The Call To The Clear Path Of Safety- A Prophetic Warning For America- Gary Moore

Gary Moore
The calm before the storm…
I had a dream shortly after the election where I and many others were all outside enjoying a beautiful sunny day.

I believe “the many” in my dream could have represented America or possibly the city in which I live or both. People were out on this beautiful day enjoying all kinds of activities with their families. Then I suddenly looked in the distance and saw and heard a weather siren blaring and then a voice announced that a dangerous storm was approaching and to take shelter.

I and others immediately looked to the sky that had only seconds ago been clear and blue to find that it was now dark and extremely stormy. Everyone began frantically running in different directions, but I could see a clear path to safety and I was yelling and motioning to others to follow me. There were some that followed, but sadly most did not. As we sought that path of safety, off in the distance I could hear those that didn’t come with us screaming in anguish knowing they were all perishing in that storm.

When they say “peace and safety” is one thing that came to mind.

Just curious if anyone senses a false sense of security in our nation even though things appear to be looking good right now or is it just me?

I had almost the same identical dream a couple of years ago so this is a recurring dream.