The Lord Speaks Audibly To Benjamin Baruch- Listen To What Is Coming To America

The Day Of THe Lord

Benjamin wrote The Day of the Lord is at Hand, in 1996 as a warning to America that a time of crisis was coming upon our nation including a stock market collapse, currency collapse, terrorism and ultimately war.

The origin of the book-  The Day of the LORD is at Hand-is the testimony of when Benjamin was translated into the future, while standing in his living room, to witness the end of the road which awaits the Church in America.

Look through Benjamin’s second book, SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES: Out of the Darkness, designed to help Christians overcome in the matters of the heart. The book contains four parts, Matters of the Heart, Dark Counsel, Ministry of Death, and First Fruit.

Benjamin also saw concentration camps, martial law, and more! Baruch strongly feels that what God revealed to him is upon us now!


The following article comes from Benjamin Baruch, the author of The Day of the LORD is at Hand.  You can order his book with a 10% discount by using code 48ANGQTV on this page.  I think that you will really enjoy what he has to share in this piece…

The Crisis facing America: Behold the Whirlwind Comes

The war on terror which began on September 11th 2001 is now entering its fourteenth year while the financial crisis which began in 2008 has plunged our nation into a growing debt spiral for which there is no end in sight.

In 2015, the geo-political balances of power are also becoming unraveled and the Russian bear has awakened from its hibernation, while in the West, the majority of the people continue sleeping.

This article shall explore the various elements of the coming crisis, which will be upon all of us soon enough. Holy Scripture declares, “If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do?”


In the beginning of this century, the nation states in the west, for the first time in history, declared war on an idea called “terrorism”. In late 2001, the US and their allies in NATO began a series of military campaigns to defeat the terrorists and to destroy the ideology of “terrorism”. Of course a war against an idea can never actually be won, and therefore cannot actually ever end. Consistent with this thesis is the fact that at the time of this writing, the never ending “wars on terror” are in entering their fourteenth year.

What has ended however, an unfortunate but necessary sacrifice in the war against such a great enemy as “terrorism” is the freedoms within the United States once guaranteed American citizens by the US Constitution. Today, Americans can be detained indefinitely without charges and any due process of law simply by virtue of being identified as a suspected member or supporter of the “terrorists”. Once apprehended, they can be imprisoned indefinitely, moved outside the country to be tortured, or simply killed. Or just eliminated by order of the President in one of the drone strikes for which the US is now only too famous.


The American media shapes the national opinion, even defining the issues which are relevant enough to warrant coverage. The total dominance of television as a media monopoly cannot be overstated. Chris Hedges in his book, The Empire of Illusion writes: “Television, a medium built around the skillful manipulation of images that can overpower reality, is our primary form of mass communication… It provides a mass, virtual experience that colors the way many people speak and interact with one another. It creates a false sense of intimacy with our elite – celebrity actors, news people, politicians, business tycoons, and sports stars. And everything and everyone that television transmits is validated and enhanced by the medium. If a person is not seen on television, on some level he or she is not important. Television confers authority and power. It is the final arbitrator for what matters in life.” i

Television and the advancing technologies of the Information Age have murdered objective journalism; It died a martyr’s death, going silently into the night, somewhere between the first Gulf War and the disaster marathon coverage of the attack on 911, while only a few seemed to observe its passing.

The public no longer watches the news to understand the day’s events, but rather is glued to television’s live footage to experience the news; objective analysis, editorial review, or even understanding the context of the new is no longer relevant. The public only desires to experience the profound video footage, sharing the emotional impact of events, or the pain of the victims, while gazing at the high definition images of the latest disaster event, whether natural or man-made.

The corporate puppet masters, who are ruling elite, now control the global media and they are about to conquer the world. The destruction of objective journalism, replacing it with a global propaganda machine was a critical final step in the consolidation of their power. The total destruction of a free press reporting any semblance of truth took an era, which we call the information age, to accomplish. The fact almost no one recognizes the counterfeit which is daily disseminated as news is a testimony to the power of their propaganda.





If the “war on terror” was actually fought to defend freedom, then the terrorists have won. If the “war on terror” was designed to allow the corporate state to erect the walls of a fascist police state, then the corporations have won. In either event, it is difficult to find a reasonable rationale to conclude the common people, whom the war on terror is allegedly defending, have won anything.

All the war on terror has achieved in the west is the erection of a growing surveillance state along with the destruction of personal liberties and the institutionalization of fear. “Be afraid” is the mantra of the new era of permanent war. Be afraid of the two men hiding in a cave, they have a cell phone. Be afraid, and don’t question the violations of law by the corporate criminals who looted the nation’s treasury in the 2008 global bank robbery which they called a “bail out”.

Anyone who dares to question the official story sold as the news is viewed as part of the fringe element of society; they are derided and called “truthers” or “conspiracy theorists.” In the eyes of the average American, there never has been a real conspiracy, ever. All of these conspiracy theories are just shrugged off as merely fantastic stories, or rumors, spread by a group of people known as the truthers, and these stories are assumed to have no basis at all in reality, at least in the minds of the late great American people.


Our leaders have intentionally led us down a path of national suicide. NAFTA, and the whole free-trade concept, created a level playing field so that the American middle class now must compete with peasants in China working as slave labor in sweatshops and it has only one ending.

In the early part of this gutting of our country, we were able to import the cheap foreign goods, made with this slave labor, and so we had a temporary increase in our standard of living because we no longer had to pay American wages. But at the end of the day, there was no American income left to pay American taxes, or the mortgages on American homes, and so we began to flood the world with debt until there was no place left to sell the debt anymore, and now, the entire house of cards is about to fall down.

The ten kings in the Book of Revelation are the servants of the beast, and they hate the woman America, who is the daughter Babylon, and so they have stripped her naked, and they are now eating her flesh, tearing apart our economy while much of the middle-class is being murdered financially, and they have left the country facing an unstoppable collapse.

And the ten horns which thou saw are ten kings, shall receive power as kings one hour with the beast… and these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire. Revelation 17:12-16


If there was no war coming, America would collapse from its own moral and financial excess. We cannot possibly continue the living standards or the military power of this country, because we can no longer pay real interest on our debt. So now we have a fake economy, and a false morality, that is supporting an empire built on lies, and as long as interest rates never go back to normal levels, we can continue like Alice in Wonderland, living in a fantasy world, and worrying about the characters of the latest reality TV show or the latest distraction and deception which is being put off as news.

The truth is, the United States is already bankrupt; we have 20 trillion in net federal and state debt. At 5% real interest, which is not a high interest rate and we have all seen much higher rates in the recent history of our country, but at 5% nominal interest, our debt service is $1 trillion a year. That will add close to $700 billion to the interest cost in the federal budget each and every year for eternity. When the dollar loses its reserve currency status, it doesn’t have to collapse, it will just be devalued 70%, almost overnight, and in a world where we have inelastic demand for imported goods such as energy or the spare parts to run all of our imported cars and trucks, and all of our technology gadgets, we will have to continue our imports and the effect of the “J” curve in economics will come into play, which says as a nation which has a structural trade deficit and then devalues its currency, its trade deficit will actually widen.

This is so, because we have to continue the imports at now higher prices. So the trade deficit will rise from $500 billion to $1 to $2 trillion, and then the final nail in the debt coffin will be pounded into the wood. The war that is coming truly is the Lord’s deliverance of his remnant, and as hard as it may be for many to believe, the coming war will be a final act of mercy on a nation that is long overdue for God’s judgment. In destroying America, before the one world government of the antichrist comes to power, God is in effect, showing mercy.

In this ruined condition, our greatness today, is nothing than a memory of a foregone era, kept alive by our propaganda. Our nation has been hollowed out, but only a few can see the stark reality facing this country.


The entire foundation of the Western democracies consumer based free market capitalism is based upon the hedonistic values of pleasure as the path to happiness, and the entire western economic model is predicated upon a world in which unlimited growth is possible. When you remove the assumption of unlimited resources to support this future growth, (unlimited water to support new farming activities, or unlimited cheap energy available to fuel another 100 million vehicles on the planet, or assume that world petroleum demand can grow from 85 million barrels per day to 120 million barrels a day without any cost impact) the resulting adjustment will necessarily obsolete entire industries, rendering them no longer profitable.

If you assume there are no limits to growth, and no end to amount of US Treasury debt we can sell or export to the world, then yes, we can have a Burger King on every corner, and we can all drive a brand-new Mitsubishi. But when you overlay the reality of resource limitations, such as peak oil, or the reality we have already pumped most of the cheap oil out of the ground at this point. When you consider the depletion of water resources and the fact that all of the world’s major aquifers are being drained and they are not recharging fast enough, and so the world is draining its major aquifers. If you start running the numbers and consider the analysis of these limitations to resources, which are essential to the maintenance of our modern economic system, and the living standard of the current world population, you realize we live in a world built upon a model of geometric growth, which is on a collision course with the reality of finite resources.

When you consider the geopolitical balance of power in the world, it becomes obvious that the world will not get together and work out a rationing system for scarce resources. What is going to happen is the psychopaths in the room are going to use the rest of their fuel in their tanks and then make a move to seize control of the world remaining resources, which is in reality what the US has been doing in their military adventures in the Middle East up to this point, albeit for the alleged promotion of democracy, but in reality, the U.S. has really been positioning assets, so that we are capable of securing control of the last super oil reserves.

The US economy is struggling with a continuing recession, which is really part of a long-term depression. In the United States, the official economic data is misstated, and the numbers are intentionally falsified by the understatement of official inflation rates. The economy has been in a contraction because real GDP growth rates are being overstated to the degree inflation has been understated.

The weakness in the US economy is not bad enough to call it depression, and is being buttressed by massive welfare spending, food stamps, disability incomes, and so we have had this continuing economic crisis covered over by falsifying economic data and we have been covering the shortfall in demand by running trillion dollar federal deficits, but we aren’t really recovering, rather, we are going deeper into the hole in terms of the federal deficit.

But as long as we continue to expand the money supply and the monetary base, by continuing to print more money, which is what quantitative easing really is all about, we can continue to push more liquidity into the system, although the velocity of money is continuing to decelerate, as more and more people are deleveraging and getting out of debt.

The U.S. economy at this point has become a huge Ponzi scheme, as soon as the U.S. either raises interest rates or stops the printing of money, which is supporting the multiplication of debt, it will be over. The US economy will ultimately collapse upon itself when the money printing stops or interest rates are raised. And in the next economic crisis we are not going to have the ability to lower interest rates or engineer another round of quantitative easing to turn this around. Once confidence collapses and we go into the next financial crisis, nobody is going to believe that another bailout is going to turn things around this time. We had seven years of this nonsense, and it didn’t really turn the economy around, it merely doubled the federal debt. When we look at the tea leaves on the US financially, everything is lining up for the next shoe to drop.


And after the next financial shoe drops, we are likely facing world war. In August 2014, western media published reports that unmarked Russian troops had covertly invaded eastern Ukraine. On Russian television, the public was told an American led coup had toppled the democratically elected government, and that Russian nationals living in the eastern part of the country were now under threat of aggression from the West. Russian propaganda spun the crisis as an attempt by America to further isolate Russia, and as the next step in the preparation for outright war, in which America planned to destroy Russia.

The crisis in Ukraine is no longer receiving major coverage within the western media which would rather cover the various social conflicts within the United States. Removal of the Confederate flag, police shootings of ethnic minorities, or Donald Trump’s latest gaff are today’s top stories and so the American public has forgotten or has chosen to ignore the first invasion of a sovereign European state and annexation of its territory to take place since the end of the Cold War.

Policy makers in the West however, are carefully monitoring this crisis, which could escalate into an unexpected war. The last seven years have witnessed a gradual shift in the military balance of power as Russia has begun to deploy 5th generation weapons. The rhetoric in Russia is far too alarming to assume this crisis will simply just go away, and given the reality of the military power of today’s Russia, the risk of war should not be underestimated.

Washington Post Columnist Anne Applebaum’s, “War in Europe is not a Hysterical Idea,” published in August 2014, states, “Russian Parliament member Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a court jester who sometimes says things that those in power cannot, argued on Russian television that Putin should use nuclear weapons to bomb Poland and the Baltic countries, and show the West who really holds power in Europe.” As Applebaum noted, Russian President Vladimir Putin, indulged Zhirinovsky’s comment, saying that he always “gets the party going.” As Applebaum also noted, Russian dissident Andrei Piontkovsky has recently argued that Putin “really is weighing the possibility of limited nuclear war.”

One argument which Westerners will put forth as a reason why war is impossible is that China could never go to war with America because of the trillions of dollars which they have invested in US treasury debt and they would lose too much money if they ever went to war. That is a sophomoric line of reasoning; any qualified money manager could run a hedge on this trade. China can go short the US futures market in Europe and Asia, and go long on gold options and make more money on the hedge side of this trade than China would ever lose on their treasury portfolio and China could post their treasury portfolio to cover the margin requirements of the trade. Anyone who thinks like this clearly does not understand how the game works. If you knew you were going to destroy the value of the US stock exchange and the US dollar, you could make billions on that information, very easily in the international futures market.

The Russians used to monitor whether the United States was preparing a first strike by watching the price and US accumulation of gold. In recent years, both Russia and China have been accumulated massive gold reserves. That is the appropriate action if you are preparing for world war, particularly a war which would decimate the Western financial system. But why is the gold price not going up dramatically?

The Western gold price is a fictitious price manipulated through naked short selling in the futures market by large US financial institutions. The flipside of this futures liability is a risk inside the major US banks who are using their unlimited line of credit at the Federal Reserve, and when the trade blows up, and the actual price of gold asserts itself in the physical gold market, and gold goes to $8,000 an ounce, or wherever it goes, those banks will lose hundreds of billions of dollars on their naked short positions, and that loss on those contracts will then be handed to the Western taxpayers.

These banks are too big to fail, so we’ll have to bail them out, so they are stealing all the gold from America and then they are going to stick the cost of all the stolen gold to the American people. It’s a brilliant strategy, if this wasn’t such an evil regime which is pulling this off, it would actually be fun to be part of it.

The trading partners of the United States, which includes China, OPEC and every country which does business in the US dollar, are basically financing the fiscal deficit of the American government as well as the US military budget along with subsidizing the US trade deficit, and in so doing, they are supporting the living standard of the American people. The cost of this support is measured by the level of quantitative easing, or currency debasement. Either the world powers continue to pay for the free lunch in America, or they stop it, because we are going to play this game for as long as we can play it.

There is no other game for America to play, because we don’t have another strategic plan, other than to run perpetual deficits, and maintain the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. If we were to adopt an alternative strategic plan of revitalizing our industrial base, and re-educating our population, and restoring our country to true competitiveness on a global playing field, theoretically we could go in that direction, but this is not what we’re doing. We are going the other direction, and there’s no indication that America is going to change course. We are going to play the current cards in our hand until the EBT card doesn’t pay for the groceries any longer.

This is the American reality, and it is a form of national denial, which will lead to national suicide but don’t wake the patient, because you do not want to upset him. He’s living in a dream world at the moment and he does not want to be awakened.

Benjamin Baruch

Author of The Day of the LORD is at Hand, 7th Edition

The book can be ordered with a 10% discount using code 48ANGQTV

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i Chris Hedges, Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle (New York: Nation Books, July 2009), p 45.