Torah Fellowship Finder Map – Find People To Study With In Your Area

Fellowship Finder Map

Are you hoping to find a home study fellowship group around your area?  This Torah Fellowship map might just put you in touch with believers who lift up the whole bible.  While we do not know what each group believes, or where they sit on doctrine, this could at least give you a starting point to meeting people in your own area.  With that said,  please use it prayerfully.

Do you want to add your name to this list? Go to 119 ministries to fill out the details and get in touch with like minded believers.

Are you trying to find like minded believers for fellowship and Biblical (Torah) study? Zoom out and in to locate your area. Examine the information located in the push pins, and capture the contact information for those that are near you and you are interested in connecting with in your local area. You will find others in Hebrew Roots to fellowship with.


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