Why God Arranged The Tribes Of Israel The Way That He Did In Numbers Chapter 2

The more you look into the Bible the more absolutely amazing things that you find. For example, Numbers chapter 2 is normally a chapter that most Christians find tremendously “boring” and pass over without giving it much attention. However, the truth is that there is one thing that is truly amazing and prophetic about that chapter. In that chapter, God gives Moses instructions for how the people of Israel were to set up camp in the wilderness. So is there a reason why God had them arrange the camp in a very particular manner rather than just letting them set up camp however they wanted? Yes – and the amazing thing is that the way that God had them set up the camp was extremely prophetic.

You see, if you take Numbers chapter 2 and you diagram it, you quickly realize that God had the people of Israel set up their camps to form the sign of the cross! You can see this in the picture at the top of the article. The truth is that Yahshua (Jesus) is revealed on every page of the Torah if you are willing to look close enough.

Approximately 1500 years before the Messiah came, God foreshadowed the way that His Son would die in the way that He arranged the tribes of Israel to camp in the wilderness. How amazing is that?

And for those who have studied Bible prophecy, you know that there are things like this all throughout the Old Testament. There is no other religion that has anything like this. The God of the Bible told us what He was going to do centuries and centuries in advance and foreshadowed it in a multitude of different ways.

So do you still doubt that God is real? Well, keep coming back to this website, because there are so many more supernatural fingerprints in the Word of God that we will be going over.

The reality is that the Bible is different from any other book in the history of the world, and we pray that if your eyes have not been opened to that fact yet that they soon will be.