Nuclear Bomb in the United States- A Prophetic Dream Given To Jan Meador


Dream of a Nuclear bomb detonated near my home. I awoke from the following dream at 2A.M. May 23, 2007

I dreamed that I was in my in-laws old house that is located a few yards west of my home.  There were about 6-8 other adults there.  In the dream I felt that I knew these people even though in reality none of them looked familiar.  I tried to tell them what was about to happen and why.  I knew there was a threat of a nuclear attack on America.  The Lord had revealed to me that it was going to happen and it was TIME for it to happen, and I was waiting and watching for it to happen.  We were discussing where it might actually hit, and I said something about it hitting north Laurel (my hometown about 4 miles east of my home).  North Laurel would be NE of my home. I was not fearful, but watchful and sensed I was there to help the others through this.  I sensed that these people really had no idea what they should do.  I didn’t know either, but I knew I had to stay alert and let the Lord guide.

Suddenly, inside the house began to darken as if the sun was quickly going down and I knew this had to be it.  Quickly, before it got completely dark in the house,  I walked out the carport door on the south side of the house.  I stepped into the yard and walked to the edge of the back of the house and was facing east.  I  looked up in the sky and there it was–the mushroom cloud.  We had not felt the blast yet. The cloud looked to be a couple of miles east of us toward town.  The mushroom cloud was still forming–rising upward as if it had just gone off and was blocking the sun.  It was much closer to us than what I had thought, and I was amazed that as close as the cloud was, that we felt nothing from the blast.  I remembered thinking that was how it could be if the bomb was not so big, but it would still put out a large amount of smoke and contamination.

There was a strong wind from the south and I could see the cloud moving.  A large portion of the cloud had quickly come down to the ground.  It went from looking like a mushroom to looking like an elongated dark cloud from just above the ground and upward into the sky above.   I  turned and walked back to go into the house and tell the others. At this point, once the initial mushroom had come down as it had, the sky became lighter.   As I turned and walked back across the carport, I saw a woman standing near the door.   I was very surprised to see her.  She was someone I  had attended school with some forty years earlier.  I could not remember her name, but I would never forget her face.  She was very timid and not someone I was close friends with, so seeing her standing there was very strange.  I was never deliberately rude to classmates, but when I saw her I wondered if I had ever treated her unkind or that she felt shunned because she was not in my circle of friends.  I wanted to ask and apologize if I had,  but as I  reached her I just smiled and said hello.   I  assumed she was coming inside and I had to get inside and warn the others.  I walked into the house and straight to the back door that faced east.  I opened it and stood there looking at the cloud–wondering if it was going to come toward the house.  It was so close and it wouldn’t have far to come to get right on us, but it appeared that the cloud was drifting quickly to the North.

As I stood there looking out the back door, I saw people in the field several yards behind the house.  I realized  they had been caught out there when the bomb went off.  These two guys, a black guy and a white guy, were tangled up in debris from the blast and one was helping the other to safety by coming into the house.  As they reached the back door, I helped them inside.  I had them wait about going into where the others were because of the contamination.  I had them go into the bathroom that was in the back part of the house so they could strip down and get in the shower to wash off the radioactive contamination from their bodies.  I realized at this point, that because I had helped rescue them to safety, I too had been contaminated by coming in contact with them.  But, I was not fearful.  I was okay with it.  I remember thinking that it was okay because I was ready to die.  I knew that my dying would be my promotion to be with my Lord Jesus Christ.  So, I wasn’t really afraid of it.  Then, because I knew I had been contaminated with a pretty strong dose of radiation, I immediately began to feel a little sick to my stomach and wondered if what I was feeling was real or imagined.  I wondered what it would be like to die from radiation, and figured it would be a pretty slow death.  I had such peace about it though, and I knew I had done what God had sent me there to do.


I live in a small Mississippi town–not a place one would think would be a target for detonating a nuke.  If this dream is literal, it would reveal that small town America could be targeted.  I have no other revelation from the Lord concerning this dream at this time.

UPDATE 12-16-2009

I was at a funeral today.  I was sitting in a pew near the center aisle and saw the classmate–the woman that was in this dream–for the first time in at least 40 years. Just as in the dream,  I couldn’t remember her name, but I don’t forget faces.   I watched her as she spoke to the family and came back up the aisle.  I hoped she would see me looking at her and recognize me, but she never looked my way.  I would have gotten up and spoken to her if I could have remembered her name.  At one point before the service started, I looked back to where she was seated and made eye contact with her and waved, but I could tell by her expression that she didn’t recognize who I was.  Seeing her made me think of this nuke dream and I wondered if God was trying to reveal that the time for the fulfillment of this was near.  Since I’ve had more than one dream about a nuke going off in the U.S., she is the one thing that is unique to this particular dream of a nuke going off near my home.  I had hoped to get to speak to her, but she left the building before I could reach her.   I came home and looked her up in my school yearbook and finally found her in my 9th grade class of 1966.  I saw her name and remembered–YES, it was Joyce Smith.  Though I graduated high school in 1969, this is the latest yearbook I could find her in.  So, as far as I know, it has been at least 43 years since I’ve seen her.  Another thing I noticed, this church that we were in is located in north Laurel–the area I felt like the nuke would go off in my dream.

I do not find it a “coincidence” that FOX News reported this morning that Iran had tested another long-range missile.  They named places such as Israel  and Europe and U.S. sites abroad that such a missile would reach.  Hearing this on the news and seeing her for the first time in all these years–bringing my nuke dream back to mind–really gave me reason to feel that the time was near for its fulfillment.

As I watched my dream of 9/10 come to pass the morning of 9/11, just after the second plane hit the WTC, the LORD spoke to me and said, “It’s not over.” (Of which I knew He was speaking of the events of the day) “This is just the beginning.” (I knew He was speaking of future attacks.)
Since 9/11/2001, the LORD has given me 3 visions of the attack on the WTC and I knew another such attack was coming.
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