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This was sent to me by a pastor friend in the Philippines today:

Number “70” has prophetic significance in the Bible. There were 70 nations emerging from the three sons of Noah. There were 70 Jews who went down to Egypt. There were also 70 burnt sacrifices offered during Feast of Tabernacles in the merit of the nations. There were also 70 elders empowered by the Spirit in the wilderness and 70 evangelists sent by Jesus to the villages.

After 70 years the Jews in Babylon returned to Israel. And 70 scholars translated the Hebrew Bible to Greek. This Bible Translation is called Septuagint or Seventy. This was the first Bible translation. And in 70 AD the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans.

And on January 15, 2017, 70 years after UN General Assembly voted for the creation of Israel, 70 nations will gather in Paris where great revolutions in Europe commenced to make two States – State of Israel and Palestinian State. They will enforce the 1967 division of the Promised Land.

Is this a coincidence?

I believe it has a prophetic message signaling that Jews and Christians’ redemption draws nigh. These 70 nations dividing the Land of God given to Israel will make Him angry on these nations. When God is angry who is able to stand?

Zechariah12:9 states ‘And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem’.

We are living in the coming last week of Daniel’s prophetic 70 weeks. Da9:24 states ‘70 weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy’.

The world is Pushing For the End!

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Ever heard of The Table of Nations? As a Christian for 45 years, this is the first time I learned that this is a legit reference to the 70 Grandsons of Noah as listed in Genesis Chapter 10. I Googled it & this is what Wikipedia had to say

The Table of Nations represents all the progenies of Noah till today, basically everyone in the world.


Pushing Toward the End, is my latest post


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From The Article Above:

70 is a prophetic number. Daniel the prophet spoke of 70 sevens that must be fulfilled in order for redemption to come. Jeremiah the prophet spoke of 70 years of judgment in which Israel would be enslaved to Babylon. The enslavement, by the way, occurred because Israel did not keep the statutes of the Jubilee. The noble class would not let the serfs go free. Therefore the nobles were enslaved to their worst enemy, Babylon. God Like Productions

One Return Blog posted these finds which talk about the Blood Moons, Lunar Tetrad & The Jubilee Year:

“The next Sabbatical year begins Sept. 2014 – Sept. 2015. That means the following year beginning Sept. 2015 – 2016 is God’s Jubilee year for the Jewish nation. Counting backwards we find the last Jubilee year was Sept. 1966 – Sept. 1967. Do you know what happened in 1967 for the Jewish nation? After the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Israel was declared a nation by the 1949 Armistice Agreements. However, it wasn’t until the Six Day War that they regained control of Jerusalem. In 1967!

Do you know what else happened in 1967? In 1967 there began what is called a Lunar Tetrad. A Lunar Tetrad is when there are four consecutive total lunar eclipses. Before 1967 the last tetrad began in 1949. Year sound familiar?? Even more interesting is that in both of these years the total lunar eclipses fell on Jewish Holy Feast days. The last time that happened began in 1493 during the Spanish Inquisition when the Jews were told to convert to Catholicism or leave Spain.

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This week potentially represents one of the most significant moments in modern Israel’s history as high ranking officials from 70 nations of the world will gather in Paris on January 15th in an attempt to force Israel to accept a two-state solution with the Palestinian Authority. 

Many Bible Prophecy experts find the number 70, to be more than coincidence. The concept of 70 nations has come to represent “all nations” in Jewish tradition and has its roots in the 70 grandsons of Noah listed in Chapter 10 of Genesis, often referred to as “The Table Of Nations”.

Some believe this to be only the first stage of fulfilling the prophetic warning that in the end of days, “all nations” will come out against Israel.

In response to this meeting and the expected worldwide pressure on Israel, Christians have an important question to ask that is at the root of the current action:  Does the modern State of Israel have a right to the land on which it exists?

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