The Prophetic Meaning Behind The Notre Dame Burning – Amanda Shiflett

Amanda Shiflett

Several have asked me what my thoughts are regarding Notre Dame burning, and if it is prophetic in nature. I have answered many privately, but also decided it was best to share what I was sensing here, since many were asking. Please know, this is not to make light of Notre Dame burning, nor is it to speak disparagingly of the Catholic church. I do understand the significance of this amazing and historic structure, along with some of its contents, and what it means to the people of Paris. This is a horrible thing to happen, regardless of the reason. I am praying for the people of France and the church as a whole there.

As I saw the news yesterday, I sensed there was definitely something prophetic to this, whether a natural occurrence or a man-made fire, I believe it is still pointing to something. I sensed the Lord immediately said “Look up what the name means.” So I did.

Notre Dame literally means “Our Lady,” or more specifically “Our Mother,” which is referencing the Virgin Mary, known to many Catholics as the “Mother of God,” who is held in very high esteem in Catholicism, some would say even somewhat worshipped. I immediately sensed what the Lord was saying.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Catholics as people, and I know many believe in the Lord Jesus and don’t follow this way of idolizing Mary. But many do, and the church itself embraces and promotes this with much of their teachings of the “Holy Mother.”

Many of the teachings of the Catholic church are in error and have much pagan and idolatry intertwined in them. Please understand, I hold Mary in high esteem, as she was an amazing woman who was the earthly mother of our Lord, but there is no “heavenly mother.” She was a favored and righteous woman, but that is all.

When Mary is exalted to a god-like status, which many Catholics do this time of year, the principality of “the queen of heaven” (Lilith, Ashtoreth, Baal’s consort and so on) is actually the one who is being lifted up and worshipped, although most in Catholicism do not realize that. The fact that this is happening on this Holy Week is significant, I believe.

“Mary” or the “queen of heaven,” is not what this week is about; it is about Jesus. It is about exalting the Son, whom the Father gave to the world and provided Himself a Lamb. There is no “mother” of heaven, and to say there is takes worship away from our King Jesus, and our heavenly Father God, who alone is to be worshipped.

I feel the Lord is done with idol worship, specifically in His house, and this may symbolize that in some way. Many are discussing the fact that the large cross at the altar is still standing. I believe the Lord is leading us back to His cross and the knowledge that He alone is our salvation. He alone is worthy to be worshipped and adored! We should understand this during this season of Passover and Resurrection more than any other time.

It isn’t about a bunny, or Mary or anyone else. It is about Him, crucified and resurrected, and seated at the right hand of the Father, our Lord forever!

Lord, raise up reformers in France, and rebuild Your true church there! Raise up those who will unashamedly preach Your full gospel, and let many come to truly know You, as Savior and Lord. May everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of who You are, be brought down. May the fire of Your Spirit burn in France once again! Lord, bring beauty for these ashes!

Let the people of France come to Your cross, and receive true salvation by the blood of Your Son, Yeshua!