“She was doing supernatural things that had the people convinced she was from God.” Lois Vogel Sharp’s Prophetic Dream


Lois Vogel SharpLois Vogel Sharp’s Prophetic Dream

Christians you need to be aware of this!  This Hinduism ritual is in the church today. You can reach me on face book Lois Vogel Sharp or go on line to our web site at kingofgloryonline.org.

In this dream I was standing from the side line watching. I could see a group of people who were sitting in sections on the ground with their families while they were watching a woman who was talking to them.

It was a casual outdoor setting as they sat on the grass all over the place. It reminded me of how it must have been when the people gathered around to listen to Jesus.

My eyes went to the woman who was dressed in a long flowing gown and she looked just like a sorceress woman. She had jewelry on and she had gifts in her hand that she was throwing out to the people as she walked back and forth with her enticing, seductive personality that was shooting from her very being. She was captivating the minds of everyone who was watching her. I knew she was a sorceress woman by the way she was dressed and she was talking to all of these people who had gathered around just to hear what she had to say.

I could not hear any of the conversation but I immediately knew she was beguiling them and enticing them by throwing them gifts and charming her way into their minds with her supernatural power of seduction. She was doing supernatural things that had the people convinced she was from God. I could see the people smiling and they seemed to be happy. They just sat in awe at this woman because she was showing them all of these supernatural wonders.

I did not see the wonders but I knew she was doing them and that was why they believed in her. They truly believed she was from God.

I immediately knew she was evil and was seducing them with her lies. I became angry at what she was doing and I knew I had the power of God to rebuke her. I could not take it that she was doing this to the children of God. I knew they were the children of God in this dream and it bothered me that she had convinced them she was from the Lord. It bothered me that they were feeling happy and seemed to be peaceful too and I could not understand how this could be when I knew she was from the devil and evil. Her plan was to captivate them and keep them from the truth with her signs and wonders and I knew this and they did not.

I felt in this dream that I had to stop her from doing this deception so I started to walk towards her to rebuke her in the name of Jesus. She turned towards me and we both stared at each other right in the eye. I could see her face as clear as could be. She had a stern look about her and evil came from within her being and I could feel it. She was not pretty but was attractive in appearance with her flowing gown and the confidence she seemed to have by her mannerisms. She seemed to be arrogant and with confidence she glared at me.

I felt this shooting from her and I thought to myself how confident she seemed when I was the one with the power of the Holy Spirit and who had the authority to rebuke her. I was a bit puzzled by this. I saw no fear from her but I knew she knew I was anointed and I wondered why she had no fear. Just as I was about to open my mouth to rebuke her she opened hers first and said, “ you can’t stop me.” She said it with assurance and confidence as if she knew she had the right to be there.

At that moment I also knew she had the right to be there and I was grieved in my heart. I was not sure why I was not allowed to stop her at this point and only found out years later the meaning of all this. She then snubbed up her nose at me and turned her head away from me and walked back towards the people and continued to entice then with her signs and wonders as I felt grief. I looked back at the people and began to yell to them. “you are believing a lie from the devil. This is not the true gospel and you are following this sorceress woman who is lying to you. I am preaching the true gospel,” I told them and they ignored me and continued to watch her. I was yelling as loud as I could and it was as if they could not even hear me. Nobody even turned to see what I was saying or doing. It truly was as if they did not hear me but their ears were completely open to this lying sorceress. I felt sick inside and frustrated and continued to yell as loud a I could so someone would hear that this woman was not the true gospel. That was the end of that part but the dream.

I then found myself walking through a building that had obviously been through some kind of an explosion or earthquake or bomb. There were missing walls and parts of the building were still in tact but others were not. The atmosphere was so depressing I could feel it. I was not alone I was with a remnant of people and I knew we were the true believers of Jesus. We were just a small remnant but we had the power of God as we walked through this place that seemed to be forsaken.

It felt as if God was not there and there were demons flying all over the place. They were flitting here and there and they looked like large black winged beings. It seemed like they were looking for someone to attack and they kept flying at us but just as they would get a few feet away from us they would quickly turn and fly the other way. I knew they had a desire to probe our minds but could not. The anointing of God was on all of us and they could not touch us. We all knew we had the power of the Holy Spirit.

I knew something bad had happened and that the state of mankind was not good but did not know what happened and did not like the feeling of devastation that I felt and deep sadness and it just felt plain creepy because there was no joy in this place. We did not see any people other than ourselves and the demons that seemed like they were hanging out where something had happened that was not good. I just woke up from this dream in the middle of the night and had no clue at that time what it meant at all. I was a fairly new Christian when I had this dream many years ago. I am talking about 30 years but can not honestly say accept it was a long time ago and I still remember it as if it just happened.

My husband had almost the exact same dream as I did before I ever met him with a sorceress woman throwing money at his feet. He also had the demons flitting all around trying to probe our minds but could not. The money represents the propensity gospel where you are told you will become wealthy if you give.

Kundalini In The Church

I realized what this dream meant a few years ago but has become clearer to me lately as the world is turning away from God. The born-again movement that believes in the power of the Holy Spirit has been sabotaged by the evil one. I know this because I am one of those who walk in the Spirit and have been for many years.

My name is Pastor Lois Vogel Sharp and I have been seeing my prophetic dream happening in many churches.

The sorceress in my dream represents the harlot in Revelation and that is false religion. Any religion that is contrary to the word of God is false and anti-Christ.

If you do not believe Jesus is the Son of God and the only way into heaven you are considered anti-Christ.

What has infiltrated the baptized in the Holy Spirit churches came in subtly and it hit the prosperity preachers mostly.


I am not sure accept that their doctrine is off scripture which allows for other deceptions to come in.

Kundalini In The Church

Prosperity is one of the tenets of Hinduism which means they believe in getting wealth. Obsessing over wealth like the prosperity preachers have done in contradiction to the true word opened the door. Their belief in this doctrine of give and get rich is just unscriptual and they made it the basis of their belief. This was the right the sorceress woman had to be doing what she was doing in my dream.

Hinduism accepts many God’s and Jesus is one of those they feel has the light.

What they do in their rituals and their rituals are not of the Lord is dance. The dance is the Nataraj symbol which represents the dancing for the Lord Shiva ( the destroyer). Many of the animals are sacred and they believe their relatives come back in animals so they dance up into a frenzy and they make animal sounds and shake uncontrollably.

Demons can control people from the outside when the door opens for them to do so.

These demons come with the repetitious speaking that the people do as a form of worship and putting them in a trance state which opens up for demonic attack. They mistook this Hinduism spiritual power as the Holy Spirit in their lack of knowledge.

This spirit came in at what was called the Toronto blessing in 1994 and has stayed with many people and churches because of their ignorance to this demonic attack. What happened was the supernatural realm began to influence the people who were desiring to see the Holy Spirit and His power.

They started to act drunk and make fools of themselves and never questioned where this influence was coming from. The drunken feeling made their flesh feel good and it was supernatural so they accepted it as the power of the Holy Spirit without any discernment. They took the scripture in Acts where it says that mockers were saying they were drunk when they received the Holy Spirit and decided that acting drunk was a good thing when in reality the word tells us not to be drunk but be sober. They also called Jesus a drunk in the word but did it mean he was acting drunk? No, it did not. They were mockers and were saying anything to come against God. Since these demons were satisfying their flesh they accepted it as having fun in the Spirit. What they forgot to look at was the many people who were screaming in anguish as they were being attacked by demons who were bruising their bodies and tormenting their souls.

They uncontrollably rolled all over the floor twitching and flinging their arms banging into things and acting like animals while they were doing this. Many were crawling on their knees acting like dogs and pigs while others were dancing like crazy people.

This is called the Kundalini spirit and it is what is done in Hinduism as they worship Jesus or any other God’s they may want to. Just because something is supernatural it does not mean it is from God and we must really be aware of this especially in these end times.

I have to give the warning as I did in my dream but it seemed nobody even heard what I said. I pray someone who may be involved in this will read this and recognize the difference between this Kundalini spirit and the true Holy Spirit who is self control and love and gentleness, not torment. Jesus came to set the captives free and to set at liberty those who have been bruised.

Why would he ever physically bruise us? That is abuse and the author of confusion.

In these end times we will hear of more and more bizarre behaviors of people because of demons trying to infiltrate the body of Christ. We must know Jesus and the Holy Spirit he gave us. The true Holy Spirit embraces us with comfort. What I have seen is not comfort.

When the children of God refuse to accept the truth and repent from these demonic things and refuse to learn the word of God, the Father will shake this world to try and wake up His people.

When you have to wake up a sleeping person what do you do? You gently speak to them so you do not startle them. If they will not wake up you speak a bit louder. The next thing is you touch them and move your hand on their body to shake them a bit so they will come out of their sleep. If they still will not respond the shaking gets stronger and louder until they might wake up feeling annoyed that you shook them. God is going to do the same thing.  If we will not wake up as His church he will proceed to keep shaking harder and harder until we wake up. If we do not wake up we will be destroyed and God does not want to see that. God has begun the gentle shaking but he has been doing that for quite some time now and is about to up the severity of it so His church can wake up and be saved. Think about it! That is love!

Let those who have ears to hear. Hear what the Spirit is saying to the church! God bless! You can reach me on face book Lois Vogel Sharp or go on line to our web site at kingofgloryonline.org.

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