One that requires immediate, personal preparation. Be on the look out. I can sense a call, but not for myself, but for all Believers to arise up suddenly. They will arise up suddenly at once. Only those that have ears to hear are hearing the same. They are knowing the same thing. They will not rise up of their own accord but they will arise up on My accord, when I do it in them. Like when the Israelites in the desert did when they heard the sound, the certain sound of the trumpet. There was no mistaking.

I keep hearing “keep yourself clean, pure, and keep the watch. Do not set any wicked thing before your eyes.

Only the ready will be ready and rise up suddenly. I can feel it, and it’s gaining strength. The way has been long but worth it.

The Lord:

My people have reached exhausted levels. It is purification time. It is time to wash, bathe, clean your temples from within.

What will happen will happen very fast and without any warning. It will take everyone by surprise. Many faces will be shocked. The faces of millions will become pale from shock. The shock will be so great they will not be able to come out of it for a long time.

But My people will arrive safely on shores of home. Safely upon the Mount. I see many regrets passing upon the hearts of many of My people, but where you are going, regret does not exist. I am preparing you in areas you are not able to prepare yourselves.

I am separating the sheep and the cattle. The brown, speckled and ringstraked from the white and blemish free. It is only Me that can do it. I am doing it now last minute. I will do it the last minutes before the complete and final hour because it is the last and final hour. My people will feel it in their hearts. They will know the time. It will be Me doing it within them. Those that know Me will know the difference.

I was receiving a waking vision as the Lord spoke to me and this is what I saw:

As the Lord was speaking I had a waking vision. I saw myself standing on a cliff overlooking a vast valley. Spread along the entire valley as far as I could see were white tents. On the outside of every tent were people taking down their tents and rolling them up.

I then heard the Lord say to me, “It is time to begin taking down your tents and roll them up and prepare.”

Back to the word…..

Those that do not know Me will not be aware of it the way those that know Me will. Those that do know me will know it beyond any shadow of doubt. I need them to know it this way. Those they live with, or near to, will not be able to know it like them (the saved). yet, they will confess that they know something is happening. All flesh will sense it.

This separating will not be visible to those that do not know Me because it will be from within each person, in the spirit. Yet the wicked and the unsaved will see a change and not be able to explain it.

Those that have been hearing the warnings and call to prepare for a very long time will not do so. Even those that remotely sense it from within pass it off as nothing to be concerned about.

They expect Me to do everything for them, even preparing for them where they should be doing it themselves. “The Bride makes herself ready,” not the Bridegroom.
They refuse to do their part.

In fact, that is how they have chosen to live their entire lives in Me, then finally at the end they are far from any ability to prepare for the final moments because they never spent any time preparing at all.

Because of the suddenness, severity and shock, they will all be fully consumed with horror in a moments time. A horror so real, so stark and great they will be paralyzed much the same way as Lot’s wife.

They will grieve.

They will mourn.

I am coming to take back what belongs to Me. Who belongs to Me.

Now the Lord is directing this to the wicked of this world:

I have left them (the Righteous) here for the benefit of you (the lost world). But I will not leave them here much longer, not much more for your benefit. For you see, whether or not you believe it, this world benefits from my loved one’s being among you, though they are like sheep constantly surrounded by venomous snakes, ravenous wolves, thieves and murderers who would gladly take away their lives in a moment if I let them.

Their time to do so will be soon. It is soon. It will not be prolonged. Even the least among My sheep, even the smallest, the weakest saints among the wicked people of this world benefit from the existence of the righteous woven among them.

The judgment of the wicked is prolonged because of the righteous that live among them. They (the Saved), take your cursing, mocking, ridicule and blasphemy because of My mercy for you. Because I died as much for you as I did for them (the saved). But they will be your judges on that Day and you will remember them, you will remember everything, and even their prayers will be brought up before you as your accusers, and none will be able to stand.

The rotten stench of this world has risen up before Me and I can not stand it. Not much more can be done. I am near and you will know it., either you who are wicked and you who are righteous.

Many ask why and how I can watch in silence at the wicked and most perverse things in the earth and not rise up at once and devour those who violently rage against Me. It is because I wait. I wait because there are many wicked among the righteous that will come in all at once towards the very end right before I severe the wicked from the righteous.

The light of this world will be snuffed out like the flame of a candle that has almost now wax left.

When I do this, even many of the most wicked will know I have done this. That is was Me that did it though they cursed and blasphemed Me through the years. They knew Me all along and they will know it is Me more than those who served Me with their mouths.

And it will be the horror of many of those that believed they were saved and were not, much more than the most wicked who will be saved after all. Those that will come to Me after sudden destruction will not be those who professed Me with their mouths and cursed inwardly, but those that cursed Me with their mouths outwardly only to confess Me inwardly as Savior and Lord.

This will cause those that took their so-called righteousness for granted and flaunted it before the unrighteous, to gnash their teeth at the wicked who will come to Me for their salvation.

The righteousness of the wicked will torment the so-called righteous and drive them further away than the wicked were in their worst wickedness.

The so-called righteous will curse Me more than the new found last-minute, grateful, new believer that were Satan’s Masterpieces of hell.

Once the door is shut, for it is almost surely shut, the inhabitants of this world will furiously beat upon My door much the same way they did upon the door of the Ark. But I will not listen to them even though they will howl and cut themselves.. The silence they will be met with will torment them more than the blasting noise of hell that will never end.

Part 2

Hi everyone,

While I was on the cruise, as you may or may not know, is when I received that word of the Lord I have sent to you yesterday. I received another word the next day. Here it is. As always, I wrote down what I heard. It is always difficult in many ways, but I do my best.

What you will read will be part of my journal, part of what I was hearing from the Lord. I will designate it as it goes.

Part of my personal journal

I keep seeing that part in the 2 Kings 17:1-7 where Elijah the Tishbite dwelt by the river Cherith where God fed him every morning by the ravens who brought him bread and meat in the morning and in the evening, and he drank from the brook. I keep seeing it. The waters are drying up, the bread and the meat in the morning and evening is no longer, will no longer be coming. It is not coming back.

I keep getting this strong sense of knowing that we will be gone and forever home with the Lord.

Today, as I walked about on the deck as I looked out at the mountains in their greatness and the icy cold waters softly flowing by, that it is a gift of God, something to see last of all. I hear my thoughts, these thoughts and yet I am not troubled at all.

I see us as God’s people by the draining rivers Elijah camped by. There is now a famine in the land. A famine of magnitude proportions. And I hear this word spoken in my mind,

“Behold, the days are coming says the Lord God, That I will send a famine on the land, Not a famine of bread, Nor a thirst of water, But of hearing the words of the Lord. They shall wander from sea to sea, And from north to east, They shall run to an fro seeking the word of the Lord.
But shall not find it.” Amos 8:11-12. (KJV).

And I wonder if I am the only one or are there others like me?



A Dream

I dreamed last night that someone came to me and began to sing and worship the Lord. Then I saw more and more surround me, all singing. They were from heaven. In fact, it was as if all heaven descended down upon me, encapsulating me on every side. The power of heaven was so powerful. Nothing like even the most anointed earthly worship I have ever experienced. My whole being was flowing with power of the endless life.

Though I was so grateful, I then became sad because I had no idea how really starved I was for the anointed sound. I feel that very soon we are going to experience what we have all been waiting for. Heaven is drawing nearer and is now surrounding us all.

Word from the Lord

“Do not look any longer upon this world as your home. It never has been. There is now an entering in. A great door is opening in heaven, and it is not for the faint of heart, or the weak, but for those whose hearts have been brave, strong and bold. Who have satisfied their souls in Me and kept in My constant shadow.

The light of this world is is shutting off as quickly as if one put their fingers to a switch to shut it off. It will never be light again. Only a thick darkness, lamentations and woes.”

Another part from personal my personal journal

There is, as I can deeply feel it, a getting ready to go. It never leaves me. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in this cabin the day I got here. I knew He would speak to me. Though not 100%. The greater part felt so.

Word from the Lord

“The meek are ripe and ready, the meek are soon to be rewarded in Me, “the harpers are harping,” throngs are coming in with exceeding great joy and singing with crowns upon their heads.”

“Those of you who have waited so long for Me will not be waiting much longer. I am the sound of the rushing might wind, rushing to get My Bride. Can you hear the sound of My wings? (angelic host). Behold, I come!”


My husband Jon’s dream on 9/8/16. (In his own words).

Last night, Jon dreamed he was standing in a big open field. He saw in the near distance an army of children. Among the army of children was an ancient looking man described as an Abraham type figure, old and full of days.

Jon drew near to see. He said that all the children were wearing white robes and that each of them were coming to this man to receive an anointing one by one. The man would lay his hands on each child and they would fall to forward upon the ground under this anointing.

Jon described the children as being ‘brand new, fresh, and just so brand new.’ I asked if that meant being born again, but he just kept saying, “I don’t know, they were just brand new.”

Then Jon said that there were two children with him and he wanted to bring them to where the army of children were and to the man.

When he walked up he the little children that were with him sent over to the man, who laid his hands on them, and they also fell upon the ground under that anointing. Jon said, he did not stop walking when he brought the children to the man, but just kept walking as if to just go on.

Jon also mentioned that he had regular clothing on but was wearing white robes over his clothing.

When he was about to pass by the man, he reached out to touch Jon and when he did, Jon fell down upon the ground like all the children. He said that the anointing was so powerful, he just fell down on the ground.

Word from the Lord 9/12/16

The time of this empire is over. As with all the other empires of this rotten, filthy world. “A great crashing will be heard from the hills.”

“The earth is now ripe for both harvest and judgment. The harvest of nations of peoples.”

“A swift judgment will fall. I am coming.”

“The harvest is truly great and the laborers are few. But right now I am raising up many who I will use to gather as many to Me as possible. Be careful. Do not look for them as Samuel did to David’s brothers. Those that will appear to be those I have chosen are not the one’s you will think.

Those I have chosen and raising up are My mightiest workers who will not do so out in the open. That has never been their practice and that is what makes them mighty. They will be like Nehemiah who went out at night to spy out the destruction of the wall and the Temple.

My people that will be key in My harvest are not in the public eye. They do nothing at all for eye service and answer only to Me. They have many years in Me. and they are very mighty. They are few in number, but have power by Me to bring down kingdoms, and the hosts of mighty kingdoms. When I give the word, not only one or two of them will know it, but they will all know it from the least unto the greatest.

The glory of the kingdoms are fallen and will no more rise up again forever. I have decreased the power of the rulers of the nations. I have taken away, removed their crowns, I am diminishing every attempt on their part to re-exert government authority.

The peoples of these nations are and will shortly rise up as a destruction against their own rulers. They will turn their own nations upside down. Rulers of nations will turn and run in fear from their own people. Their hands will be stripped of power. Their power will rot.

The rulers that will not fear and turn and run are those who have already made an agreement with hell. But their rule and reign will be short lived. And because the very little that Satan can use them due to there being only a short time, will infuriate him and he will destroy them and turn their countries into a wilderness.