“Prepare For A Major Earthquake (9+) ” Randy McKee Prophetic Word On A Coming Earthquake Connected To Israels Land Divide

This prophetic snippet was taken from WPA Apostolic Prophetic

May 1, 2003

“I believe it was late September of last year the Lord spoke to me clearly and said to prepare for a major earthquake (9+). Because of my background, well my normal precautions are what most people would call extreme. So I shifted into what I refer to as preparing for a “High Stress” environment. I am very cautious of doing this as I was literally groomed from a child for those types of situations, and I am at home in places that others find distasteful. So I say this to make it clear that I understood it was the Lord speaking.

The next day I heard a news announcement that the US was preparing what is now called the “Road Map for Peace”, and it was our intent to impose it on Israel.

I then immediately knew in my spirit why the earthquake. And God immediately spoke to me and said “If you as a nation seek to split my Israel and deny Me part of it; I in turn will split your nation and deny you part of yours!””