“The whole half of the state will be under water” California You Have Been Warned – A Prophetic Word

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“From the north to the south, the whole half of the state will be under water”

Published on Feb 27, 2017

California were you not warned? I’ve warned you many times to repent to the Lord your God, did you take heed those warnings? No you did not! I’ve sent you letters on top of letters to you churches that call yourselves holy but that are very Unholy that call you disciples of God but yet you live a Unholy life judgment has come upon your land California, please repent to the Lord your God right now before the earthquake comes next and swallows you up. This is God’s judgement and it is here now upon your land it has started judgment has started upon you California and Japan you are next as well among other countries all over the world. Reach out to Jesus now. Jesus loves you and He wants you in his kingdom with Him.

William Tyrone Jackson II

Prophetic Word for California

Though God will bless and keep His people, I see the sword of the Lord against governments in California. I see California tilting back and forth like a boat upon water. There are pending earthquakes in her future if she continues to weigh her state down in wickedness. I believe this can be prayed against, see the possibility of it breaking off, at least that is how violent it looks! The Holy Spirits wrath is stirred against perversion parades.

“They parade their sin before Me like Sodom.” Is what I heard Him say.

God IS ABLE TO RESTORE! But He says He is drawing His sword of DIVISION IN CALIFORNIA!

In this video California, Manhattan & Canary Islands are built above massive caverns with hollow undergrounds.  Could this explain why so many people see California falling into the sea?

California Earthquake Tsunami

Shelly Mann

Last night I had a tsunami dream. I dreamnt I was at a friend’s house who lives here in Maryland…but par of dream was in California. So my friend’s daughter had ordered all this food…oriental raman noodles in weird flavors and some had pieces of sweet candy in them…and also all sorts of pies and cakes…lots of whipped cream and fancy…one was a pink cake with pink icing with strawberries on it…and then there was an earthquake and tsunami. I then felt like the earthquake had caused a shift in the earth’s plates and a huge tsunami hit California and I was running around looking for family members.

“I saw thousands of Angels being dispatched to California per the request of those praying, because of this the thresholds, the doorways are shaking”

Daniel Pontious

Whole Lot of Shaking Going On!

Last Sunday afternoon I was preparing to minister in a meeting in Modesto California when the Lord told me to go stand by the door next to the entrance to the building. As I did I began to look at the floor next to the door, it was as if I could see things underneath the ground shaking and moving underneath. The Lord then said He was shaking the thresholds. At first I wasn’t sure what He was saying but then I saw the foundations moving as well. Last night while I was spending time in the Word I began to sense that the Principalities were shaking, there was an aspect among the principalities that I had never seen or felt before, it was “Fear”! They were genuinely afraid, worried, about something and as I pressed in a little farther I realized that the Fear of the Lord was coming upon them in a fashion I had never seen before; it was so powerful that it was shaking the fabric of their existence and placement. It was then that I realized about the thresholds being shaken, the doorways into regions and areas were being supervised or guarded by the principalities but as the intercessors and the saints have been pounding the heavens, petitioning the Lord for an Awakening and Revival in California the Lord has responded! Last night I saw thousands of Angels being dispatched to California per the request of those praying, because of this the thresholds, the doorways are shaking. There is warfare over the doorways into the counties and cities, into the regions and municipalities within this state. A major upset is taking place in the realm of the Spirit as these principalities are going to be thrown down and Displaced! There’s no doubt that in the natural we have very distinct problems in California but I was reminded by the Holy Spirit that we are not wrestling with flesh and blood but the Principalities and Powers and rulers of wickedness in high places, all of which is being shaken.

“For thus says the Lord of Hosts; yet once more, in a little while, I will shake and make tremble the heavens, the earth, the sea, and the dry land; and I will shake all nations and the desire and the precious things of all nations shall come in, and I will fill this house with splendor says the Lord of Hosts. The Silver is Mine and the Gold is Mine, says the Lord of Hosts. The Latter Glory of this house shall be greater than the former, says the Lord of Hosts; and in this place will I give peace and prosperity, say the Lord of hosts.” Haggai 2:7-9

There’s an opening happening in heavenlies over California that hasn’t taken place in a very long time as a result blinders are being removed from eyes, burdens and bondages that people have carried for years are coming off and being broken, those who have lost their hope or that suffer from differed hope are beginning to dream again as hope is being restored to them. The Fire of God is beginning to burn across the state from the northern most parts all the way to San Diego. As this shaking continues to take place I’ve been instructed by the Lord to encourage the intercessors! If you are praying for California right now don’t hold back! Press in even more you are having a huge impact in the realm of the Spirit! Things are shifting as the Fire of the Holy Spirit is being released all over the state. Things are happening family be encouraged! The gold and the silver are coming forth!
Do You Know Who You Are???

“I saw in the distance the City of Corona Ca with smoke bellowing out from several different locations that looked to be fires. All of the sudden I saw bombs exploding in sequence one after the other coming towards me”

Mark Vaughn to All News PipeLine

Dream 3/28/2017

I was sitting at a table in a back yard somewhere when the dream began and I was with someone. We were waiting for guests to arrive and It was one of those dreams where I didn’t recognize anybody in the dream. We were sitting at a table that was shaped like the state of California and it was long and strait with the same angle as California to the north.
For some reason I knew that the people in the dream were Seventh day Adventists. Why? I don’t know.

As the guests arrived I took off for a bit and started flying like I do in many of my dreams. There was a huge canyon next to the house and the backyard where the dream took place and I was curious to see what was in the canyon. As I was flying back to the gathering I saw in the distance the City of Corona Ca with smoke bellowing out from several different locations that looked to be fires. All of the sudden I saw bombs exploding in sequence one after the other coming towards me. There were two rows and they stopped exploding just before they got to me.

I flew back to the gathering and sat down and the people in the gathering just went about their business as if nothing happened. As I was sitting there I saw a man drive off with a box in the back of his truck that looked like a rack for music equipment. He also had a big compressor in the back of the truck that had utility boxes on each side.
The man had red- blond hair and a beard but I couldn’t see his face.
I took off flying again and the dream ended.

I have never had a dream like this before and it was as real as real life. I woke up sweating in a panic. I could not get the dream out of my head all day and that is why I posted it here on FB

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