Prophet Rebukes An Entire Church In Prophetic Word That Not One Person Was Ready For Yeshua’s Return -Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Can you imagine someone delivering a prophetic word in which it was stated you were not prepared to meet the Lord?  Ouch!

That is what one whole church faced when prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj spoke at their church in the mid 1990’s.  It was such a memorable experience that Prophet Sadhu shared this memory in his latest speaking tour in the United States this July.

In Session 1 ( starting at 2:51:25 ) he reveals a prophetic word that nobody wants to hear. – You are not ready to see Yeshua.

He begins talking about a speaking engagement in the 1990’s where he was a guest at a church in New Mexico.  He found himself caught up in the beautiful worship of the church.  He began thinking about how the worship was anointed.  In that moment Yeshua revealed to him that not one person in their church was ready to meet Him. After the word was given to him, he then was instructed to tell the church the prophetic word before he delivered his sermon.  Needless to say, it left everyone speechless.

The ministry team took Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj out for lunch after the meeting, and one of the pastors asked Sadhu if she happened to be apart of the group that wasn’t prepared.    Sadly she understood that she wasn’t prepared either.

Following that testimony he talked about a heavily anointed pastor in China who towards the end of his life who got a wake up call from the Holy Spirit that he wasn’t as clean as he thought.

The Holy Spirit revealed to him that he was a thief in prayer.  Sadhu commented that this man carried the anointing when he spoke in front of crowds.  It was clearly evident that when this man spoke, the ground he was standing on would be chard black.  The wood under his feet would burn.

Even a man like that is sinful.  In prayer the Holy Spirit revealed to him that he stole 5 cents from another pastor that he was supposed to repay. Not 500 dollars, but 5 cents of no value – but to the Lord.

Because of not repaying his promise the Holy Spirit called him a thief.

Sadhu reminds us that the ways of God are not our ways.  There is a Holiness with our God that we don’t understand.  Even though this man stood upright, and lived a holy lifestyle, he still fell short, and wasn’t aware of it.  We need to be asking forgiveness in every way, knowingly and unknowingly.  Listen to that at 2:56:26  

Notes from the video:

“People are not ready. You may claim that you are ready to meet the Lord your God. But you are not ready.   In 1992 I administered at a highly spirit filled Pentecostal Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I’ve never seen a church with such an anointed worship like that church.

Every one of them were Hispanics, and the worship the Lord very powerfully, very beautifully……I myself was lost in the worship. I thought in my heart, How wonderful all these worship. ….. I put in my heart, What a wonderful worship team. As I was pondering with this, The word of the Lord came on to me.

He said:

When you go up to preach, before you begin your message, Tell them that if I come right now, not a single one, this church is ready to meet me.

I was shocked.

Here was anointed, best worshipers, wonderful musicians. And yet the Lord say none of them are ready to meet me. So I deliver the word. As soon as I David, there was in silence. And after the message, the service and not a single person came up to me for prayer.

Understandable, you know,…..  And the pastor, together with some of the church leaders took me out for lunch. So they went to a very nice American restaurant, and everybody sat in different tables. The pastor came and sat beside me, she was a wonderful East Indian lady pastor. She held up the menu – a huge menu, like the book of life. She held up the menu right before my face, so that nobody else sees what we’re talking. The pastor went through the menu one by one. And as she was explained, one by one, at the same time, she whispered in my ears, said …….if the Lord Jesus came, none of the members are ready. What about me?

So I didn’t understand why the pastor put up the menu so high. So I asked the pastor a question.

Where were you? When I delivered the word?

She said, I was just right before you.

I told her that includes you.

Doesn’t matter whether your pastor whoever you are. The heart attitude is what the Lord God sees how you are, what you are.