Warning Dreams About Judgement Hitting America

TsunamiA tsunami dream describes how tall the waves will be, 13 stories measured against the buildings in New York


A warning dream by Lisa on facebook

Word 4

A warning dream by David Pierce

Tsunami dream

A warning dream by Jennifer Shultz

Israel Split Lindy

Warning from Lindy

A warning in relation to the number 11

Could the number 13 be related to Gods wrath?

God is the master of design when it comes to numbers

God is the master of design when it comes to numbers

An interesting thought about 11 11

An interesting thought when it comes to the number 11

ABout Yeshua

There are so many hidden gems to be found when it comes to finding Yeshua in the Old Testament


God can restore all things

God can restore all things!  He can rebuild our lives from scratch

Merry Baal

Baal- We should be RUNNING from anything to do with false Gods.  We need to be set apart people

New York City Attacks

New York City Attacks

Obama staying in office

One of so many people who have seen OBAMA stay in office. 


Did you know there are dozens of groups on facebook dedicated to prayer?

Michael Snyder on SImple Rapture Scriptures

Michael Snyder on Making the Rapture Simple To Understand

Russia China

Russia / China Invading AmericaScripture HalloweenFlee from ANYTHING to do with darkness, and all things pagan.  You will be judged for it.

Tsunami (2)

Tsunami dreams

Tsunami 2

Tsunami Dreams

Tsunami 3

Tsunami Dreams

Tsunami 4

Tsunami Dreams

tsunami 5 (2)

Tsunami Dreams

Tsunami 5

Tsunami Dreams

Tsunami 6

Tsunami Dreams

Tsunami 8

Tsunami Dreams

Tsunami 9

Tsunami Dreams

Tsunami 7

Tsunami Dreams

Tsunami dream

Tsunami Dreams


Tsunami Dreams

Unique idea

A unique idea for Halloween

William Booth

William Booth Inspiration


A word for today


Be A Holy Woman

Tsunami Dreams 1

Tsunami Dreams