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Why ask? – Things to ask in times of making a decision  Are you carrying an elephant?

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Hi, Linda here,

There are times in our lives when we are presented with opportunities. 

Some are really really good ideas

Some are really “God” ideas

What questions and steps can we take to find out the difference?

Personally I know good ideas can be great, however they have no lasting eternal impact. They are completed through “works” and the lack of Empowering Grace. Soon these things turn the “good idea” into an elephant you can see in the room, drag around, carry, try to ignore,  and sometimes don’t address until you fall in a heap.

I have, in the past, dragged a few elephants around (can you get a visual of this? lol) not fun, leaves one exhausted to say the least, flattened, sat upon, tired, overwhelmed, it is not fun to carry an elephant! – Can also be very dangerous.

God ideas and plans are totally different, they come with Empowering Grace and provision to fulfil the plan and purpose. – Totally radically different, life giving, joyful experiences, though they may not be easy.

Hang in here with me…. I am getting somewhere.

I listened to a podcast yesterday called “Why ask?” It was by a gentleman called Andy Stanley, and for me it helped clarify a few things.

This is the crux of the message:- ( my take on it. can be listened to from the link below.)

When presented with an opportunity to do something, be somewhere, take something from someone etc.. ask

What is the wise thing to do?

We can be emotionally carried away at times, and jump into things without thinking, or we can over think and miss an opportunity altogether, I am guilty of both, but I ask for Wisdom as Wisdom is the Principal thing.

1.  In light of my past experience what is the wise thing to do? 

E.g.  What has happened in the past? – was it fruitful or did it fail miserably?  – Honesty is good here!

*Personally over the years many well meaning lovely people have promised to do many things for me, but in reality the majority of those things came from a “good” idea from a good heart, but in reality they never materialized.  So from my past experience, I smile and say thank you that would be wonderful, and wait to see if it materializes.  In light of this experience I have learned that people may mean well, but in reality don’t follow through.

( No condemnation here, just my experience.)

On the other hand I have had God use people in a powerful way to bless, encourage, minister to me and just “be there.” God works in mysterious ways. It is usually those you least expect that bless the most.

*These things work both ways. To those I have promised things that have not materialised I ask for your Forgiveness and Grace!


2 In light of my current circumstances what is the wise thing to do?

The example used in this teaching podcast was twofold:-

In light of my financial circumstances, is it wise to take this on without causing major stress etc?

If in doubt, find others around you who you trust and ask questions. let them be your sounding board. Some things take time to “nut out” – Some things need to be addressed and assessed from different angles. – In the end – Follow PEACE and Wisdom!

In light of my emotional circumstances is it wise to take this on board? – Health conditions etc, family circumstances and commitments.

Make a list if you need to. Follow your heart and your “gut” instinct. Some things can be a distraction, or a detour. – God uses circumstances and situations to cause us to stop and think.

3.Professional Decision out of a personal reality.

By this stage you should have a better clear cut idea of the “reality” of the situation.

Part of the podcast spoke about the pressure from outside sources to be or do something. This is where the rubber really hits the road.  It is not kind of us to expect or ask anyone to take anything on board that we are not prepared to help with, support fully, or even do ourselves. It is the person left with the responsibility that is left “carrying the can” so as to speak.   – (I can feel more elephants being loaded on to this one!)

Professional decisions need to be thought through fully, and decision made on  1. What is God telling me to do, 2. what is in my heart to do, 3 how do these things relate to my personal reality at this point in time? 4. Is it wisdom?


If your personal reality is green light – then GO FOR IT, then it will be life changing, thrilling, exciting, and God orchestrated.

If your personal reality is saying, weight, weight ,stress, and there is doubt, then lay it down and wait for the timing of God. His timing is always perfect, and does not involve elephants! His yoke is easy and his burden is light. 

4. It is wise not to make decisions when angry or emotional, before making a decision, back off, cool down, ask for WISDOM and wait. Do not be pressured into making a rash decision. – This type of pressure is not from God.  

God is never late, and His plan for you is to prosper you, bless you and His desire is that we would Ask seek and knock, along with wisdom from above, the right door and pathway will be open to you…. in His time. 

5.  In light of my future hopes and dreams what is the wise thing to do? – This relates to personal and professional things.  – 

What are the hopes, plans and dreams that you have in your heart? Does the present opportunity line up with these things, is it time to act, or time to wait? Does he have something better for you in light of things you may have been promised from God. Don’t despise the day of small beginnings, but be wise…. God knows. Be like Gideon if you have to be, and ask God for a “sign” He prefers us to be cautious than to rush in to things like a bull at a gate. Ask for Wisdom. God is very interested in His plan for our lives.

I hope you enjoyed this. I know I learned a lot from yesterday’s podcast. It certainly helped me put things into perspective in a few ways.

My tip from all this…. Don’t even try to carry the elephant! If you see an elephant in the room, address it, and get rid of it. It’s like the spot on the nose, you can’t help but look at it, see it, know it’s there but no one talks about it.

– Time for me to offload a few elephants I think, and pray for Wisdom!

Have a blessed day!


13/12/2014        —-  Link to podcast.

Jabez was brought forth in sorrow, but he prayed a simple prayer and God granted him what he requested. How good it would be if it were that simple.

Sometimes I feel that, as Christians, we can be very superficial – particularly on our Facebook pages. We can all appear very “Together” mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, when in reality we can be falling apart on the inside. Behind those posts there may be an individual who is struggling. (Not always, – sometimes!)
However fear of being ridiculed, judged, or rejected by those who stand alongside them or may view their posting causes them to hide behind the Sunday Smile and stay struggling. There is something very wrong with this picture.
We are to be known by our Love one for another. I’m not saying lay it all out there either, find someone who will assist you and listen to you, pray for you, and encourage you. Seek healing and wholeness in Him. Jesus heals the broken hearted He is willing, He is able. Leave your grief, pain and hurt at the foot of the Cross. The Lord has need of you! Time is short.
Religiosity drives people away. The Love and compassion of Jesus draws people to God. Compassion raised the dead!
We all need a place where we can feel that we are loved and that we “belong.” My hope and prayer is that this page is such a place, even if it is in cyber space and we don’t meet together that often. I love how Graham Cooke puts it, that God doesn’t show us what is wrong, he shows us what is missing. In that respect I sense that this page is like a brick in Nehemiah’s wall, a place where we can work together, build the Kingdom together, being mindful of each other, doing the work of the ministry, and the will of The Father, whatever, wherever that may be. If someone needs anything they can “shout out” to others, and hopefully have a response.
Quite often people seem to find Bill and I. We don’t need to look for people. It always amazes me how God does that. These are the ones who could quite possibly fall through the cracks in the Body of Christ. I could tell you story after story of people who have been mistreated by others, taken advantage of, discarded because they are past their “usefulness,” I won’t go into detail, but that breaks my heart! Often they are people who have poured their lives out to serve others, left in their time of need, they seem to find their way to our home. That’s the tip of the iceberg. Our home has been called a “safe place” by many over the years. That in itself is a privilege.
Lives are precious, people are precious, we all have feelings. There is Grace for Repentance and forgiveness. There is nothing better than watching God restore one who may fall through the cracks, and see them restored back to their place within the Body of Christ.
We are One Body many parts. There is nothing I like better than seeing someone reach their full potential. I love to cheer others on and watch them succeed. I also love to watch God heal a broken person and see the joy of them being restored. That brings great joy to my heart.
Sometimes we need an Aaron and Hur to hold our arms up in the Battles of life. Life is not always cut and dried.
For those who read this post, May God Bless you, enlarge your territory, keep you from evil, that you may not cause pain, or have any pain come near you or your family. I pray that you would be answered as God answered Jabez. – Thank You Father for answering prayer.
Know that you are accepted in the Beloved. Have a blessed day people of God, you are Loved! 😀
Posted by Linda.