Whatever happened to doing a “Theology Test” on our worship songs?TD Hale


Just thoughts:

Whatever is trending on tv, in secular books, video games, etc. always leads to Churches forming some kind of teaching/bible study in the church for the season. Whatever the “world” says today, just a few years down the road, the Church will be saying it.

This is the reason so many are messed up on their Doctrinal foundation today and have formed their own opinions outside of the Word of God that has lead to error.

There was a time in our world where families, churches centered their lives upon a systematic foundational teaching that came from the word of God where people were solid in their faith. Now we have Bible studies that are geared around Mayberry, Uno cards, Movies, Harry Potter, Rap singers and songs, that has lead to a watered down Gospel of feel good religion. Not even consider songs that are song that glorify and strokes man’s ego’s to make them feel better than they really are.

Whatever happened to doing a “Theology Test” on our worship songs?

Test all music, both new and old. There are bad old songs and good new ones, and visa versa. Choose songs that glorify God, teach sound doctrine, teach about God’s character, etc. Avoid songs that focus on self, repeating words like “I”, “me”, “my” and “mine” throughout. Those are the songs that really make me feel sick to my stomach.

Someone said, “It’s not important.” Well, you are the problem then. I see it these days as a lack of sound systematic studies in churches that want to pull away from the old to embrace the new and what are the results?

When you sing songs like:
Build Your Kingdom Here
The Drinking Song

Songs that are giving people an Unbalance view of God’s Grace and I could go on and one. To some, this may seen silly or insignificant but the bottom line is this, if there is a hunger for God, you will seek to find what it takes to satisfy that hunger and I would suggest starting with seeking God’s face, and if you have lost that hunger, you better do what you must to get it back before this is all wrapped up.

Well, I’m off my Soap-box now. Carry on!