Vimeo Pursues Aggressive Anti-Christian Censorship


(Charisma News)

Vimeo is forbidding you from agreeing with the Bible when it comes to human sin and brokenness.

Vimeo is forbidding you from preaching the gospel of transformation when it comes to homosexuality.

Vimeo is engaging in blatant, unapologetic, aggressive anti-Christian censorship.

Foster wrote to me privately, pointing out that Vimeo allows “videos of terrorists and pornographers.” He added:

Put “jihad” in their search bar and you get 2,233 selections.

Put “lust” + Vimeo in a Google search and one option is a porn filmmaker site, among 288 other sites containing 2,872 videos.

Google “rape” + Vimeo and you get 2,817 videos.

Google “teen rape” + Vimeo and you get at least one rape video