Only A Handful Of People Will Come Out Of Florida Alive – God’s Judgment On Florida – A Prophetic Word To John W Johnson

John W. Johnston

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Judgment of Individual States such as Florida

The Lord came to me early one morning in July 1995. He spoke and said, “John, I am getting ready to start executing my judgment upon the United States of America. Because the people of the United States no longer acknowledge Me for the great abundance of grain and food with which I have blessed them. I am going to bring a famine to America. The famine will be so great that the women who had abortions will long to have their children as food.”

He also said, “Since America wants witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, divinations and New Age theology, along with astrology, then I am going to turn America over to her witchcraft that she wants so badly. Since Americans do not want Me any longer, then I will give them their hearts desire. They will choke to death on it!”

He then told me that since America would not repent, He was going to execute judgment on individual states in hopes that the others would repent. Florida has been chosen as one of the states to be used to set an example for the rest of the nation. Whether it comes first or last I do not know. God has shown me that He is going to strike Florida and only a handful of people are going to come out of that state alive. His judgment is going to be heavy on this state. Why He has chosen Florida I do not know.