Open Vision Translation Of The Holy Tabernacle In The Wilderness – John Paul Jackson

Notes From John Paul Jackson’s “What Dreams Mean” – Youtube

The late John Paul Jackson talks about his open vision-translation experience into the tabernacle of God that was originally in the wilderness.

Listening to John Paul describe this experience will give you an idea of what it may have been like to be in the inner sanctuary.

He discloses that this experience took place on three different occasions where he was out for his morning run.

Suddenly when he was running, God took him into a translation experience where he gazes on the original tabernacle and sees an angel who appears on his side and takes him for a tour.

Through the experience the angel tells John Paul the significance and spiritual meaning behind every single piece of furniture in the outer and inner parts of the sanctuary.

In the video teaching John Paul only discloses what a few of the pieces mean because it is not the main topic of the teaching.

(The graphics above are to give you a visual to accompany his description)

Here is what he does talk about:

The outer courtyard represents the kingdom Of God.  He describes that this area tells the message of why Yeshua died on the cross.  He describes this area containing the message of salvation.  He looks  the brazen altar and the angel tells him that that piece is actually the lake of fire. The laver is a piece that gives you a true look at your inner heart.

I want you to grasp something the importance of what you read in the Old Testament.

Let me give you an example.

When you take a look at the tabernacle of Moses, you’re going to find the outer courtyard. And that otter courtyard is the kingdom. It is representative of the kingdom. Inside that courtyard, at the west end of that courtyard.

We are on a hill, looking down into that tent. You can’t see in the tent, but you can see in the courtyard. That courtyard – there’s two, two pieces of furniture, there is a brazen altar.

Did you know the brazen altar is the lake of fire that you don’t have to go to because the sacrifice was paid for you?

The first thing you encounter when you walk into the tabernacle is a reality of eternal judgment. The Holy Spirit convicts you of sin, righteousness and judgment, the very first thing comes up there was an eternal judgment. Immediately, you should have gratitude, because you don’t go there. And the rest of the journey stems from that gratitude.

Come to the brazen alter, polished inside. Water inside, to wash yourself. And as you’re watching you get in touch with who you truly are, not who you present yourself to be.

Nobody can see inside the tent, you can’t see inside the tent from a mountain or hillside. It’s covered. That tent is the holy place -the mysteries of the kingdom.

The Holy of Holy  – …you know, relationship is the key. We can’t stop in the outer courtyard because all the great stuff is in the tent. Every mystery, the table of show bread, the frankincense, it comes from it. The Golden lamps, ……..

Tabernacle of Moses

Notes From John Paul Jackson’s “What Dreams Mean” – Youtube


Well, so I’m out jogging early in the morning,……….and somewhere along the way, I find myself no longer jogging. I’m standing on the hillside in the in the valley floor.

And I’m looking and there in front of me is the tabernacle of Moses… angel is standing beside me and he just kind of takes me by the arm and lets me know he he’s going to give me a tour.

So I go down and I take a tour and they take and I get to take a tour of the outer courtyard and then I’m taking next you know, I’m I’m jogging, I’m almost back to my house, sweating. And so I know I’ve finished my run, I just don’t remember finishing my run. I don’t remember being in the run.

………..And same thing I’m out jogging early one morning and boom. …. I’m right in front of the 5 golden pillars in front of the sanctuary.

(The brazen alter ) this is the lake of fire that you will never have to go to.

Because of what Jesus did for you.

He paid the price for you.

I’m in front of this the sanctuary and I got these five golden posts in front of me – He says you know what these are?

He goes, these are the five attributes of God.

You learned about what He did for you out there, You’ll learn who He is in here. (The inner court)

Whoa. So we lift the curtain. And we walk in,  it drops behind me. And I’m immediately into a dark room. That is only lit by the menorah on the left hand side.

And the light for the menorah is hitting a solid gold wall. There were panels but it was all gold. And if reflects off of this onto the gold paneled walls on my right side where the table of show bread is and the two stacks of Unleavened Bread are.  The jug of wine is and the instances of Frankincense is burning there. And the smoke from the Frankincense is burning here. And the smoke from the altar of incense directly in front of me has filled the room. And I realize there is no chimney in here. Because it was full of smoke.

But he began to tell me some things about each one of those pieces of furniture, and why they’re there, and the mysteries in them.

I’m waiting for him to pick the veil up and he won’t pick the veil and I start to pick the veil up…….I wait and I wait and I wait. And then it starts lifting on its own.

I realized the only way you get in is to bow, almost crawl.

The altar of incense is right at the height of the mouth of a man when he’s on his knees praying.

My goal is to simply say we have we have been offered so much more. And we’re content to stay in the outer court. But the mysteries of the kingdom are found in the sanctuary. That’s where true spirituality lies.