San Jose California Stadium Gets Rocked By Horrific Earthquake In A Prophetic Dream

A personal friend of ours sent us this dream:

Pat The Painter

March 2017

My dream…

I was on a swing stage scaffolding high up on the side of a stadium painting the structure. There was a game going on and I could see through the tunnel into the stadium and hear the crowd cheering.

As I was painting ,I noticed that the scaffolding began to swing back and forth, then violently. I realized it was an earthquake.

As the scaffolding swung back into the wall, I spotted steal ladder rungs welded into the side of the stadium going down, so I jumped off onto the ladder and climbed down as fast as I could. I looked to my right and saw hundreds of people running out of the stadium.

When I got to the ground, it was shaking and the parking lot began to buckle and heave, a big crack appeared blasting tremendous heat ( no smoke or lava)

I thought…..” I have to get off this parking lot cause the heat will melt the asphalt like I have seen in Yellowstone”

The parking lot was a wreck with many fissures spewing out heat so I ran across the top of a large ridge of asphalt, jumping from one to another to escape as the asphalt heaved and buckled.

I ran into a wall of asphalt so high I could not get over it and I knew this was the end.

I bowed my head and called out to Jesus with a prayer and praise. I woke up and inquired of the Lord, where was this stadium…San Jose. (California)