Remarkable Astronomy Calculations Discover September 11th “Trumpets” 3BC As Yeshua’s Possible Birth Day


Picture Credit – The lost constellation | Everything’sConnected

Going through some magazines today I found a very detailed pamphlet discussing Yeshua’s birth.  I only wish I knew who published the information.

See the attached PDF file for their detailed analysis.

Here are some quick notes I gathered from the information

  • Yeshua was conceived at Hannukah 4BC
  • Yeshua was born at Feast of Trumpets September 11th 3BC
  • A supernova star appeared in the skies and was visible from 125BC to 150 AD
  • Chinese reports refer to this star as corresponding to the time of Yeshua
  • Zoraster the Persian who was a student of Daniels predicted that when a star appears  referring to Numbers 24:17 it would notify the birth of a mysterious child who they would adore.
  • The constellation “Coma” means “desired” as in Haggai 2:7 “and the desire of all nations shall come”.  This constellation shows a virgin mother holding a baby boy on her lap.  The boys head is higher than the mothers showing the boy as the important one.

Additional Notes From Their Timeline- Gematria Gives The birth date

The value of the Hebrew letters for herayon, the word for pregnancy is 271. If used as days and added to 20th of ninth month, Kislev gives a birthdate of first Tishrei, 11th September 3 BC ” trumpets”

September 11th shows the sign of Revelation 12:1 feast of trumpets, Woman in travail, gives birth to a son with moon at her feet clothed with the Sun


The Timing Of Christ’s Birth – Author Unknown