Answering Islam us a terrific site that can give Muslims and Christians for that matter some of the questions that often get brought up.  Please book mark their site, and study their material to find answers to the most common questions Muslims ask.  There is an answer to every question.

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Who is Jesus?

is the main question in all of the differences between Muslims and Christians. This page will focus on answering this question by examining his own claims.

An introduction to this is given in



The titles of Jesus – What is their meaning?



Also see the large collection of material on the Trinity

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Basic Christianity

Three books giving an overview on God’s message:

Even though Muslims will certainly not be pleased by the material linked from this page, nor might they agree with us on the criteria for this test, we hopefully can agree that claims to prophethoood need to be tested whether the claimant’s message truly comes from God or not, and this includes theclaims of Muhammad about himself and his message. We will provide references to Muslim sites and their view about Muhammad and why he is a true prophet. But in those presentations a number of issues are regularly left out. A true evaluation has to deal with all the facts and cannot be satisfied with a selective presentation.

These articles are not written to aggravate Muslims, even though this is probably the section on the “Answering Islam” site which will produce the strongest (emotional) reactions. Our sincere hope is that the material will help both Muslims and Christians come to a more realistic evaluation and view about Muhammad based on a fuller presentation of evidences from the sources. In that respect, I hope that even Muslims will find the material helpful for themselves to not be ignorant regarding parts of their history.

The first and most important of each evaluation of a claim to prophethood is the testing of the message. The testing of the prophet based on his life is secondary. Therefore we urge our readers to first study the section on the Evaluation of the Qur’an before proceeding with the below material.

A lot of biographical and background information on life and person of Muhammad can be found via the Index to Islam.

For Christians the most important issue is whether Muhammad is a legitimate / true prophet in the tradition of the Biblical revelation. In particular, the issue whether he is announced in the scriptures:

Further Miscellanea:

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Answering Islam Email Dialogs

In this section we will display some selected email correspondence with our readers. It will contain messages we received and our answers. We receive some sixty emails per week. It would be impossible to display all our correspondence here. This section will give our readers some insight what kind of questions we receive, and what kind of answers we give to them.

To protect the identity of those who contact us, we will remove the name and email address from the message, and perhaps some personal details that would identify the person emailing us. Otherwise, messages will not be edited but displayed exactly as received by us. We may, however, occasionally correct or improve our answer compared to what we had originally sent out.

The following topics are some that are either typical, unusual, issues not covered elsewhere on our site, or simply interesting for different reasons. We intend to regularly add new samples of our correspondences.

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