“The Psalm 83/Obadiah War Is On Our Doorstep” A Prophetic Word To Maurice Sklar

Maurice Sklar

The LORD spoke to me again today, and He said to warn America again:

“These Islamic terrorists will only stop when they are killed. They have been brainwashed from infancy to do what they are doing. This will force the hand of Israel and even the USA into war. In my opinion, the Psalm 83/Obadiah War is on our doorstep now and cannot be held back much longer. The War will change our world! Make no mistake about it!

These present Middle East conflicts will escalate rapidly, if not held back by God’s mercy, and we will soon be in a full scale war.

Soon, Israel will attack Iran to destroy their nuclear capabilities. Iran will also strike back. This will also hit us in America, not just the Middle East.

There will be terrorism here in America as well, with both murder and destruction of property. The house of Esau/Edom will be destroyed by God, as it is written in the prophet Obadiah and other prophets in the scriptures. Damascus will be destroyed very soon, according to Isaiah 17.

Obadiah wrote, “As they have spoken against Israel…so shall it be done to them.”

But, this will involve much collateral damage, both in Israel and America. We will be shaken to the core in the West, both economically and spiritually.

God must allow this to awaken the church and bring about national repentance, in both America and Israel.

Oh, prayers warriors, pray for protection of Israel…especially Tel Aviv. I saw an attempted chemical attack there in a vision today. Pray also for protection in America’s major cities! Now God is separating cities and places of refuge, where he will supernaturally protect and provide for His people. Make sure that you are exactly where God wants you, dear saints of God! Riots igniting racism will begin in other places than just Missouri when food and water become harder to get. Beloved, wake up! Yeshua is coming for His Bride very soon!

Maurice Sklar
August 20, 2014