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There is a question from a former Christian who is now considering other religions because Christianity is too constricting. Being entangled in the world can make Christian righteousness a far reach for many people if they are looking “for a bit of good”. The problem for most people who turn to the bible is they cannot turn away at this worlds pleasures. They find them self torn because they want some of the world, but what the assurance of going to heaven as well. You cannot have both the cup of devils and of God. (1 Corinthians 10:21) You cannot go to nightclubs and enjoy feasting your eyes on beautiful women and go to church on Sunday. Many people are now turning towards doctrines that itch their ears, and tell them what they want to hear more than ever. Christians are turning to the prosperity gospel, and the false rapture theology and believe in the doctrines that hell doesn’t exist. The end times church is approving of homosexuality, and sex before marriage, abortion and that other religions can lead people to heaven. It is sad to see Christians who turn from the truth and follow witchcraft. We give you three reasons to run hard from witchcraft below.

The Original Question:

I’ve been a Christian for most of life, but now I find Christianity to be too restricting. I’ve been looking more towards spirituality than religion. I’ve been attemping to study Kabbalah,but I want to be open to other things.

I want to know more about Wicca, before I become a committed follower. I was mostly curious about the deities that are in Wicca. I tend to lean towards religions that are monotheistic.I wanted to know about the character of the deities and what the provide.

I also wanted to know the “commandments” of Wiccanism. Such as, are there physical places that are assigned as rewards or punishments in Wicca, such as Heaven and Hell in the Christian.

Oh, and also what role does tarot,numerology,astrology,dream interpretation,etc. play in Wicca.

Our Answer :

Being a Christian is knowing the truth. Let me explain why. Paganism, witchcraft, and vampirism is growing rapidly in every culture. Why? You may ask?

Simple, it is real* People get sucked into what Ouija boards and fortune tellers can say regarding their future. Often times, this is how it gets started. The bible has been tossed aside and thrown away in our culture.


Many people believe that “religion” is boring. To the most part, many Christians don’t work in the gifts of the spirit, and the church itself HAS NOT grabbed a hold of the power Jesus does give us. Jesus said we will do more miracles than himself, yet the church doesn’t see miracles. Many Christians are seeing the dead being raised, and people cured of cancer and aids, through the name of Jesus, but sadly the mainline church is more considered with the things of the world, that they don’t see miracles. They cannot heal through prayer and fasting, and miracles don’t happen for them, because their lives are not cleaned out.

In witchcraft, many people see a great deal of curses or spells happen, and they see it working immediately when they try it, so they get sucked in and involved. Children who follow Harry Potter are given the basic instructions on witchcraft in their books, and find out it works.  Today there is an explosion of tv shows that feature the paranormal realm, so it is no wonder there are so many people who flock towards it.

I want to give you three things to consider why you should run as fast as you can from these things.

1 – Demons Don’t Respect The Boundaries God Has Set.

A) If you research men who have had encounters with angels, you will see that #1 they do not give their names, as they do not want to be worshipped. (This is how Satan fell)  If a person steps over any sinful boundaries among Gods angels they leave. For example – A righteous man following after God who is put into a situation of temptation of lust would remove himself from it immediately. Angels of God do the same but to a higher degree. They WILL NOT defile themselves as they are holy. Demonic angels are the opposite. Demonic angels will push the boundaries every single time, looking out for the worst interest in the individual for the very intention of taking them down to the pit of hell.

For Example – Case in Point- The 18 year old Boy who dabbled with the Ouija Board. The demons through the Ouija Board told him what he wanted to hear. They encouraged him and gave him powers over an approximate time he used the board (a year or so)  Eventually it (the demons) asked for control over his voice.   He soon couldn’t control himself in public. He wasn’t able to talk without speaking out swear words. Could you imagine being paralyzed in your own body. Getting help would mean pain? This is what happens when you get deeply involved in the occult.

You may think to yourself, I am not that deep, it couldn’t happen to me…. Sadly, Satan is very smart and convincing. A friend of mine who cannot leave the snare of witchcraft cannot help getting her tea leaves read because she so desperately wants direction in her life. Who do you think is suggesting to her to get her tea leaves read? Satan will pull you right off the cliff as soon as you grab on to the rope the first time. Don’t kid yourself.

The Bible says, “And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve” (2 Corinthians 11:14-15).

2. Why IS It By Using The Name Yeshua Jesus That Demons Can Be Cast Out?

One of the worst lies out there are these three day long exorcisms. Sadly you see these things by the catholic church which is NOT Christianity. No, holding a cross is not going to scare away a demonic presence. God (YHWH) it very simple for the person WHO WANTS to be free to be SET free EASILY. First it takes the will of the person to WANT to be set free. Simply by saying…. “IN JESUS NAME, I COMMAND all demonic presence, or demons to leave my body,….I don’t want you here anymore, leave NOW! I pray to be filled with the holy spirit, Jesus come into my life

Here is a question to ponder ………….Why is it that DEMONS have to come under the authority of Jesus? Why is it that the name of other “Gods” (Buddha ect) don’t work when casting out demons? It kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Many be because there IS ONLY ONE True God.

Two powerful books I would highly suggest, that I have read personally are

A. Bill Schneobelen’s Book -Blood on the Doorposts. He achieved the highest degrees in Witchcraft, Masonry, Mormonism, and drugs. Bill Schnoebelen explains how deep he was in the occult, and how he found his way out in Christ Jesus. He discusses how Jesus was the only way out, as he tried many other things to get free of demons that held him in bondage daily. Here is a man who studied and was deeply involved in the occult and how he DIDN”T Find it fun after time. You can find some of his info on You tube for free as well. His book is excellent.

B. Stripes, Nails, Thorns and The Blood By Bree Keyton. This book is a mini encyclopedia that lists the ranks of demons, and how to identify them. She shows a person how to break strongholds, and how to recognize demonic activity. She gives a person a step-by-step deliverance outline of how to be free of demonic activity and how to maintain your healing & deliverance. Her book is an accredited college course. Here is a woman that has been translated speaking to crowds in south America while driving down the road in America. God uses her around the Globe to do great things. She is showing the power of Christ that we all can have.

3. The Bible Says If You Practice in Witchcraft You Will Cursed and More Importantly Burn in Hell.

Deuteronomy 18:11-12 says that anyone engaged in these practices is “detestable to God.”

The first thing you may say to yourself is …..”Well that point doesn’t apply to me, because I don’t believe in hell” Well, here again, it is NOT WHAT YOU BELIEVE, but what you can PROVE RIGHT?

If I were to say to someone, I think the world is flat, and that someone still shakes their head when someone tries to show me the evidence that it is round, they would honestly be very closed minded and the fool not to listen to the evidence.

This is what most people are like when it comes to the gospel. I can give someone (and will for you as well) a good 80 pages of point by point evidence that there is remarkable evidence for Jesus and Christianity. When it comes to other religions, most give the basic evidence such as “God can be seen in design” YET, for Christianity, there is very specific evidence that YWHW is the true and only God. So, are you going to be that same person who puts their fingers in their ears to the overwhelming evidence that the earth is round?

Hell exists, and thousands of people can testify to burning in hell as modern medicine has brought them back on the operating table.

You may say, as some use for the excuse – “it is just a cause of the brain miss-firing“. No, in fact there is evidence that proves through many patient-cases when the brain is dead, and there is no heart breathing or breathing that people are claiming with accuracy events that took place after they have been clinically dead.

You can see both of our blogs where we list the evidence.

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After Life Answers. Blogspot

If you dabble with Witchcraft you will be cursed. Deuteronomy 28 lists the blessings or curses that “WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND OVERTAKE YOU”. Do you want to curse your family line? Do you want to be the person always running into road blocks? Suffering from diseases and health problems? The curses are extensive, but so are the blessings. Where would you rather sit?

Finally, What is the evidence for Jesus?

1. The Bible WAS INSPIRED BY GOD. I would suggest that the King James Version is pretty much identical to the dead sea scrolls, while the modern translations have been corrupted. The bible unlike any other book has a remarkable amount evidence of History ,Science, Mathematics AND Medicine. DO you know of another book that has embedded Numeral Mathematics within the words, as well as THOUSANDS of Bible codes threaded within and throughout it? How can you possibly write a book (of 40 authors) that reads on the surface fluently, and has THOUSANDS of Modern Bible Codes, AND on top of that Multiple places of Mathematics present? I would ask you, does The Koran have this? Does the Satanic Bible have this? Who is the true God?

2. There are 2,000 prophecies that discuss past events which have come to pass (proven correct), future prophecies and 300 prophecies (ALL proven correct and detailed) on the implications about the life, INCLUDING the death, and resurrection of Jesus. No other religion has specific, repeated, and unfailing fulfillment of predictions many years in advance of contingent events over which the predictor had no control.

Buddha didn’t rise from the dead, nor did Confucius or Zoroaster. Muhammad didn’t fulfill detailed prophecy. Alexander the Great didn’t raise the dead or heal the sick. And though there is far less reliable information written about these “religious” leaders, they are believed in and followed by millions.

– The Messiah would have had 456 identifying characteristics. Jesus had them all.
– Professor Emeritus of Science at Westmont College, Peter Stoner, has calculated the probability of one man fulfilling the major prophecies made concerning the Messiah. Twelve different classes representing some 600-university students worked out the estimates. 1 in (10 157POWER) that one man could fulfill even 48 (F O U R T Y – e i g h t ) of these Old Testament prophecies. JUST REMEMBER THAT JESUS FULFILLED OVER 300!- American Scientific Affiliation Journal

3. AN EARTHQUAKE AND An Eclipse Happened while Jesus was dying on the cross. If he was truly God, like he said he was, wouldn’t you expect some supernatural miracles if he died? He could Jesus cause earthquakes to happen the moment he died? How could he make the sun not shine its light? You may say, “ah, whatever” Well, 13 Historical Sources from all around the world noted it DID take place. Not only that, but in the holy temple, the Curtain that separated Holy Place where GOD dwelled was torn in half the exact moment Jesus died.   The curtain was 60 feet in height, 30 feet in width and 4 inches thick

A Bonus for ALL JEWS out there.

4. The name of Jesus is embedded in The bible codes in some of the old testament prophecies.

Oh yes! The messiah you are waiting for has come and gone, and is returning. God shows us, it was JESUS! 74 CODES were found in Isaiah 52-53 for just one example listing Jesus, and all of his disciples.

““When we had Nathan Jacobi, Ph.D., examine each of these ELSs for possible extensions, his findings were highly improbable. While 4.0 extensions, consisting of a total of 16 letters, were expected by chance, Dr. Jacobi found 13 extensions, totaling 75 letters. The odds against finding this many extensions around eight initial ELSs are about one in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, or one out of a billion times a trillion.”

AND IT DOESN”T END THERE Folks…., The evidence is vast and perplexing.

Luke 11:9″So I say to you, ‘Ask, and what you ask for shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and the door shall be opened to you.’

Jeremiah 33:3 Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you know not.

Ask Jesus to show you what you don’t know.

You can walk in power, and light and holiness.

Follow the Truth. Jesus would never lie to you. Walk in truth.

“Jesus, forgive me for my sins, ……come into my life, and change me to be the man and woman you want me to become. I thank you for dyeing on the cross and taking the hell for me. Open my eyes, and guide me to live for you” Amen.

ONLY Christianity allows you to go to heaven just by a prayer. God makes it easy for you to have a relationship with him. Every other religion makes you jump hoops to get to heaven, while the bible says if you BELIEVE, and proclaim him, you can have eternal life this moment.

Turn away from all things ungodly, and walk the narrow road my friends

See you in heaven. *Meranda

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