Belsen Concentration Camp.

Through the gates of hell: Horror of Belsen is captured in never-before-seen photos taken by British troops as they liberated infamous death camp 70 years ago.

British Reverend Charles Martin King Parsons was one of a handful of chaplains to enter Bergen-Belsen camp. Captured these images, but never told family about them until they were discovered by grandson Tom Marshall. Mr Marshall said he is proud of his grandfather for making sure future generation can never forget what happened

Shortly after the camp was liberated by British and Canadian troops in 1945, it was torched, and at least part of that suffering was destroyed forever as the buildings, along with the Reichskriegs flag and Hitler portrait which adorned them, were consumed by flames. These hellish images, which were taken by British Reverend Charles Martin King Parsons, captured that poignant moment in history for future generations to remember.

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Herta Bothe was a Concentration Camp Guard at Bergen Belsen. She was born in Teterow in 1921. A tall athletic woman, she brutalized prisoners with her pistol. Herta was released from prison in 1951 in a act of leniency by the British government.

The Most Evil Women In History-Ilse Koch

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