The Growing Disconnect Between American Jews and The State of Israel- Lyle Plocher

Lyle Plocher

Looking forward at the challenges ahead of seeing Jewish identity and influence in the world grow and not decline, we need to separate things into 2 categories. First, how do we increase the number of Jews from America and other countries visiting Israel each year and second, how do we increase the numbers of those who actually move to Israel.

In order to increase the number of Jews visiting Israel, 3 recommendations were recently made by David Bernstein of The David Project.

  1. More education for Jewish professionals on Jewish identity and Israel ,such as the Shalom Hartman Institute’s iEngage curriculum
  2. A shift in Jewish educational priorities emphasizing national consciousness along with connection to Israel
  3. A greater emphasis in synagogue life on promoting a strong connection to Israel

On the topic of moving to Israel, referring back to the first article from 2014, the observation was made that when large numbers of people have made Aliyah in the past, it was usually due to some kind of persecution in the host country. Very seldom are there large numbers of Jews migrating to Israel when they are living in relative peace and prosperity.

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