Prophetic Dream Reveals A Russian Attack On America With No Aid, Wealth Transfer Takes Place

Michele Burdo

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A couple of days ago, a friend of mine was communing with the Lord. He said the Lord spoke to him and told him that America would be attacked (Russia) and it would be so sudden that no one would come to our aid and our military would not have time to help its own country.

The Lord also told him the wealth transfer was going to take place before this occurred. He said we would do great works in His Name and we would be given the choice to stay here or leave, but if we stayed, it would be very hard. We could leave this country and live elsewhere in peace and we would do works in His Name elsewhere.

Then he had an open vision and saw himself a little older with other men defending the country all together here in America. I asked him how they were dressed and he said they were not military people, just people who loved this country. Some had blue jeans, some were dressed in camouflage and they had a mismatch bunch of guns and weapons, a rag tag army.

After he told me this he became weepy and said,”God has called me to be a warrior and he has called me to fight.”

I reassured him it is of the utmost calling for us to follow and obey the Lord and in due time God would show us what we are to do and where to go.

In a dream about four or five years ago, he saw Russian troops rolling down his street. The soldiers were going up to the doors of homes and dragging people into the streets. In another dream, he saw Russian paratroopers landing on the ground near his house in the middle of the night. They disengaged their parachutes, ran down a hill and disappeared into the darkness. He also saw in the darkness a red blinking beacon that had been left on the ground by the paratroopers.