Three Prophetic Voices Have Seen A US Aircraft Carrier Sink

Three have prophetically seen US Aircraft Carrier sink

1. Dr. Owuor, from Kenya
2. Godshealer7
3. Nathan Leal

Dr. Owuor, from Kenya transcript

I see a big warship in the ocean. It looks more like an aircraft carrier, and it is in the ocean. Then the Lord led me, “Look into the sky.” And then I saw a rain of missiles that covered the sky. At first, I did not know they were missiles, [be]cause there were many in the sky. And then all of a sudden they strike that warship. I’m not sure whether all of them strike the warship, or just a few, and others strike the water. But anyhow, the warship is struck.

And when that happens I see the tower of the warship…and it catches fire. And then the next moment I see the warship has collapsed into water, and gone deep into water. Totally destroyed.

After that, the next night, the Lord again came and spoke with me of what is coming to South Korea. And then this time, I thought it was an aircraft. But I wondered in the dream, ‘why is this aircraft carrying a missile on its back?’ Only after 2 days when the Lord came and showed it to me again, was I more enlightened and I realized it was not an aircraft. In fact, it is a truck, a military truck, and it is carrying a missile on its back.

And I was very surprised in that dream that the truck fired the missile. And the way the Lord speaks, he normally puts me in that situation there. So, I also run for my life. He makes me feel what the people will feel when that prophecy is fulfilled. So I see a truck carrying a missile, and when it fired the missile, the missile came to your country (South Korea), and it was very target-specific. – from Youtube