Tokyo Volcanic Eruption, Forced Vaccines, Power Outage, Exodus Of Florida – Prophetic Dreams Given To Chri Bur


Chri Bur – Facebook,  7/6/19

I have had dreams of Russia attack on US, but also with China, a joint attack, with starved POW’s and food lines, submarine attacks off west and east coast. Also numerous EQ’s CA, with tsunami and without tsunami, Hawaii dream of volcanic activity already happened, but had another one recently, so more volcanic activity, worse then before coming to Hawaii, volcanic blast Alaska, volcanic explosion somewhere between N. CA and WA….just saw it was N, of me in. s. CA.,like possible destruction coming to Australia, toxic gas release in Europe (think it was France), major quake Italy, bigger than what they have had so far, Mexico coup with rioting in streets, mass exodus of Florida due to something like a fireball falling from S. Of Florida (Cuba area maybe?), forced vaccinations with food shortages and no power, no vehicles running (maybe no gas or emp), massive hailstones (bigger than what is currently falling),

Hurricanes as well as tornadoes in CA, blast in Maine, destruction in NY from a bomb, Walmart bomber and freeway shootings, persecution of Christians, catholic Church demonic stuff, and fracturing within the church, mega church leader stuff……some of this is on your website, some of this is not. …haven’t had a chance to look at everything you have yet.


July 12, 2019

Hi, I had a dream last night, not sure if you want to post it on your site, but if you do, here it is. Hope all is going well with you. ……….Tokyo volcanic eruption dream 7/12/19. In this dream I watched as a long line of cars was fleeing Tokyo, cars merging in from all directions, heading in a southerly direction. I seemed to be on the S. edge of the city, facing inland. I was told that they were evacuating because of an imminent eruption which they anticipated to take place around 12: (something like 12:17, but not sure of the minutes, just that it was in the early part of noon, before 12:20.) I said to the voice who was telling me these things, they will not all get out in time, they waited too long. ( It seemed they did not expect an eruption, just “burps”, so the people just ignored the warning signs and went about their lives as usual.) I could see the mountain was smoking, and then I could see mudslides occurring like the rain had totally soaked the ground, but it was not raining at the time I was watching. I asked the name of the volcano and was told it, but I did not recognize the name (not one of the big famous ones like Mt. Fuji or Bandai. It seemed to not be one that had been known for recently erupting. (Wish I could remember the name, just remember it was short, not one of the hyphenated ones…only about 5-6 letters, and not one familiar to me.)

Directions based on me facing Tokyo from the ocean side, so people were fleeing toward my left (towards Mt Fuji direction) mudslides in Tokyo, and volcano smoke plumes toward my right, but in line with the heart of Tokyo.