The Complete Destruction Of America – A 1985 Open Vision Of The Eagle – Jonah ben Noah

( I cannot find too much about Jonah ben Noah.  However it is interesting to note that his vision matches up to one that Michael Boldea saw which also involved an eagle, representing the United States.  The prophetic warning message that follows matches up to the 100 others we have on this site about complete destruction coming for America because of her sin.  )

The following is a message to the people of the United States of America, as given me, Jonah ben Noah, the prophet to this nation. In the Bible, the Book of Amos, the third chapter, read beginning at the sixth verse: “Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? Shall there be evil in the city, and the Lord hath not done it? Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but He revealeth His secret unto His servants the prophets. The lion hath roared, who will not fear. The Lord God has spoken. Who can but prophesy?”

I am the prophet Jonah ben Noah, so named by my Lord, as a sign to the people of this nation. And I bring you this message that God has given me to your nation. I give you this message and the vision and the meaning of it, freely, as God has given it to me. Now hear this message and take it to your heart. On May, the 10th of 1985, I, Jonah ben Noah, (so named by my Lord as a sign to you), had climbed to the cliffs of the mountain in Montana to be with God.

And later, as I was praising God for the beauty of His creation on this day, for the sky was perfectly clear and sunny, I felt led to look up at the sky, and above where the sky had been clear, I saw a cloud form and shape itself into the perfect shape of an eagle soaring across the sky with wings spread and talons forward.

And as I beheld, the right wing of this eagle disappeared and the head was pushed and crushed in and disappeared. Then the left wing was torn loose and the body twisted out of shape. Then this cloud that was torn apart, came together again in the shape of a ram’s head with two strong horns and a face like death, as of a skull. And as I watched, the horns were twisted off or apart, as by two strong hands, and the head split into two separate parts. The upper part came into the shape of the head of a bear with it’s face turned upward toward heaven, as though in exultation, it’s neck or throat exposed. The lower part of the cloud came into the shape of a head of a wolf, with its mouth open and its teeth bared in anger, as though lunging for the throat of the bear. Then they both changed, and became as nothing. I then watched, and I saw no more, and so I started to leave, when the Lord said to me, “Wait”. And so I waited. The Lord spoke unto me and told me to sit, and so I sat. Then I looked up, and saw a raven soaring in the sky. I did not pay it much heed, as I was looking for more wonders, as the changing cloud had been. So the Lord said unto me, “What do you see?” And I looked, and said, “I see a raven flying, Lord.” And the Lord said unto me, “He is soaring and flying by My will and My power. He shouldn’t be able to fly, but he does, because of My will and My power. When he starts out, he knows he shouldn’t be able to fly, and so he falls. But then I lift him up, and he flies because he knows he can, and My will holds him up.”

The Interpretation of the Vision

On the 13th of May 1985, as I Jonah ben Noah, was sitting in the house at my table, the voice of the Lord God began to speak to me and give me the interpretation. He said unto me,

“The eagle that you saw torn apart is America, who has it’s wings of freedom taken away, and it’s mind of life, liberty and happiness crushed and vanished, and the body that remains is so twisted out of shape, it is no longer recognizable for what it was. It disappears by the power of two separate powers that bring death and destruction to the land.

But then, as one is looking up and rejoicing in exultation over the destruction of America, it is attacked by the other, who is as sly as a fox and deceitful as Satan, who rules them both. But then they shall vanish into nothingness at the Lord’s coming, who will fly through the heavens at My will and power near the end of the tribulation, when I pour out My wrath on all the inhabitants of the earth. My Saints shall be tried by the fires of torture, prison, flame, and terrible death.

Many that thought they could not bear such things, will find that even as My will and power lifted that raven above the earth, so that he knew he could fly, even so shall these my blessed saints be lifted above their tormentors and pain, so that they also will know they can soar above it all. And they will even sing from the flames of My glory, and will pray for the souls of their tormentors as the headsman blade is falling. They will stand as a mighty rock before but a small breeze, because My will and My power will hold them up, and they will have a strength directly from Me.

My angels shall behold in awe and shall give forth praise at this mighty outpouring of My love through these that I shall use. Know you this, that many shall fall, but with great glory. And as they said of My Son Jesus at Calvary, so shall they say of these. “Surely these are the sons and daughters of God.” And many shall turn from evil and the beast, and shall seek My face on seeing their joy and peace in the midst of their torment. They shall surely, surely rise at the first resurrection, for they will be among my most precious jewels, saith the Lord of Hosts.” This is a true account of this vision and it’s interpretation as God has given it to me, and I so state it unto all that read by my own hand.

I am Jonah ben Noah, called by God and my Lord Jesus as a prophet to this nation of America. Called also as an Evangelist and a teacher of His Word to those who will hear this message. I was so named by my Lord in 1978, when He said unto me, “From this time on, I have named you Jonah ben Noah, and you are to use this name when you minister before the people. It is a sign.” The Lord did not tell me at that time why He had so named me, I just trusted Him in the matter. But in 1985, when God gave me this vision, and the interpretation, and this message among others, He said to me, “I have called you as a prophet to this nation of wickedness to warn them of what is coming. You tell them the name I have given you, Jonah ben Noah, is a sign to them. That as Jonah was My prophet of judgement and mercy, and Noah was my prophet of judgement and destruction, so I am torn between mercy for America, and judgement destruction, final and clear.

Say to them, thus saith the Lord God,

“I have beheld, O America, your works of mercy and good, I have seen how you provide for the needy in other nations. And I was pleased with these things. But the flood of your sins, and your wickedness and your disobedience to My laws and commandments, your corrupt and immoral doings that are worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, cannot be covered nor hidden by good works that many of you do anyway, just to receive the praise of men, not for love’s sake only or for My glory.

Your wickedness is great in this nation, and it is a darkness on your land. You say you are one nation under God, yet your idol and images are in your streets, belying your words. Your worshippers of Satan show that you have turned your backs on Me, for you condone this. They even sacrifice your children to the evil one, and you allow this in your land.

You refuse to teach your children My Word, for you know if your children heard My Word, they would be ashamed of their mothers and fathers, that they live in wickedness and disobey the Lord God. And you say that they cannot pray to Me in your schools, when I have commanded you to pray always, in all places.

This is not the way your forefathers’ fathers did. For they were men who believed in My Word, and they feared My judgement, and they lived morally upright before Me. You think that you have become wise in your own conceits to do evil before Me, as though I don’t see the evil that you do in this land.

I beheld the whores and the harlots in the street entrapped by the devils, selling themselves so cheaply, when I created them for better things. I have seen the homosexuals and the lesbians in the streets, which you allow and condone in your land, possessed of the devils, and none come to set them free.

I have seen the many adulteries that you do, even to exchanging wives and husbands amongst each other. I have seen the fornication and the illicit doings that you do, and you think none sees. I have seen the lust of your heart and your women dressing in immodesty as they prance before the men to provoke them lust, and your men do the same. I have seen the one-eyed idol in your land that you sit long hours before, and you behold the images that both speak and move before you, to teach you adulteries and fornication, and your entertainment is filled up with violence and wickedness and sexual immorality.

I have seen your love of money and the corruption that is in your land, and your officials that are corrupt, and how you all hunger for the material things, while your souls are starving.

I have seen your men dressing as women, and your women dressing as men. This is an abomination in My sight. Turn you to the right ways. And I have beheld the millions of babies who have been murdered in your land, and their blood cries out to Me for vengeance, but I say to you, I am a merciful God, and a loving God, and I will not send destruction, but first speak to by you the voice of your prophet, and warn you to turn from your ways.

I will offer you My hand of mercy if you will receive it, for is it not written in My Word that I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Why will you die, O America? Why will you not turn and save yourselves from that which I have pronounced upon you? For I am a merciful God. I withheld My hand before from you, for the good that you did in delivering My people from the wicked one and his attempt to destroy the Jews of Israel of the world. And in this I was well pleased with you, and I blessed your hand of help.

But now I am about to intervene for Israel directly. And you now stand between mercy and destruction as a nation. If you hear the words of this, My prophet, unworthy as he is, but he is a submitted vessel to My will, then perhaps mercy is yours. But if you will not hear, then sudden destruction shall come upon your nation. If you stop him or imprison him or kill him, I will accept that as your answer, and I will then bring the destruction upon you. If just one kills him, for mercy’s sake, another will come right behind to finish his course. I know the wickedness of the hearts of some of those in America, is why I tell you this now. That you may know that I, the Lord who sends him, already know your plans before you make them. Do you not remember Ninevah in the Book of Jonah? Where I intended destruction upon them, I sent mercy, because they turned to Me with all their hearts, with great sorrow and weeping grief did they seek Me, in sackcloth, and ashes, from the greatest to the least, from the King to the poverty-stricken. The animals had sackcloth on them. They wept and cried before God. They believed My Word that destruction was coming, and they turned to righteous repentance.

And if the people of this nation of America shall humble themselves, and confess their sins, which are many, if they shall repent of all the wickedness and evil that they do in this land, and they return to My commandments and My laws as a way of love, as their forefathers did; and if they shall seek My face for mercy and not destruction, and if My people who claim to be called by My name, and claim to be of My body, shall turn from their hypocrisy, from their disobedience to My laws and commandments, from walking contrary to Me, to walk in righteousness and holiness and true love, then I shall hear from heaven, and I will turn and forgive you, and I will heal your land.

But if you will not do this, then sudden destruction will come upon you in one day, and in one hour, shall your cities be burned with fire, your flesh shall melt from your bones and you shall become but ashes; pestilence shall strike you in the fields and your enemies shall ravage and grind on your wives and daughters before your eyes, and your strength shall be as nothing and your knees as water. He that does rise in anger shall fall in death, for your enemies shall be fierce. Your enemies shall feast on the plenty of your land while you starve, and drink to the fullness while you thirst, and you shall see then that as you left serving the Lord your God, I have left you to your enemies. And you shall know that I, the Lord, have done this.

As you did not learn in Korea and Viet Nam, that there is no victory to the nation whose Lord is not the Lord God, and you fled from your enemies. Do you not remember? In Korea, it was only by your empty threatenings to use your great atom weapon, which is but a small thing to Me, that you caused your enemies to withhold from defeating you. You returned home with great rejoicing, as though you had been victorious, when you knew you had not been. So I sent you to a smaller nation, of little significance to you, you said. To a small people who were but little men in straw hats and black pajamas and shoes made out of rubber tires, you said. And you, who say you are the greatest nation in the world, came with all your mighty men of war and your warriors, to make war against this little people to defeat them. With all your weapons of war and great technologies did you come to defeat this little people, and with your own eyes you did behold, as your mighty men of war fled from before your enemies. You yourself saw them fleeing for the flying helicopters and flying machines, to flee the land from their enemies who rejoiced over your defeat. They defeated you because the Lord your God was not with you. Have you not seen this? And if you will not see this, I will send seven times more upon you, by the hand of My servant, and another, and by My own Word, drought and flood, earthquake, hunger, poverty, pestilence for the wickedness, more than before, and a thirst for truth that shall be slaked only by mercy or destruction. I, the Lord, have spoken these things by My prophet, Jonah ben Noah, mercy, son of destruction comes if you do not hear, is the sign and the meaning of it to you.”

This is the Word of the Lord given to me, Jonah ben Noah, to warn all in this nation to return to the Word and the right ways of righteousness. For “he that does righteousness is righteous” as it is written in the Book of I John, and “All thy commandments are righteousness, O Lord”, the psalmist said, then hear them and do them. Remember that for the sake of the righteous, God would not have destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. You that claim the righteousness of Christ, perform that righteousness before the eyes of this people. Remember that for the sake of Lot, one righteous man, who said, “Let me flee to the small city”, the angels said, “For your sake I will spare that small city.” Therefore, if you are living righteously, perhaps you will cause the sparing of where you are.

I charge that whosoever reads or hears the words of this prophecy, by the command of the Lord, that you are henceforth set to the charge of a watchman, according to the command of Ezekiel 3:17-21 and Isaiah 58:1, that you are to cry aloud and spare not this people. Lift up your voice as a trumpet and show them their sins and transgressions, cry the laws and commandments of God in their ears that they may know the evil they have done, and know to turn from it, for if a man does not know his sins, you must show them to him. And by the commandment in Ezekiel, I charge you as the prophet of our Lord Jesus Christ that you do cry out; if you do not cry to warn them, I will require their blood at your hands. But if you cry and warn this people of their sins, and warn them to turn from them, and they do not, they shall die in their sins, but you have delivered your own soul.

I so charge you in the name of Jesus, whom I confess is the living Son of God, who died for our sins and has come from the dead in the flesh, and in that immortal and incorruptible flesh has risen to the right hand of the Father, that you may know what spirit I am of. And if you do not cry aloud, the Lord has said the destruction of this nation is on your head, and their blood will be required at your hand. Cry aloud, whether they will hear or forebear hearing.

Thus saith the Lord, “Do not think this prophecy is for a long time off. I have spoken it and I will perform it. It is not to be prolonged. Even in your eyes shall it be seen, who did not turn to obey my love as your forefathers did. He who holds his peace and does not sound the cry on seeing and hearing, is cursed forever by My hand”, saith the Lord. For you have caused the destruction of your nation and the death of your brothers and sisters and neighbors and mothers and fathers, and are worthy of cursing. The Lord has spoken. Let him hear and believe who will hear and believe. Your belief will be shown by your deeds of faith in crying. He that casts this off as but a light thing, casts off this nation’s salvation. Turn and save what remains. And for those of you that say, “I have begun to walk in righteousness, but I do not see my neighbors turning.

What are we to do to get the neighbors to turn and save the nation?”

Thus the Lord has said unto me, “Say to this people: go to the Book of Jeremiah, go to the ninth chapter and read what I have written, beginning at the first verse: `O, that my head were waters and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people’. And then in the seventeenth verse: `Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, consider ye, and call for the mourning women that they may come, and send for the cunning women, that they may come. And let them make haste and take a wailing for us, that our eyes may run down with tears, and our eyelids gush out with waters. For a voice of wailing is heard in Zion. How are we spoiled?

We are greatly confounded because we have forsaken the land, because our dwellings have cast us out. Yet hear the Word of the Lord, O you women of the land, and let your ear receive the word of His mouth, and teach your daughters wailing, and everyone teach her neighbor lamentation. For death is come up into our windows and is entering into our palaces to cut off the children from outside and the young men from the streets. Speak, thus saith the Lord, even the carcasses of the men shall fall as dung upon the open fields, and as the handful after the harvest men, and none shall gather them. Thus saith the Lord, let not the wise man glory in his wisdom. Neither let the mighty man glory in his might. Let not the rich man glory in his riches. But let him who glories glory in this, that he understands and knows Me, that I am the Lord which exercises loving kindness, judgement and righteousness in the earth. For in these things I delight saith the Lord.’”

This is the Word of the Lord to you people, that He has spoken. Hear, O women who hear this message. That the Lord cries to you to come together and to cry to God and to say: Show me this vision that you have shown this man, that I may see the destruction of my children in this land, that I may learn to weep before this people.

And wash your faces of your paint and cast off your jewelry, and cast off your mens clothing and begin to walk as women again. Wail in the streets with tears in your eyes and weeping in your voice. Weep and wail before this people in your streets, in your jobs, and in your homes. And walk as women of uprightness, and when they come to you and say to you, “Why do you make all this noise, and weep and cry like this?” then say unto them, “Because I have seen and heard the Word of the Lord. That destruction comes upon my nation and upon my family, and my children shall die. And surely the Lord will send it if we do not turn and weep and cry before Him.” Cry in the streets. And when you go to these places where they murder babies, do not go in anger, do not hate them. And if they say, “Don’t stand close”, then stand far off, and as they go in to kill these children, raise your voices in weeping and wailing, and cry this out to them, “Alas, alas for this cause, this destruction comes upon our nation.”

And go to the places where they sell filth and pornography. And go where they do wickedness in the streets, selling drunkenness, and weep and cry in their faces, and cry, “Alas, for this cause, this destruction comes upon our nation.” And weep and cry before the faces of the men whose hearts have become hardened, who say do not weep and cry. You women weep and cry and teach your men to weep and cry again. And when they say, “Why do you keep crying?” Say to them, “Because my children shall die, and my family shall perish and my husband shall lie dead in the streets.” And teach them to cry. And when the men begin to weep, then you shall see that the Lord shall hear you from on high. If you shall weep and cry as they did in Ninevah, if you shall cry, “Oh God, have mercy upon us”, then perhaps the Lord will turn as He did in Ninevah. For the Lord is no respecter of persons. As He delivered Ninevah and showed mercy, will He not show mercy to a nation that turns to Him with all their hearts, to return to the commandments and the upright ways of their forefathers, to have a pride in their God and their Lord Jesus?

For if you do not hear this message, then surely shall this destruction come upon you. You women, who will know, “What can I do to change them? I am living uprightly.” Dress yourselves as women, and no longer provoke your brothers to lust. Wash your face of your paint, and put on the ashes of mourning and the dark clothes of mourning, for death has entered into your windows and destruction is for your land if you do not cry out. And if you do not believe the Lord, go out of your houses and cry to the Spirit of God, “If this be true, Oh Lord, show me what this city will look like when this destruction comes”, and He shall show it to you. And then begin to weep and cry as you see as I have seen, the destruction that shall be upon this land, for this is a true account by my own hand as God has given it to me, I, as a servant and prophet of God and of our Lord Jesus Christ, and your servant for Christ’s sake. “May God have mercy upon all of us in this nation” is the prayer being offered from this time henceforth and forwards. Put aside your petty arguments and cry, “God, have mercy on our nation”.

Return to the ways of righteousness that you may live, for if you do not walk in His commandments, surely destruction comes. And when they see you weeping and they mock and laugh at you, then weep the harder and say, “For this cause, destruction comes on my nation; for they will not believe, O Lord’, and weep the more. All you women gather and weep and teach your daughters to weep, and teach every neighbor to lament, for destruction comes upon your nation.

If you would receive the prophet in your area or a copy of this, I can send a printed copy or a tape, there is no cost. This is freely given by God, His mercy is great. Let no man think that the gift of God is for sale. This is a gift to you that would hear it. It is your nation if you will deliver it, and if not, and if you take it as a light thing, then let it be said by this prophet that the watchman has cried, and if none took alarm, then it is on their own head. Let every man and woman and child that hears this message, begin to weep and cry and see, that your relatives and your loved ones shall perish and your land shall become your enemy’s land. Hear this message and begin to weep and cry before God, you women. Turn the hearts of your husbands, that are hardened, that think they are men if they do not weep, to weeping, that their eyes may flow down as fountains and their face become as a river, for the destruction of America. For God has spoken. “The Lord has spoken, who can but prophesy?” This is the Word of the Lord at my mouth. May God have mercy upon us. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

By the command of the Lord, you are now as Baruch. Jer.36

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