“The Spirit spoke clearly to me as I lay flattened on the floor well over an hour” On Prayer -William Schnoebelen


William and Mary Schnoebelen With One Accord

William Schnoebelen

Re-Published From The July 2016 Liberator Newsletter

Just over one year ago, the Ruach of Yahuwah gave Bill a prophetic word to share a Clarion Call to Prayer…we felt led to share this word again with you.

Beloved Friends and Partners,

I must share a brief but urgent message . A few days ago as I was in prayer the Ruach (Holy Spirit) burned a message into my heart with an unrelenting passion.

The Spirit spoke clearly to me as I lay flattened on the floor well over an hour. Something very serious is happening. The church ( both in this country and most of the Western world ) has been floundering like never before.

The majority of churches are tepid or on life support ( Rev.3:1 ) . Polls reveal church attendance is down especially among younger people. Holiness and the gospel are not preached for fear of ‘alienating’ someone. But remember the warning Yahushua gave to tepid, lukewarm congregations in Rev. 3:16! He will vomit them out of His mouth. Bluntly, they nauseate Him! Aside from the obvious contamination from a secular culture, why is this?

Ruach said: This is happening because pastors, leadership and believers are NOT praying enough!

Prayer undergirds ALL that the Body of Messiah accomplishes. If pastors and their flocks were praying as the Almighty wants, a white hot force of super‐radiant holiness would blaze through them, out into their churches, whole communities would light up in victory and revelation of Yahuwah’s Word!

We know this because it happened before under preachers like Wesley, Finney, Spurgeon and Moody.

Sustained prayer is the fuel of the Spirit’s engine within us. It can take the Body where our Master wants it to go! Most of our tanks are empty. Polls indicate that the typical evangelical pastor only prays about 5 minutes a day. How much do their members pray? The empirical evidence is clear –the state of our nation proves we as the Body of Messiah are not praying –not enough.

Muslims pray five times a day around 10-­15 minutes, depending on the sect of Islam. That is fifty minutes a day! How many of us pray for 50 minutes a day? To paraphrase my dear friend and late mentor, Dr. Walter Martin, Are we willing to do as much for the truth in our prayer closets as the cults will do for a LIE?

Sadly, our nation hasn’t been in a crisis like this since the Civil War! Porous borders and crazed radical murderers threaten our security. Our economy is near ruin -­our morality has never been as corrupt as it is today. During the Civil War and during other national crises, our leaders-­like President Lincoln would call for national days of fasting, repentance and prayer. Where are these calls now?

The Ruach sternly pressed on me : Yahushua (Jesus Christ) in Gethsemane said to His disciples, “What, could ye not watch with me one hour?”–Matt. 26:40. For the sake of our nation,for the sake of your children–for the sake of the entire world–PRAY!

For decades, we have called Believers to pray more –to tithe their time by praying just one-­tenth of their waking hours. If you can’t do that , please at least do as our Savior asked and pray for one hour a day.

When this message was pressed onto me it was so intense I could not stand. I was flat on my face.
We must pray!

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