Prophetic Word Gives Instructions Of How To Lead People To Christ Within 3- 5 Minutes

( This comment was left by Diana on facebook in response to Marty Breeden’s dream of people frantically trying to share the gospel within a small period of time.  I thought this was a powerful tool to know and share with others )

Diana Perkovich says- Marty- This confirms what God told me years ago. I was flying with husband on business. God asked me “If this plane was going down, could you lead people to me within 3-5 minutes?”

This happened several times. I asked God “Am I going to die in a plane crash?”
What do you want me to do?

He told me people dying would be all over and I would only have short time to lead them to him.

I then made index 3×5 called Spiritual 911
2 verses showing they are lost.
2 verses point to Christ for Salvation
1 verse Eternal security
I am a Bible Teacher and have taught women this tool for years.