Supernatural Translation To Israel In The End Days- A Prophetic Dream


The prophecies about the house of ISRAEL moving back to the land of Israel is a topic that has not been widely talked about by many ministries.  Yet these prophecies have yet to be fulfilled, meaning they are for OUR DAY.

Michael and I hope to talk about this very topic in the days ahead, because it is this very prophecy that gives many of us direction for the dark days ahead.

When harsh persecution in America and around the world fall upon believers, this will be a prophecy  people will want to learn about.  Like other believers, I only assumed this was for Jews…, yet, “Judah” is just one tribe…. and the bible talks about ALL the tribes going home.

When I discovered this prophecy included ME, as well as YOU, it allowed me to see that God has a plan for us in the end days.

In these two links below, Michael Snyder goes into detail in this radio interview with Daniel Holdings about his research on the 1o lost tribes and where they were scattered around the world, and the other article is about the prophecies that talk about the tribes returning home in the bible.

How Believers Of Yeshua Jesus Will Return To ISRAEL – Why God?

Listen To Daniel Holdings And Michael Snyder Talk About The Re-Gathering Of The 10 Lost Tribes

Many people who know about these prophecies and have a desire to move over there, find themselves wondering just how they will make the journey back to Israel.  We also find ourselves thinking about this very topic as well.

There is coming a great war over to Israel in which Israel gains more land back. They will want to fill those areas with believers, making it easier for Christians at that time to move back.

When it comes time to leave for Israel after that war, will we be able to afford it? I think about those things.  Will the borders be closed here in America? Will planes actually still be flying if America goes through a collapse?  I am sure if you thought about moving to Israel, you may have asked these very questions.

A reader of ours sent in an email, where he talked about a dream that he had where he was translated over to a mountain in Israel.

God Could Allow People To Be Moved To Israel Through Translation- Many people have experienced translation, where they are in one geographical area, (one country ) and find themselves in another country, such as Bree Keyton, and David Herzog.

Bree Keyton was driving her car, and an angel took over, and she found herself in a foreign country giving a message to a large group of people. After her message was given, she found herself back in her car, and thought it was an elaborate dream.  Some time later, (a year later ??) , she was ministering in a different country and she found that the people welcomed her back and reminded her of when she was last with them.  It was her first time being in that country, so she thought the people were mistaken.  However, they recalled the very event she experienced in her car, and it was there that she learned that she was translated.

David Herzog also experienced translation. He was in a foreign country and was due to speak at a church. He was running late in his car, and phoned the congregation to let them know he would likely miss the entire service.  They were willing to wait an hour or more for him to get there. He started praising the Lord in his car, and suddenly found himself mere minutes from the church. God fast forwarded time and he arrived (45 minutes?) earlier than he expected.

When I read this email from this couple below, I had to republish this dream to document it. I know that over the years I have come across other translation experiences which talked about being in Israel in the end days by translation, and they have been lost. I hope this also gives you encouragement that Yahweh has a plan for us, and HIS ways are far beyond anything we could dream of.  When there is no way, God makes a way.


We have been watching you on PTL network and love both of you. The Lord has put it in our hearts that we are to move to MT. I will not reveal where but know we will be setting up a refuge for people to flee to. This will be until He takes us to Israel. The only thing holding us back is that we need to sell our place here in FL.

The reason I am writing this is to seek your prayers on our move. Please pray that our home sells quickly.

We are Messianic Jews and celebrate Sabbath and all the feasts and will also be teaching Hebrew roots when we get to MT.

My husband had a dream about a year and a half ago and there was a group of us and he felt it was a medium size group and we were on a mountain top in MT and all of a sudden it lifted up and landed in Jordan by Petra. When he told me I brought up a picture of a certain peak in central MT that I had taken a picture of, when he saw it he said that was the mountain in his dream.

We are called to the children of Abraham to lead them to salvation.

We are so encouraged by your messages.

We love you both,

Shalom and blessings,


(My husband, ****** , says you may post his dream just don’t use our names. He says there was nothing more to the dream except the Lord let him know that no matter your situation, He will provide a way for you to get to where He wants you. Also we had no need of passports or other paperwork.)