The Theory Of Evolution – An Idea That Is Very Ancient, Very Pagan And Very Wrong

 Most people believe that Charles Darwin invented the theory of evolution.  However, most people are very, very wrong.  The truth is that the theory of evolution has been with us for a very, very long time.  It actually comes from ancient pagan religious beliefs that continue to be reflected in many religious traditions around the globe today.  It has been documented that many ancient pagan teachers and philosophers believed that the universe spontaneously evolved by itself, that the universe is millions of years old, that humans once resembled fish, and that all living things continue to evolve.  Of course those ideas are very, very wrong.  The point is that the “theory of evolution” is not a new idea nor was it originally a scientific one.  Rather, it is a pagan religious concept that has been repackaged as a scientific law that is beyond questioning.

We recently ran across a great article on this topic entitled “Evolution: an ancient pagan idea” by Paul James- Griffiths.  In the article he does a great job of showing how the key concepts behind the theory of evolution can be traced all the way back to the pagans of ancient Greece and to ancient Hinduism.  If you have not read his article yet, we strongly encourage you to go read it now.

In addition, if you do not yet understand how fundamentally flawed the theory of evolution is, we strongly suggest that you read our article entitled “The Creation/Evolution Debate” which breakes down many of the massive holes in Darwinism.

The truth is that when you objectively examine the evidence it points to the fact that there was a Creator.  But many people want to avoid coming to that conclusion no matter what, because if there is a God then we are all accountable to Him.  Many would rather live their lives based on a lie rather than having to deal honestly with a Creator God.  You see, mankind is so addicted to sin that many will do whatever mental gymnastics they need to do so that they can continue to ignore God and enjoy their sin.

But in the end nobody will be able to ignore God.

None of us will live forever, and we will all stand before God one day.

What will you say when that day arrives?

If you do not know what you will say, then we would recommend that you find out what the Bible has to say about how God is going to judge us.  On our site we have posted an article entitled “What Does The Bible Say About Salvation?” that will explain to you exactly how you can establish a relationship with God.  The truth is that God loves you very much and wants to forgive your sins and give you eternal life.

He is reaching out to you today.

Will you reach out for Him?