How can gentile believers immigrate to Israel? – Scott McHugh

I want to introduce to you our friend Scott McHugh:


Scott and Teresa

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Over the last nineteen years Scott McHugh along with associates has been establishing relationships with key players who will help in providing for the return of millions to the land of Israel. 

Modern world class cities will be built in the Negev and Galilee regions of Israel and later in an expanded Israel to accommodate all who are immigrating there.  This development project will provide a refuge for safety at the time of the end.

Scott also writes about important information the church needs to know concerning what is coming and  what to do about it.

A sampling of other issues he will be addressing in future articles include:

  • How can gentile believers immigrate to Israel?
  • Should one move to Jordan instead?
  • How can I participate in ‘town founding’ in Israel to accommodate the millions moving there?

His book, Your Builders Hurry: Preparing for the Millions Moving to Israel, is being completed.  The ministry Scott has been given is to prepare the Body of Christ to triumph in the days ahead by providing critical information so that we can act wisely and courageously.

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Scott will be writing a number of articles, and we hope to publish them here.  He will be talking about those key topics above, so stay tuned.


World Government Hindered  

 A Window Opening For Christians to Finish Our Most Critical Work

By Scott McHugh


Global government is coming.  But not yet.  At some future point it will unite, take root, then fully blossom on to the world’s stage.  It won’t be pretty.  But at first it will dazzle in its unfolding.  Citizens of the world will adore the system.  They will wonder after its leader welcoming them with open arms as the answer to all the chaos.  The thinking will be that this is the answer the nations have pursued for hundreds of years.  Finally it has arrived. The pale supernatural glow of those in power will hold them spellbound.  Most people will have no clue about what will happen until the turning.  At the turning (that is the key…the turning) the system with its leader removes the mask showing its true nature.  Like the opposite of a butterfly out of a cocoon it transforms from a thing of graceful beauty into a beastly enemy to those who will not submit to demands for complete devotion.  Those who obey will suffer tragic eternal consequences.  Those who don’t may face severe suffering in this life being comforted by the presence of Jesus and the promise of an eternal home in heaven.

With nature and nations going berserk, with lawlessness rising to its historical peak, a time of trouble like has never been nor ever will be will come into the earth.  Cruel and oppressive domination over nations by an absolute ruler without the constraints of law comes into focus.  Tyranny and tyrant will be in place; controlling, rotten on the inside, pursuing, vicious, seething, deadly.  But only for a short time.  Then the King comes who sets everything right.  It is an often told story about unimaginable darkness which one day mushrooms into evil personified suddenly gone in an instant mercifully replaced by the brilliant fullness of perfect love bringing ultimate life and love to the nations…King Jesus returns.

Hope on the Horizon

Many believers have noticed a significant shift in recent years. The battle lines of good and evil, of God and the devil, kingdom against kingdom, are clearly forming.  With everything that is rapidly changing in our time, it seems that the devil is pressing to set up his rulership through this antichrist system and leader soon…much too soon…using his followers to arrange the necessary structures to put everything in place.  Even the UN has established Agenda 2030, a “plan of action for people, planet and prosperity”  and a “new universal agenda” for humanity.   Much more evidence from many sources beyond UN intentions can be found to confirm the plans for world government.  At some point Satan will succeed for a short time.  But now some believers are saying that the Lord is dramatically shaking things up to delay the enemy’s plans for his purposes in these last of the last days.  I completely agree and have an enthusiastic sense of encouragement even though others don’t feel that way at all as they scream at the top of their lungs that the sky is falling.  Since the devil has delegated authority on earth given by God Himself, the Lord uses even the enemy’s perverted plans to glorify Himself while accomplishing his purposes.  Isaiah said that God created the destroyer to ruin.  Hope is definitely on the horizon.

The God of Good Delays

In June of this year the Lord whispered to me a clear word of instruction.  The scriptures are always the plumbline.  At times I hear his voice in my heart, loud or quietly.  Sometimes I see what he wants to do.  This time it was a simple hushed disclosure.  Your most important need right now is time.  You need time for the harvest.  You need time to build the places of refuge for the future.  You need time to prepare the Body of Christ to be battle hardened.”

A deep calmness settled in on me despite feeling a profound uneasiness about the shift into lawlessness on a global scale.  This convergence of many things has come suddenly.  It is much like Paul described when he wrote to Timothy about events right before Jesus returned when dangerous times will come.  The flow of history plods along and suddenly, like when a missing piece of flooring board is put in place, this unprecedented time appears.  Scores of Christians in the US and around the world are shocked at the rapid disintegration of society.  Yet students of the Bible understand that these things will happen, will set in, before the coming of the Lord.  But to actually see the prophecies of scripture unfolding in front of our eyes is an amazing thing.  While I was comforted by the word from the Lord I was also extremely challenged.  It is clear that God will accomplish everything he has said on his schedule.  Every word of scripture will come to pass.  But do believers in Jesus have any say in the timing of these matters?  Is there something we can do?

His Ways And Ours

The answer is, yes.  We do have an input as to what transpires in life.  Some would protest saying God’s ways are not our ways.  They are his ways in which we are charged to walk.  Yes, most definitely, yes.  But sometimes he responds to his children’s call to change his mind.  He has a habit of interrupting history to accomplish his purposes on the earth in response to cries of his people.  He stopped the sun giving extra hours for Joshua to defeat his enemies.  God changed his mind about going with Moses and the people of Israel into the promised land.  At first he said that he would send his angel, but Moses insisted that he go with them telling him that if he didn’t they should not even enter to the promised land.  Only then did he promise to go with them.  When Israel sinned greatly by worshipping the golden calf God determined to destroy them all except Moses and make a great nation from him.  Moses argued that the Lord should not wipe them out so as to not harm his reputation among the nations.  His protesting was so demanding that God finally said, “Leave Me alone!” Yet, he finally relented and promised to spare his people.  King Hezekiah after hearing of his impending death from illness, cried out to God with bitter tears for added years.  He was granted fifteen more.  When Jesus was walking on the water in Galilee, he had no thoughts of stopping to engage the disciples. Luke says that he intended to pass by them to get to the other side, but at Peter’s request he stopped to call him to walk on the water toward him.  Nineveh was spared destruction being given a reprieve for a time because they repented before God.  He was willing to change his plan to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if there were only ten righteous people in the city.  But they were not to be found.  He even delayed the destruction long enough for Lot along with his daughters to get to their desired location.

The psalmist said that if we delight ourselves in the Lord, he will give us the desires of our hearts.  As we walk with him delighting in him our desires will become aligned with his.   Then he will indeed give us those desires.  After having walked with God for forty three years crying out for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in these last days in concert with hundreds of millions of his children I have the strong sense that God HAS HEARD the pleadings of his people.  After decades and centuries of persistent intercession he will now pour out his Spirit in our time in unprecedented ways.  If God hears us in our prayers then we have the scriptural assurance that we already have the requests which we have presented to him.  So what should we do?  Wring our hands in helpless desperation? NO.   Instead PRAY with a humble assertion and joyful thanksgiving that God HAS given us the needed time.  STAND in full agreement with him until we see clear evidence that the request has been answered.  Soon we will see that a timely window is opening for us.

Open Our Eyes

When the King of the Universe grants this request it will result in historic consequences that will dawn in on the Body of Christ as events come upon us.  He will give us grace to not miss his interventions.  As his children we have the ability to be discerning of events and of what God is doing.  Remember that many first century religious people misunderstood the very incarnation of the Son of God.  We cannot afford to be so blind.  With his mighty hand he will hinder the wicked one’s implementation of his ultimate plans.  Those plans will be delayed but not completely stopped.  No amount of prayer or decree will hinder the final fulfillment of the prophetic scriptures.  Yet in our day we already see a major shift in governments with the dramatic Brexit vote taking the UK out of the European Union.  Rachel Marsden says that this exodus out of the EU is a frightening threat to the globalist agenda.  In the US with the upcoming 2016 elections a powerful shift is in process away from globalism’s regional integration and elite cronyism toward national independence.  It is like a wrecking ball has come to the political systems in Europe and the United States leveling the playing field for now.  According to the BBC the Economist Intelligence Unit said that a Trump presidency would be the third greatest risk to the world.  The temporary exit from expanding globalism happened in the UK.  The United States of America may well follow suit.

A Reluctant Candidate

Can God use an unlikely candidate like a Donald Trump, the populist, and to some an unfit candidate, to accomplish his purposes?  Definitely.  Will he be elected?  Quite probably. Surprisingly Trump has broken the record for most votes in a Republican party primary getting more than 11 million votes.  The next few months will be telling.  This election season has deeply disturbed both sides of the aisle but actually may be the way God gives us the time we need to complete our tasks.  It is wise to remember that the Lord calls a pagan King Cyrus, his anointed and tasked him with enabling the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem after seventy years of captivity at the exact time that Daniel foretold.  If this anti-establishment trend solidifies it will delay a world government for a time.  Currently things do not look extremely alarming (but surely bothersome and concerning to some) to the vast majority of world citizens and to many the tightening constraints of multiple recent US administrations look like good and acceptable actions for the common good.  Yet once the worldwide system does appear it will metastasize into a government which controls international finance, commerce, communication, security and imposes severe demands with deadly potential consequences for those who do not comply.  And the sovereign Lord will allow it for his purposes.  Jesus said that night is coming when no one can work.  But now it looks like God is giving us a window to complete necessary tasks before the end of this age.  So what do we do…WE WORK…with a firm conviction that we actually do have this amazing gift of time.  Philip Yancey observed that faith is ‘seeing in advance what will only make sense in reverse.”1

Harvest Harbor Harden

The Lord whispered to me that what we need is time.  Pardon the pun but it really is the need of the hour.  It is mandatory that we have more time to gather the harvest of souls into the kingdom.  A revival of evangelism will be ushered in by the Holy Spirit being poured out that will, as Leonard Ravenhill once told me, ‘out pentecost Pentecost.’   Cities and whole nations will come under Holy Spirit conviction producing godly sorrow that leads to a repentance without regret resulting in multitudes being born into God’s family.  Jesus said that “this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations and then the end will come.” Matthew 24:14 NASB

Time is required to build places of refuge to spare as many lives as possible.  If hell’s plans were to be unleashed now myriads would perish.  As the scripture teaches some will lose their lives for their faith.  But we also have the opportunity plus the means to prepare to harbor millions sheltering believers and soon to be believers who will survive securing them in safety from those who would harm them.  The word of God instructs us that a Jewish remnant in addition to other gentile believers will one day flee for their lives to a protected place that is prepared by God where they will be nourished for three and a half years.  What these people need will be there for them when they arrive.  See Revelation 12, Daniel 11:41, Matthew 24:15ff.  Yet that is not the only place of refuge.  Other believers in Christ will be under attack in different parts of the world.  When the wicked world tyrant empowered by the devil sees that he cannot destroy those protected in the wilderness he goes away in anger to wage war on the rest of the woman’s offspring who keep the commandments of God and who hold to the testimony of Jesus.  Those people are followers of Jesus.

The Second Exodus

Isaiah 49 describes a mass exodus of Jewish people from the nations to Israel.  Isaiah is shown a group of people who rush to their assigned jobs to prepare for this exodus which Jeremiah says will be more spectacular than the exodus out of Egypt which included the parting of the Red Sea. They are described as builders or as sons.  Destroyers and devastators will depart, but the builders move into place to do their part.  Already builders from the nations are standing with Israel to assist them in developing the Galilee and Negev regions.  This plan has been a national priority announced by the Prime Minister in 2004 in order to accommodate the millions moving to Israel. Currently, they are behind schedule.  Those who are called to help in those preparations in Israel and elsewhere in the world will do well to follow the example of the sons/builders.  They hurry.

As the Lord instructed me, time is needed to prepare the body of Christ to become battle hardened soldiers who serve the Lord with no intimidation from the onslaught of the enemy.  Given the condition of the church today this looks like an almost insurmountable task.   The devil sees this soft underbelly of the church as a prime target to hinder our influence in the earth.  In our evangelism we act like ‘evan-jellyfish’ slow to tell others of what Jesus has done for us for fear of being rejected or ostracized.  In our interpersonal relationships we cower from speaking the truth in love where hard speech is necessary for the good of the person hearing.  We shy away from offending anyone in a PC culture.  Bono noted singer and humanitarian surmised that Christians are suffering from ‘death by cupcake’ shying away from saying hard things even when they need to be voiced.  In our personal lives we manage sin more than turn from it.

Go The Distance

If we are admonished in scripture to suffer hardship as a good soldier, to rejoice that we are counted worthy to suffer shame for Jesus, to suffer according to the will of God not because we have done evil but because we have done what is right, to not love our lives even to the point of death then we all have a long journey ahead of us.  Battle hardened soldiers have gone the distance.  They have fought many good fights for decades. Because of experience they are skillful effective fighters.  They will not retreat in fear from any enemy force.  They simply take care of business. Our fight is not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness in high places.  With a passionate love for God and an unconditional love for others strengthened by a holy hatred of evil we are to wage spiritual warfare staying in the fight until we win.  If we are ever confronted with the decision to confess Christ as Lord or die (some of us will face that decision) then we must become seasoned soldiers so that we can pass any test including this one.  Most of us have a long way to go toward battle hardening.  I am first among them.  May God grant us the grace to stand firm in our faith no matter what.  We know from the last chapters of the Bible that the Bride will have made herself ready.  See Rev. 19:7.

It Could Be Costly

Tyranny is being delayed.  A cruel controlling global government is being hindered for the time.  Our responsibility is to walk circumspectly seeing everything around us with our eyes wide open during this global turmoil making the most of every opportunity because the days are evil.  We count the cost and press forward with a guarded urgency in order to accomplish everything the Lord has assigned in these days.  If you are not clear about what it is the Lord has for you to do, then ask.  He will show you.  The Lord will confirm his direction for you in multiple ways to give you a settled certainty of your assignment.  His peace will guard your heart.  The job may be high profile or a simple unseen yet vital task.  You may have guidance to stay in your current place being a witness there.  But we should ask God to speak to us regarding his plans for us realizing that he may call us to leave everything and follow him.  He did tell one person to sell everything to follow and another to let the dead bury the dead and come with him.  He told Peter to follow him at a great cost and pay no attention to what others were doing.  God can be the Great Disruptor of our perfect plans for his glory and our good.  Whatever the charge whatever the level of sacrifice he requires of you…get busy…fulfill your destiny…do what you were fashioned to do.

Finish The Course

If you are determined to finish your course, then know that you have enough time to complete your assignments.  If we are following Jesus we are immortal until God is finished with us here.  After that we go home to heaven.  There is no need to despair or panic.  Our hope is in the Lord.  He is our resting place.  He is our peace.  He will accomplish everything that concerns us just like David said.  Do we have five years, fifteen or thirty?  Only the Father knows.  The key point is this, the last generation of believers on earth, those who will see the events foretold in the scriptures will have ample opportunity to finish the work.  Jesus knew that his time was at hand after three plus years of ministry.  Paul had finished his course after faithfully following the Savior for more than thirty years.  So must we.

Supercharged supernatural evil from hell will belch over the whole earth while, at the same time, the mighty, unrestrained, irrepressible power of the Holy Spirit will be pouring out on all flesh strengthening the saints.  Hundreds of millions and more will come to faith in the living Lord Jesus Christ.  Tyranny with its despot are being held back to give time to prepare for a season which has never been seen in all of human history.

Seize The Moment

In A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens shrewdly characterized Paris and London in the late eighteenth century.  “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness…”2  Like Dickens clearly understood his setting, it is essential that we understand the best and the worst of our times, knowing what is happening, why it is happening, and what we should do about it.  This is our time to shine as the Schindlers of our generation.  But we  cannot be spectators.  This is a call to action.

Church of the Living God, walk wisely in order to be prepared because certainly you will be guiding beacons to those who will be bashed by the pounding waves of things to come.  Seize the moment.  Do it now.  Arise shine for your light has come.  Then finish well.

Scott McHugh

August 2016