“Remain vigilant O Israel, for your enemies plot your destruction” – A Prophetic Word To Sister Barbara

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“Today is December 7th of 2017. I got this word while I was raking leaves and He said He set for seventh or 2017 . I actually was starting to get it last night a little bit but well this morning at 4:00 in the morning but I got it off today okay anyway here we go:

Daniel, Come Hither. I have surrounded you in My glory. What do you see? I see the wind. My Spirit travels to and fro, on this wind. It seeks the obedient. It removes the oppressor. This is the season of change. This change begets more change.

This is the time of the Harvest. That which is not picked, shall wither on the vine. Look to the east, for even now the embers of war smolder. Remain vigilant O Israel, for your enemies plot your destruction. Promises made shall not be kept. Alliances made will be forgotten. Speak these words son of man, for My truth rests on your lips. For My judgment awaits your enemies.”

Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

The following is the transcript of his word was taken from James Bailey’s z3news.com

On 6 December 2011, at 12:45 PM, I was called by the Lord to come and meet him. This was during the conference that was going on. So I stole myself away from the conference and went to my room. As I entered into my room I saw two mighty angels standing there and they beckoned me to go to the balcony. They said, “The Lord is standing there. Go and meet him there.”

So I went to the balcony and I saw the Lord Jesus Christ standing very regally. And he beckoned me, “Come and stand beside Me.”

When I stood beside him he said, “Look at my beautiful city.”

So I looked around. From the hotel high-rise you can see the nice beautiful city. As I was watching, suddenly there was a huge explosion. A bomb dropped and a building exploded. Another bomb dropped and another building exploded. The whole city was gone up in smoke. Warplanes were flying here and there.

The Lord Jesus said, “My city will suffer the pain of war.”

Then the angels that were standing by said, “In the war Israel will put up a stiff fight amidst heavy losses. A political trap will be laid for the city to be captured. And Israel’s best friend will betray her.”

Then the son of perdition, her best friend, will come to offer peace, a land for peace deal. When this will be done, very soon, Daniel 9:27 will be fulfilled. It will be fulfilled in the war. Then the angels who were standing by said to me, “Even now the son of perdition is making plans with the beast for this to happen. The UN will gather the nations to force Israel to divide Jerusalem.”

When this word was spoken to me, and a vision I saw the Israeli Prime Minister desperately hoping and trusting that their best friend will stand by their side to help them. They will be so helpless. They will be in a cornered position not knowing what to do. They cannot stand up and declare that Jerusalem cannot be divided anymore. They will be so helpless. In the midst of their helplessness, their best friend comes with a political trap and the Israeli prime minister will trust their best friend and agree to their demand, not knowing it is a trap.

What will be the aftermath of dividing Jerusalem? It will be divided. Great earthquakes will take place in many places around the world, especially in the nations that will be involved in creating and conniving this plan to divide Jerusalem. It will be followed by great tidal waves of tsunamis coming to cause great devastation.

Sadhu then describes another encounter with an angel who told him more details about the consequences for America that were coming as a result of her betrayal of Israel.

Suddenly I saw an open vision right before my eyes. I saw a mighty angel with a long, drawn sword in his hand. And he stood before me speaking all of these words. Then he said, “This is what will happen to the best friend that will betray Israel and divide Jerusalem.”

When he spoke those words, I saw this map of the U.S. like in a three dimensional. It appeared right before my eyes beside the angel. And he took the sword and he pierced right into the heart of the U.S. and he cut it into two. He said, “Likewise will this nation be divided as Jerusalem will be divided.” He cut the land into two exactly in the center.

” She can be saved ” A Prophetic Dream That May Suggest War In Israel – Jessica Whidby

In December 2011 Maurice Sklar was given a prophecy about the coming war in Israel.

There is coming an all out war in the Middle East as the neighboring Arab nations will come against Israel with a sudden missile attack starting from the north with Hezbollah, Lebanon, and Syria. Other Arab nations will join. Israel will be hit from all sides at once and there will be deaths and partial destruction of settlements, smaller cities to the north, and some damage to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well. Israel will respond with great force, and limited nuclear weapons will release devastation upon the neighboring countries, particularly Lebanon, Damascus, which will be destroyed completely, and the rest of Syria as well as military strikes into Iran, Gaza, and even northern Egypt/Sinai region.

In September 2015 he was told that the blood moons were also a sign of the final restoration of Israel!

“I found the explanation of the blood red moons to be rather interesting “ moon signals the beginning of the final restoration of Israel

A counter attack where Israel is defending herself, causing massive destruction would lead to severe persecution of Jews and Christians causing many of them to flee back to Israel in re-captured land that was once Israels.

More of Maurice’s September 2015 Word:

Maurice Sklar Ministries
September 29, 2015

Dear Friends,

We have been here in Israel for over a week now and we have been having an amazing time with the Lord here. Here is the most recent Word I have received while here.

A Prophetic Word:

The LORD says, “War is coming against Israel! Just as I have clearly spoken in My Word, and just as I have confirmed through my holy servants the true Prophets, I will hold it back no longer. You say to Me, “What do all of these signs converging together this month mean? Many of My church are in fear, thinking only of doomsday and despair. Some leaders are trying to tell fortunes and predict days and times, thinking that I must do what they say when they predict it. Some are making millions of dollars by merchandising and sensationalizing these events to the point it is idolatry and distraction instead of sound prophetic ministry. I (the LORD) am far greater than your false prognosticators and charlatans. Do not follow after those deceivers – you must judge them and their ministries by their fruits and take everything you hear and judge it according to My Word.”

To My beloved Bride: Look and see the signs in the heavens and upon the earth. Notice them, but don’t focus on them! Keep your eyes on Me! I am the LORD, not the sun, moon, or stars. I am greater than any event that has or will come to shake the heavens and the earth. Many of My people are crying out to Me in prayer for clarity and guidance right now. So, I will answer you… I will explain to you a little bit of what is shortly to come to pass….So your heart will not be troubled…

I am announcing to the world through these four red moons these things:

1. The Times of the Gentiles are coming to an end. The end of Adam’s dominion time-lease upon earth is nearly over. The time of Jacobs’ Trouble: the Tribulation period is about to begin. BUT HE (JACOB) SHALL BE SAVED OUT OF IT. It is in this time that I will sovereignly cause all the Jews to return to their home, Eretz Israel. I will shake them out like a tablecloth that a lady would take outdoors and shake all the crumbs out of it by flapping it into the wind. But not one crumb will perish. All shall be returned. Many of my people are hidden in the nations that have descended from the 10 lost tribes. They are not “lost” to Me. I KNOW THEM ALL. They shall return, along with all the descendants of Judah and Levi. No man knows who or where they are, but I DO. The time has come when the rest of the family will come home to the land I promised them.

2. Satan knows that his time is short. War is coming to the Middle East. It will bring every nation into it before it is all over. Israel is my mousetrap, and Jerusalem is the cheese. Israel is also my anvil on which I will judge the nations. Prepare your hearts, for peace will be taken from the earth. For 70 years I gave the Western nations peace and prosperity after World War 2. That was because of what the United States did along with the Allied forces by defeating Nazi Germany and rescuing My people Israel from extermination, and then paving the way for Israel to be reborn as a nation in 1948.

3. Yesterday’s moon signals the beginning of the final restoration of Israel. No matter how hard the enemy attacks, he will be destroyed before Me. For I am standing UP now as the LORD of Hosts to fight for her. And when this is over, all her enemies will be dust under her feet. It will be bloody. It will be painful. It will be with great losses both to Israel and her enemies. But, for each Israeli Jewish person, their enemies will pay with 1,000 of their souls when they try to attack her. Beware! You CANNOT and WILL not succeed as Israel’s enemy.

4. The outcome in the coming battles and wars against Israel, I will restore more and more of the land to her that I promised to Abraham. Until finally, all that I promised will be theirs forever when I return to establish My Kingdom and rule from the throne of David in Jerusalem forever.

5. I am coming for My Bride, My faithful children who are waiting for Me in this Midnight Hour. But you say, “I have heard that for so long. And, oh, another prophet coming with the Rapture message. I am tired of hearing it. After all, I have heard it my whole life. So, is this yet another “boy crying wolf” prophecy?! I have been disappointed too many times.” But, Beloved, if I stretch out time to allow more souls to come to Me, and so I can bring more Bridal lamps to their full oil and light, does this offend you?! If it does, you are only thinking of yourself and not others that I have long patience for until all have come in. Then, the Shofar will sound! Do not lose your Blessed Hope for I am at the doors RIGHT NOW! Watch and Pray! Do not let disappointment and bitterness quench out your Hope. Remember, I CANNOT LIE! I AM COMING FOR YOU, MY DEARLY BELOVED BRIDE!

6. Do not get caught up in conspiracies and Internet social media nonsense. Think to yourself, ‘is this filling me with hope or fear?’ If your response to it is fear, then it is not what I am saying to you. The world will indeed experience the worst seven years of judgments and My Wrath. But, I have not appointed you to that, but to obtain eternal joy in My heavenly Kingdom, as it is written:

Luke 21:36: Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.


Revelation 22:20-21: 0 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.

God bless you from Jerusalem, Dear Ones!

Dr. Maurice H. Sklar

Patricia Green was also given a prophetic word about the blood moons. She was also given that they were a confirmation of the up coming war in Israel.

She went into prayer when she saw the 3 blood red moons reported by United For Awakening Videos, and the Holy Spirit revealed this to her:

“War child, Israel is headed for war.  I give signs in the heavens.  Islam has declared war on my Jewish people.  Israel will retaliate for this declaration of war.  Warn those nations who plan to war against Israel.  Be rest assured, no nation shall prevail against Israel.  I, the God, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will fight for my people”

When she heard this word, Patricia asked for a scripture to confirm the word, and then she was given Joel chapter 3.

TD Hale and Paul Begley AND Paul’s wife Heidi also saw Israel being attacked.

(TD Hale) Then he saw Israel under some sort of heavy attack. Pastor didn’t have any timeline but he heard “Rachel weeping for her children!”  He knew there would be some kind of attack. Paul Begley then describes his dream of Israel being attacked.  He received it right as Pentecost was being celebrated in Israel.  He received the dream in Israel.  Then Heidi Begley received a word when they were visiting the tomb of David.  As she went up to the tomb she heard the Lord say….”weep and mourn for the children of David, for the children will soon see great destruction” 

In the next vision TD Hale sees war in the Middle East and America being pulled into it.

TD Hale Stock Market Vision. The day of the vision Dec 26, he suddenly found himself standing in New York in front of the  brass brazen bull on Wall Street. Then before his eyes, this Bull came to life and looks at TD Hale with a threatening look.  He realizes the bull is furious and is going to attack.  As the bull sways back and forth and smoke and comes out of its nostrils, he decided to get out of the bulls way.  TD Hale turns quickly and the bull starts to charge against him, but instead of charging into him, the bull goes past him and into the front the stock market building. The bull runs at full force at the building, hits the front of the building, and the front of the building starts to crack into a million pieces.  The building starts to come down.

Feb 1st, after praying TD Hale received a word that Donald Trump will win the nomination and the presidency.

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