The Move Of The Spirit And Earthquakes – Nicolas Meyer

Dear Michael, Dear Meranda,

Here is a little text I wrote last week and I think it might interest you (about the 1964 Good Friday earthquake in Alaska, it goes a little further than a former text I sent you in 2016).
Keep up the good work and be blessed, both of you
Nicolas Meyer



The Prophetic Significance Of The Valdivia Earthquake In Chile in 1960 And The Peru 8.0 Earthquake in 2019 – Nicolas Meyer

I was reflecting on Valdivia earthquake in Chile, way back in 1960, when Peru was hit by a 8.0 shaking on Sunday and here are some interesting facts:

– Chile was struck by the largest earthquake ever recorded in human history on May 22, 1960, 4 days before Ascension Day (May 26, 1960).

– This earthquake was followed by a 59-day eruption of Cordon Caulle volcano (May 24 – July 22, 1960); these 59 days can be seen as a prophetic sign for 59 years.

– 1960 + 59 = 2019, with a 8.0 shaking in Peru (the largest this year, so far) on May 26, 4 days before Ascension Day (May 30, 2019).

But that’s not all:

– The last eruption of Cordon Caulle volcano began on June 4, 2011 and lasted until April 21, 2012.

– From the beginning of the 1960 eruption on May 24, 1960 to June 4, 2011: 18,638 days.

– Total numerical value of Daniel 9.25-27: 21,158.

– 21,158 – 18,638 = 2,520, i.e. the numerical value of the last seven Hebrew words of Daniel 9.26, literally and his end in the flood; and until the end of war, devastations are decreed.

– 2,520 is seven times 360, the numerical value of HaShanah, the year. It points to seven years: 2012 (end of the last eruption) + 7 = 2019.

And there is more:

– This last eruption lasted for 322 days (from June 4, 2011 to April 21, 2012).

– 322 is seven times 46, the numerical value of ‘Amah, cubit or measure. Prophetically, this measure can relate to seven years but also to seven months.

– May 26, 2019 and seven months take us to… December 26, 2019 a date I already wrote you about!


– Tangshan earthquake, China, July 28, 1976, 43 days before Mao Zedong’s death.

– 1976 + 43 = 2019.

Coincidence is definitely not a kosher word

Thank you for reading


Michael, Meranda,

To be true, I was waiting for something really big to occur on the 111th anniversary of the Tunguska explosion, on June 30.

Actually, here is what happened at this date (22h00 GMT):

Just as in 1908 the explosion took place in the air, then the ground was set ablaze. I incline to think that it confirms the relation between the two events.

But the most interesting features are these:

– Israel was involved, which is prophetic in itself.

– Why Cyprus? Go to Isaiah 23.1. Cyprus / Kittim is the place where the downfall of Tyre (the leading commercial power of the time – see Ezechiel 26-27) is heralded from. Furthermore, in Acts 27.4, Cyprus (if you read it in the NASB, the word shelter is not in the Greek text) is associated with contrary winds and therefore with the shipwreck to come.
One last thing, Isaiah 23.15-18 presents what I call in French la prescription de l’oubli. You might translate it oblivion-term and it means that, when a situation has lasted for almost 70 years, the persons who desire a change must imperatively act, lest this situation become definitive.

Now, the Israeli war of independence ended on July 20, 1949 with the signature of an armistice with Syria. 70 later, July 20, 2019 will correspond with Tammuz 17, 5779 AM, which will be the anniversary of the breaching of Jerusalem’s walls by the Roman soldiers in 69AD / 3829AM (you see, the man-made temple had to be destroyed before the 70th birthday of Jesus, the ETERNAL TEMPLE!). What will come out of this convergence? As usual, time will tell… (and let’s keep an eye on the July 16 lunar eclipse).

I hope everything is fine in Idaho. Here in southern France, these last days have been pretty hot. According to our son, who works on the country-side, the fields are scorched and the water-springs have dried up. Tough days for the Creation…

With my blessing to both of you and your family, and happy 4th of July!