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096- Nathan Leal – Part 1- NAR Deception & America’s False Reprieve

Episode 096. Nathan Leal joins Tony on the A Minute To Midnite Show for part one of a two part series.

In this first installment he brings out information that should really challenge the theology of the Christians who believe that America is under a reprieve from judgement because Donald Trump is in office. This so-called reprieve is being loudly touted by many evangelical Christians.

Leal examines the roots of this belief, and lays out in the open what he believes to be the truth in this situation. What he uncovers paints a very different picture from what the evangelicals have been prophesying.

Much of the Christian church lays under an enormous deception.

This episode lays the groundwork for some mind boggling revelations that are to follow in part two of the series.

Tony Koretz Brook Johnson Ardoin Joanie Stahl Donna A Leal Nathan Leal This is part one of a two part series just out.
Brook Johnson Ardoin Great work Nathan Leal! I know you spent HOURS upon HOURS in this research! We appreciate all your time & effort to speak truth.
Dagnet T Johnson What is NAR?
Lana Dixon New Apostolic reformation. Its a movement that stems from Charismatic Christianity. Interesting subject to study.
Tony Koretz Lana Dixon …….We totally believe that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are important for today. That includes the prophetic. But the New Apostolic Reformation has distorted the truth of these gifts.
Lana Dixon Very true Tony. The thing that is alarming to me is that their church body are not suppose to question the “prophets” or “apostles”. I have also noticed that the gifting that the NAR is talking about is self focused. Anything that is self focused or self-centered is not of God. This bunch are very tricky!
Brook Johnson Ardoin Be open minded Dagnet T Johnson!!!! Trust me, the SECOND installment of this WILL blow your mind. Part one is an overview mainly that will LEAD INTO the findings on show #2……
Tony Koretz Wait till you hear part two. That’s where it really gets interesting!
Maryann Roberts Thanks Tony Koretz for interviewing Nathan Leal he always has a timely word for the body of Christ and detailed research to share.
Carl Berryman I also concur with what Nathan is saying about the current Christian mainstream. The more you dig into it, the more you realise they are all false prophets and wolves in sheep’s clothing. Too much masonic influence. Just as per Matt 24. Great delusion See More
Melissa Cowan Excellent show Tony Koretz and Nathan Leal – I admit it alarmed me Nathan and I have wanted to believe that we are in a reprieve as many do I am sure. I never thought that we weren’t in the end times but I guess being rid of Obama I just wanted to have something positive for America.. Again good show and will definitely be watching more carefully – Looking forward to Part 2
Marty Paxton Sinquefield Thank you Nathan, for calling out the names of false prophets. I wish all watchman would do that.
Joseph Falzone Maybe Nathan could list his IP address.
Brook Johnson Ardoin WAIT UNTIL PART TWO GUYS. That’s the show with the info the Lord revealed that thus far Nathan and I haven’t SEEN ANYONE reveal anywhere thus far. Mind blowing and IN OUR FACES. Many will be blown away @ the NON-coincidental FINDINGS along with all the IMAGES Natan will be putting in the show notes for everyone to be able to LOOK at & follow ALONG with the findings that the Lord guided him to SEE.


Episode 097 of the A Minute to Midnite show is one of the most explosive and astounding shows we have ever done. Nathan Leal joins Tony and reveals some startling facts about Trump Tower, and it’s links to Freemasonry, dualism and Baal worship. If you consider yourself to be awakened seeker of the truth, then you absolutely need to hear the contents of this interview. It should seriously get you questioning who Donald Trump truly is, what his role in the Biblical End Times may be.
Important images associated with the discussion are included in the video, and are also found on Nathan’s website at Watchmans Cry | A Herald to Prepare.

You do not want to miss hearing this information!

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