TRUSTED BIBLES- The MEV Bible- Written From The Same Manuscripts Such As The King James Version

What bible can I trust? 

Lets boil it down for you.

In the past, many copies of the bible were circulated.  People would copy the text, word for word for themselves.  You just couldn’t go out and buy a bible.  You had to copy it by hand.

Those texts were called “manuscripts”.  They gathered them all together and grouped them into families much like you would match socks.  They created piles of those which matched, and those which didn’t.  These groups are called text family, or a text type.  They were grouped into 4 types.  Names for these texts are – Traditional Text, Syrian Text, Byzantine Text, and the Common Text.

They found that in the one pile of documents, more than five thousand (5000+) manuscripts were identical, and these texts were used to compile the Textus Receptus. Since 99.9% of these manuscripts agree, we can be comforted knowing that the words we read from are ACCURATE and true to the words which were originally written down.

On the other hand, the other piles contained five manuscripts are radically different. They DO NOT agree with each other.   It is interesting that the majority of the bibles are based off these faulty texts.  Their names are as follows:

Codex Vatican (B)
Codex Siiiairicus (Alepli)
Codex Alexandrian (A)
Codex Epluaeini(C)
Codex Bezae(D)

The New International Version for example is translated from these five manuscripts above which do not agree with one another.

Do we listen to the 5000+ plus texts that agree with each other almost word for word, 99.9% of the time, or do we listen to the 5 which don’t even agree with one another? Which group do you think would be more trustworthy?

Bibles You Can Trust (5000+ Textus Receptus Bibles)

(Great Bibles To Buy)

The bibles listed below, were based on the Textus Receptus:

1. Coverdale Bible (1535) / The Great Bible (1539) (both Bibles done by Coverdale)
2. Geneva Bible (the Bible of the Pilgrims) (1557-1560)
3. Bishop’s Bible (1568)
4. King James Version (a.k.a., Authorized Version; original version, 1611; Dr. Benjamin Blayney’s final revision, 1769)

5. Modern King James Version

6. 21st Century King James Version.

7. MEV Bible